Posted on November 11, 2009

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Ron Paul at New Orleans Investment Conference - 'Gold, Peace and Prosperity' 23:27:16
Ralph Nader just plugged Ron Paul on O'Reilly Factor 21:31:21
Video: Rand Paul to Meet w/ Mitch McConnell this Friday 20:31:52
Fox News's Sean Hannity Caught Falsifying Footage 12:07:28
NY Times Article Details Just How Political the Fed Really Is 16:18:58
For Veteran's Day, Remembering a Request from Dr. Paul 10:36:46
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Va. teen suffers Guillain-Barre syndrome hours after vaccine (Updated Story) 23:58:29
If someone refuses to pay for government healthcare and if they put that person in jail their healthcare will be free 23:08:10
*Video* Rand Paul on FOX BIZ in Happy Hour!!! 23:05:34
Hey I'm new 23:03:42
Lou Dobbs quits CNN live on the air 22:44:35
University of Bristol study shows that CO2 levels haven't changed in 160 years 22:22:26
I have $XX,XXX amount of debt and I really need some good advice 22:19:34
Would Rand Paul support Mitch McConnell for Minority Leader? 22:10:14
Funny Rand Paul Political Cartoon. 21:48:34
Lindsey Graham censured by SC county GOP!!! 21:43:54
Ex- Bear Stearns managers acquitted of fraud by a JURY 21:30:38
I don't like the sound of this. 21:28:20
Lou Dobbs just abrubtly quit CNN in disgust of our national leaders 21:25:14
All metals continue northward: Gold now at $1,122.20 21:23:49
Christians vs. christians 21:08:07
Deflation and Depressions: What Are The Connections? (Republicae) 21:06:27
Ron Paul's son borrows tactics for Ky. Senate bid 20:59:22
Rand's Tea Party - December 16, 2009 20:27:15
Do the Dem./ Rep. Party rules permit 20:27:40
In a Time of Universal Deceit Telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act 20:23:24
Open letter to Judge Napolitano 20:06:06
History of Veterans Day-designed to perpetuate peace through good will 19:51:13
Is the "DOLLAR" crashing or is the "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE" crashing? 19:39:20
TSA rule change thanks to Bierfeldt and ACLU 19:25:38 Could Really Use a MoneyBomb. What do you say, DP??? 19:23:14
Top Republican says White House hiding info on Fort Hood 19:09:33
Va. teen suffers rare illness after swine flu shot 18:52:07
Check out The Dive For Truth! 18:51:02
Stop It With The Corporate Shenanigans! 18:49:20
Chuck Norris on FoxNews - Obama Establishing a One World Government - 11.11.09 18:40:30
China and the dollar 18:35:37
PLEASE! Lend your name for Fair Elections!! Will only take a minute of your time. 18:28:20
I was just told there is going to be open discussion for anyone about the continental congress in session now starting at 5:30 18:17:17
*UPDATE Blackwater's Christian Crusade hurts all Christians :) 18:08:17
Blackwater Used "Child Prostitutes" In Iraq 17:40:15
When did MTV get so smart? (martial law) 17:37:39
Hopenhagen 17:28:40
Deputies Hold Boy Down While He Was Forcibly Vaccinated 17:19:08
Alan Keyes will Campaign for U.S. Senate candidate Johnson in KY 17:10:08
A moment of silence for the 17:03:17
Fort Hood, Veterans Day And Defending America 16:39:47
Stay on Top of H1N1 - It Ain't Over - Don't Be Arrogant 16:35:13
Welcome to Rosengård Malmö, Sweden 16:24:40
Vote to add Ron Paul to a real poll 16:16:24
The Chemtrail (Aerosol, Barium, Aluminum) sprays have REALLY been picking up recently 16:03:02
WHAS11-TV Louisville Reports on Rand Paul 15:28:20
Food Security and the San Joaquin Valley 15:14:00
How to *exit* gold boom near peak - Lepard weighs in 14:38:30
Let's End the Wars! 14:32:15
Where does Liberty End and personal responsability begin? 14:07:12
Ex-execs: Blackwater planned to bribe Iraqis 13:40:37
Official Government Disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent 13:40:10
WARNING: If The Fed Is Abolished... 13:37:07
Feds demanded identities of news site's readers 13:34:50
Japan has found an ingenious way to “create” money: fureai kippu 13:32:09
MASSIVE 5 oz Silver Liberty dollar very rare for sale 13:28:19
Please Contact Gallup's Editorial Staff - Include Ron Paul! 13:19:10
US Sen. Lindsey Graham censured by SC county GOP 13:14:46
"Constitutional Contempt" by Walter E. Williams 13:02:48
Steve Bierfeldt lawsuit dropped -- TSA changes rules 12:58:26
People are Losing Their Patience 12:47:34
What is motivating the most recent Sy Hersh sources? (article) 12:29:25
Every phone call, text message, email and website visit made by private citizens is to be stored for a year (UK) 12:22:56
2,266 Veterans Died In 2008 Because They Were Uninsured 12:11:12
Lieberman vs. Pelosi, promises to filibuster 11:58:01
Frank Zappa was a Libertarian 11:56:27
Baxter Admits to Contaminating 72 Kilos On MSM 11:21:13
Major Reason for Gold Price Rise 11:14:50
"If You Try To Take Our Liberty And Property, We Will Kill You!" 11:06:11
How Would You Fix the Economy?" 11:03:08
UN Arms Trade Treaty to eliminate the 2nd Amendment 11:02:47
Actual message on School Answering Machine in Australia. 10:57:35
Party like its $1,999,999,999,999 10:41:00
I don't get Jon Stewart 10:38:34
On Veterans Day, there are 89,457 reasons to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq 10:28:49
Amazing interview. 1958 10:26:02
Why Did Anita Dunn Step Down As White House Communications Director? 10:18:32
Corruption even transcends politics: Dr. Oz 10:10:12
Barney Frank insults a constituent and tries to have her arrested-- FOR VISITING HIS OFFICE IN WASHINGTON DC!!! 09:39:39
Continental Congress starts today! 09:25:55
deleted 09:25:54
Happy Veteran's Day 08:51:02
Tea Party Leader Launches PAC To Back Small-Government Candidates 08:40:22
A government official who knows how to uphold the LAW!!! 08:39:16
Ft. Hood False Flag: Where is this shooter now? 08:35:42
Democrats just as fractured as the GOP 08:20:51
Mighty Mouse-Emanuel 08:12:41
Goldwater exposed the NWO in 1980! 07:44:17
Barney and Benny seek "compromise" 06:15:21
America, your police violate the Constitution 06:01:42
Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower 05:42:21
WTC Cross Responder Calls for 9/11 Truth 04:11:20
Gold $1111.10 04:01:53
Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Rand Paul, Peter Schiff 03:18:02
Continental Congress begins Wednesday, Nov. 11 02:34:14
Rand Paul reaching out to Mitch McConnell!?? 02:13:27
I'm glad Ron Paul didn't win the 2008 election 02:07:59
2012 Campaign Slogan: "Don't Do It Again!" 01:50:31
An economist from the San Fran Federal Reserve is coming to my school!! Questions please... 01:45:59
Under Attack, Fed Chairman Studies Politics 01:39:04
Please Help KY GrassRoots Radio to AM Radio 01:03:23
UPS -vs FEDEX 00:59:10
BlackWater Approved $1 million payoffs after killing 17 Iraqi Civilians 00:39:45
Senate Conservatives and Jim DeMint still don't know who to support in Kentucky??? 00:29:25
Twilight Zone media schizophrenia 00:29:22