Posted on November 10, 2009

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CNN: Senators Seek Constitutional Amendment to Impose Term Limits 23:06:45
Airport rules changed after Paul aide detained 22:34:24
DPer Businesses 11:55:22
WSJ: The Fed Is Already Transparent 11:48:30
Review: Charles Goyette's 'The Dollar Meltdown' 09:06:51
The Democrats Privatize Wealth Redistribution 22:10:36
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Early Christmas Gift-Song For DP Atheists/Agnostics 23:39:51
Fun video; Peter Schiff vs Obama supporter 23:18:20
Healthcare Debate at UGA 23:09:01
**Rand Paul: Endorsed by Republican Liberty Caucus!!!** 22:56:20
AT&T Yahoo Poll - Simple How Do You Think Obama Is Doing ...... 22:52:45
Vatican Seeks Signs of Alien Life 22:49:23
Liberty Candidates 21:43:21
Bank Holiday Rumors Not There This Veterans Day 21:38:11
Charity and Volunteering? 21:06:36
Gorbachev Says Obama Should Start Afghan Withdrawal 20:51:39
Don't miss the 2nd Episode of "V" tonight at 8 PM Central 20:36:36
Replacement for Senator Kit Bond of MO? 20:28:21
Rand Paul on WHAS11 TV 20:19:12
Police State - The Militarization of the Police Force in USA 20:18:31
Anyone hear this? Tungsten-Filled Gold Bars Found in Asia 20:11:13
Dunkin Donuts 1 of 143 Who Lobby The Federal Reserve 20:10:00
Join your local Toastmasters chapter to spread the message of liberty 20:05:44
Guys! From Coreadrin: 19:59:09
Justice Dept. Asked For News Site's Visitor Lists 19:57:03
How much would you pay for this Canadian coin? 19:51:48
White Community Scholarship Program 19:28:31
It’s time to take over the GOP… 19:28:31
Kokesh at the Jicarilla Apache Nation 19:26:59
Daily Pauler's guilty of collectivizing a group of People 18:54:59
rhino: I am FED UP!!! 18:34:03
URGENT: Hunger Strike To Audit The FED 18:29:20
Survival Guide to Socialism and the NWO 18:22:35
A World Currency Has Emerged 18:19:42
The Health Care Bill and Your Rights…As A Parent. 18:06:59
Vote for Dr. Mercola for Ultimate Wellness Game Changer (Huffington Post) 17:33:43
SC - Recall Lindsey Graham 17:29:20
Amazing video I just found 17:22:11
Weekend Viewing -- The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class 17:10:00
South Carolina Senior's Senator Lindsey Graham Censured by Charleston GOP 17:09:53
ACTION! - Evict the Congress - Dec 16th 17:02:20
Ron Paul on Alex Jones discussing 2012 run 11/05/09 16:57:49
Guess who skipped the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall?? 16:55:42
Do You Want A Chip With That? 16:55:39
Start them off "right" into the wrong. 16:34:44
Britain to 'spy' on every phone call, email and web search 16:26:51
Jesse Ventura Alex Jones 11 10 09 (commercial free audio) 16:25:59
A Challenge for All Daily Paulers 16:21:44
The Candlemakers' Petition (Audio) 15:41:06
11/10 Gary Johnson on FreedomWatch tonight 15:36:06
The Government Can 15:28:42
The Judge is filling in for Beck again tonite, w/ Tom Woods, Jeffrey Miron, and more! 15:23:55
Airplanes sprayed mysterious substance over Ukraine days before pneumonic plague outbreak 15:19:34
Hear CFR laugh when they suggest tricking the public into taking H1N1 vaccine 15:01:24
This from President Obama on the Individual Mandate and penalties 14:50:12
Conspiracy show by Jesse Ventura 14:49:57
90,000 Casualties, but Who’s Counting? 14:25:09
Breaking~Possible hostage situation in Jefferson City , Missouri 14:23:31
Final Round!!! Ron Paul vs. Sarah Palin: Who is best presidential choice for conservatives? 14:22:45
Dead Bush Rove IT expert Michael Connell's Family Copes With His Mysterious Death, Tipsters, Legal Options 14:19:51
Jesse Ventura guest on Alex Jones: now 1 pm EST 14:05:04
Glenn Beck Loses Claim Against Web Site Creator 14:03:02
Dodd Offers Senate Plan for Financial Overhaul 13:54:22
If statism is a cancer... 13:50:07
"The Mentality of D.C. Politicians" or "The Profile of Sociopaths" 13:22:41
Ted Nugent on the 2nd Ammendment... 13:14:03
How Did You Die... 13:09:15
Anarchy lesson from the Bible 13:06:06
Big Dog neocon in Idaho's GOP steps down / gets fired UPDATED! 12:48:20
Obama Justice Dept. Asked For News Site's Visitor Lists 12:20:24
This Guy Had The Guts To Put This On The Internet 12:08:46
Let's Criminalize War! 11:57:18
Is The Day Of Great Leaders Past? 11:49:48
Minister of Health from Poland giving a speech about safety of vaccines! 11:37:42
Ron Paul Attracts Hundreds at Carolina Coliseum 11:34:29
Abdication of Self-Rule is the Pre-Cursor to Corporatism 11:32:43
Peter Schiff on Obama – 11/10/2009 11:31:16
Why we support Ron Paul (flashback) 11:25:34
Anti-gay marriage Miss Caifornia makes sex tape? 10:56:40
Justice Dept. Asked For News Site's Visitor Lists!!! 10:44:46
Navies of 2 Koreas exchange fire near border 10:43:04
Justice Dept. Asked For News Site's Visitor Lists 10:39:04
People need to know about Paul's Health Plan But ....... 10:31:14
If You Thought the Housing Meltdown Was Bad… 10:26:49
Growing the Economy by Destroying It 10:18:27
Can Design Change the World? 09:35:57
A Homecoming Long Overdue? 09:09:51
"Dive For Truth" opens today! 08:55:31
Chairman Steele says some white Republicans scared of him--Are You?? 08:38:19
Ron Paul S.C. Free market is best 08:35:49
Video: What silver and gold should you buy? 08:16:01
Rep. Cantor says Congress's broad support for Israel could be weakening 08:00:00
I did not know this about the "Peace" hand sign 07:58:37
Hate, Soon to be Late, John Allen Muhammad 07:48:26
White Nationalist Attacks Ron Paul and Us for Not being focused on Race 07:47:42
FBI backpeddles: "No red flags" on Maj. Hasan after all 07:44:39
A fun message for my fellow DP scoundrels ;) 07:35:01
Nov 14 ... 50 city Protest vs Rep. Gutierrez illegal alien amnesty bill 06:06:12
Detroit City Council will be Locked and Loaded -- literally 05:09:14 03:31:42
Meet your President 02:23:44
"The Fed Is Already Transparent " - WSJ - closed - another thread has appeared and is on the frontpage, so continue there! 01:50:46
Happy Birthday, My Fellow Marines 01:29:07
What would Ron Paul have done about WW2? 01:04:25
Interesting re: the victims of "Fort Hood shooter" 00:51:36
Wall St. Bombing - Anybody else hear about this? 00:25:25
When All War Ends 00:25:00