Posted on November 9, 2009

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Rand Paul/Peter Schiff: Confronting the Myth of Deflation, by Wendy Macy 19:18:07
Lieberman is the one we need to send letters to..... 10:52:12
WSJ: Mises Predicted the Depression 00:38:05
I saw Collapse the movie last night... 15:15:06
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Government is top employer in southern Calif., report reveals 23:54:19
A Gathering of Eagles at Government Sucks Day 23:47:23
Chuck Baldwin: IS THE DAY OF GREAT LEADERS PAST? 23:33:24
ACLU called tonight dialing for dollars 23:04:41
deleted 22:59:47
Alex Jones - The Bankers Own You! 22:26:42
Love - Up To You 22:24:27
Peter Schiff: Obama in bed with Wall Street just like Bush 21:37:56
Why I love the Daily Paul, No comments please, just a bump 21:37:43
Rand Mini-bomb today? 21:14:47
"Weather" you believe in Chemtrails or not, great video.. 21:06:26
Does the federal reserve make money? 20:39:33
Why if the cause of cancer turned out to be a simple lack of oxygen and calcium! 20:18:50
Peter Schiff on Fox Business: Gold soon at $5000 or more... 19:50:33
TSA - New Govt ID Numbers For Every Aircraft Passenger 19:28:07
Chemtrail tanker makes 80 degree turn over my hometown - not a commercial airplane 19:02:00
LIVE Ron Paul Webcast tonight at 7pm EST 18:40:23
Swedish Member Of Parliament: Leading Politicians Support 9/11 Truth Movement 18:32:19
An open letter to the members of Congress 18:31:32
Do you support the health care reform bill? 17:57:00
China's Netizens might inspire us to be more effective net warriors 17:48:14
The Final Mayan Calendar, Steps to 2012: November 8, 2009 The beginning of the sixth NIGHT 17:38:23
1 Oz Gold Coin for $50.00...Any takers? 17:33:23
Sue Lowden (Nevada election fixer) faces backlash after joking about assassination 17:25:01
Paid Lying: What Passes for Major Media Journalism 17:21:32
Dreams Die Hard 16:54:23
Systems of Control - Max Igan 16:53:02
EASY POLL: It is January 2011: Who is the governor of Oklahoma? 16:10:17
Take the POLL!! Big one! 16:11:31
Remember the Alamo 16:06:44
Remember the Alamo 16:01:39
Is this for real ? If so, this is not good. 15:58:26
Dollar Meltdown Author Charles Goyette on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM Tonight - 11/9, 10pm PST 15:25:06
If you thought the housing meltdown was bad......... 15:54:35
The Looting of America: Billionaire Bailout Society 15:54:13
Why Gold Has a LONG Way to Go 15:50:46
Off Topic but urgent: Can anyone direct me to the discussion 15:42:01
A summary of things 15:35:18
CNBC-We Are Heading Toward A New World Order 15:03:07
What Welfare May the Congress Provide? 14:58:46
Good interview with Jon Voight about healthcare 14:47:32
Tamiflu? Effective for what's coming or not? 14:46:30
Ukraine: WHO still withholding protein sequences - Dr. Nimen's analysis 14:29:34
This needs to be clear, taking the bible out of context destroys the message and MONEY is NOT the root of all evil. 14:27:47
DIGG- How to Cure Health Care by Milton Friedman 14:10:57
A Brilliant Bit of Analysis 14:05:07
Trial by Media: Major Hasan is declared guilty 13:58:23
Ron Paul: Healthcare Reform is Economic Malpractice 13:54:30
Militias: Citizen uprising imminent 13:49:01
ObamaCare legislation could be DOA in Senate 13:35:37
Let me get this straight. 13:32:05
See how your Congressman Voted-Roll Call 887 13:29:36
My Letter to Glenn Beck Regarding Obama 13:26:18
Daddy Warbucks: Its All Smoke and Mirrors 13:15:22
Dollar Falls to 15-Month Low: "mother of all carry trades." 13:07:16
Direct Democracy-Why and how we can disband Congress 13:03:29
Crazy world...front page in needle in each arm. 12:43:23
Buying these silver rounds ? 12:28:11
Open Letter to Ron Paul 12:04:02
U.S. Home Depots: Citizens Are Joining Immigrants in Store Parking Lots Seeking Day Labor 11:48:51
Canada's Finance minister says no to global financial tax 11:39:56
To Afghanistan's many problems, now add the flu 11:04:51
Blessed Are the Peacemakers 11:00:56
Is it too Late to buy GOLD?? 10:49:15
Good men have to speak up 10:46:26
We are soooooo SCREWED!! 10:42:06
What the Pelosi Health-Care Bill Really Says 10:24:26
Paul/Napolitano 2012 10:33:13
The GOP Should Dump the Neocons 10:23:38
Germany in the Dark Ages - Criminalization of Homeschoolers 10:05:05
Antidepressants killing as many soldiers as Taliban? 09:58:39
Recession Boosts Global Human Trafficking 09:57:48
Ron Paul 2012: Why is Ron Paul becoming so popular? 09:51:21
Rosie O'Donnel picking up right where she left off 09:51:06
The plot thickens, enter Russia! 08:27:44
Goldman Sachs Head Says Banks Do 'God's Work' 08:15:39
Federal Reserve opposed as big bank savior by odd allies-Washington Times 08:11:27
Shifting the Burden From Main Street to Wall Street: Why Goldman Always Wins By ELLEN BROWN 07:50:47
watch now 07:33:04
Mike Huckabee, Chuck Norris & Michael Farris: The Government Wants To Raise Your Children 04:51:27
New forum feature, temporary bug, or more censorship? 04:08:43
Buy Gold for $50 an Ounce! 03:56:50
Nationwide End the Fed rallies 11/22/09 03:24:29
Alex Jones Tv {Sunday Edition} 1/1:Pelosi "Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail" 03:22:21
Sam Donaldson: Lets Get Rid Of The Fed Now Before They Do Further Damage 02:56:51
Ron Paul supporters look to 2012 Watch awesome RT video :-) 02:34:11
American Militia Leader James Johnson Speaks to Senate 01:40:58
The Philosophy of Liberty 00:58:27
****Ron Paul to pass on 2012 in favor of Gary Johnson??**** WE MUST SAY NO WAY! 00:58:04