Posted on November 1, 2009

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Holy Smokes! Ron Paul Top is on YouTube! 22:26:47
Ron Paul Russia Today Interview ~ H1N1, Quarantine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran... 21:35:52
Roubini: Mother of All Carry Trades Faces Inevitable Bust 04:19:54
CIA Embedded in Every State Government. Jesse Ventura Speaks about his personal experiences and knowledge of such facts! 10:07:51
I refused to answer questions tonight at an interior border checkpoint 04:19:55
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High Treason in WWII 23:55:16
The Antivaccinationist thread is propaganda for Big Pharma 23:37:47
Anthony Gregory: The State, a reductio ad absurdum 23:20:55
Ron Paul's good health care idea won't ever survive (EVEN THOUGH IT SHOULD!) 21:56:21
Did anyone watch 60 Minutes tonight? 21:56:06
The Reason Foundation funds a communist 20:00:33
Anyone interested in helping start a more "mainstream" version of the Daily Paul? 19:46:42
Chairman of the Department of Economics at George Mason University: Politicians Are NOT Prostitutes ... They Are Pimps 19:39:18
America, stop sucking up to Israel 19:29:21
Liberty Conference in Boston 19:21:30
VIDEO Soviet Afghan War Collapsed the USSR 18:29:35
Breaking 11/1 - CIT files for bankruptcy: $71B assets 18:13:51
I wanted to thank everyone from Daily Paul and beyond 17:52:30
Is the "r3VOLution" thing copyrighted? 17:13:39
The unknown Genocide committed by US Govt and its leaders 16:16:49
A History of CIA Atrocities 16:10:03
Russia Today - Ron Paul: Government can quarantine people. 15:47:05
Video... Chomsky: Palestine and the Region in the Obama era: 14:40:26
Fodder for the existence of chem-trailing? Beijing's first snow of the season is 'artificially (chemically) induced' 14:39:48
WND: Ron Paul- Audit the Fed Gutted In Committee 13:52:51
Half of Americans support the formation of a new political party 13:24:54
Say No to the 1 Party System - December 16, 2009 National Exodus of 1 Party System Day 12:47:03
The Republic is Dead, We Are Ready to Fight, Now What? by Greg Evensen (former KS State Trooper & KS Marshal) 12:33:13
Ron Paul on King World News 12:30:12
Beyond Treason~What you don't know about your government could kill you... 12:28:27
Most powerful salvo to-date... could she be RP’s 2012 running mate...? 11:51:18
What If Every Church Had Been A Peace Church? 11:48:53
Ron Paul is correct. Read the Austrian business cycle theory and you'll understand why. 11:35:32
Democratic House To Pass Resolution Defending Israel's Actions in Gaza War on Tuesday 11:27:50
NJ Liberty Movement - Google Calendar 11:22:08
How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash. 11:16:32
Map of Goldman Sachs Employees Past and Present In Government 11:16:30
Substitute teacher form - Forced "Oath of Allegiance"? To the GOVERNMENT? 10:59:26
Beijing's first snow fall artificially induced; "make rain by injecting special chemicals into clouds" 10:43:42
Ron Paul on Russia Today ~ H1N1, Quarantine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran 10:41:56
Help Wanted - Archers - Genghis Khan Inc. 10:32:06
NY 23 Republican Quits Race - 3rd Party Candidate Can Win 10:04:35
Breckenridge, Colorado voters may legalize pot, paraphernalia 10:04:05
Ron Paul's good health care idea won't ever survive (Pittsburgh Tribune) 09:57:57
Call to Action - Thursday at noon DC 09:55:19
Online poll, Vote for OTHER, and leave a comment for liberty 06:40:24
If you haven't seen this film, this is one you must watch!!! Dr. Paul is interviewed in it too. 03:39:17
Ron Paul's H.R. 1495 02:54:13
Cause an' Effect--"If You Represent Freedom, and You Fight For Peace"-- last video made by Heath Ledger's 02:15:49
Reuters: "U.S. Inflation to Appear Next in Food and Agriculture" 01:53:13
Peter Schiff Needs Volunteers 01:49:32
White House vistors records released 01:11:03
$300K+ per job for "created" by stimulus, even using White House's own numbers 00:34:52
China taps huge copper reserves in Afghanistan (while we wage war?) 00:08:54