Posted on November 12, 2009

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WSJ: Rand Paul has outperformed his opponent!!!!! 20:41:52
Feds move to seize 4 U.S. mosques & N.Y. skyscraper owned by foundation linked to Iranian government 19:34:28
Oath Keepers Constitutional Care Package Drive Video 14:24:11
Constitutional Candidates for Congress 11:34:34
Jim Quinn: For What Its Worth 10:42:01
FOOD INC. - Watch this before you eat your next meal 09:42:41
{Video} Tom Woods On Glenn Beck: States Can Nullify Unconstitutional Federal Laws 10:31:33
Update: Ron Paul in South Carolina, November 9, 2009: "The Politics of Tolerance" 13:13:47
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Here's Hoping That Lou Dobbs Runs For Office!! 23:49:52
14 Dead at Fort Hood 23:49:25
CNN's Special on Secret Society - Skulls and Bones - Nov 12, 2009 23:24:57
Weekend Movie: The F Word 23:18:07
The "Jessica Lynch" story of Ft Hood's false flag exposed 23:07:02
Hannity Groupies want to waterboard the Ft. Hood Shooter.. 23:06:02
I do weep for those days... 23:04:41
Interesting interview from RBN about Ft. Hood false flag 22:36:40
7 cop cars and an electric bike! 22:33:22
Gold Faked With Tungsten - Oh Its Worse 22:18:39
Cogs in the Machine. 21:54:04
ACTA: Internet Users Guilty Until Proven Innocent 21:53:28
Economics Question.... 21:37:42
V, the connection 20:40:16
Rand Paul's Guerilla Campaign 20:31:34
Lender's Conference in SD, World REIT Conference in Az 20:11:17
Latest Republican Scams 20:00:00
Zimbabwe abandons its currency. 19:58:12
Center For Constitutional Rights Defends ACORN!! 19:04:00
Freedom of Speech 18:51:37
Ex-Fed Governor: 200 Bank Failures This Year 18:39:36
Glenn Beck... 18:33:16
Grayson attacks Rand Paul today 18:33:14
Iranian Irrationality? Maybe Not 18:27:48
Feds move to seize N.Y. skyscraper, 4 mosques 18:26:01
rhino: We need to take a side on this one!!!!!! 18:25:50
Ukraine Swine Flu 1.2 Million affected, 213 Deaths, 62,462 Hospitalized 18:09:25
Copenhagen Treaty: "We are turing the whole world into a Soviet system." 18:07:18
Will Canada join the united States of America after the Collapse? 18:04:43
Report: "Peak Gold"? 18:00:09
Is Randy Brogdon for Oklahoma Governor a Liberty Vote? 17:45:08
Chemtrails go Commercial 17:37:56
How to deal with the "Ron Paul isn't a leader" opinion. 17:34:55
Iran continues to consider proposal from international community (article) 17:32:19
computer virus ALERT 17:29:34
Freedom Watch - November 11th, 2009 17:23:03
Vancouver police get sonic crowd control device 17:21:31
When Dictatorship Came to America 17:20:12
Comment NOW!!! After listening to the Judge and Tom Woods Maybe thru the state is the way 17:18:49
Another one in the que 17:16:03
Ft. Hood: 1 gunman, 1 Gun, 100 shots fired, 43 wounded or dead? 17:14:16
George W Bush Starts Think Tank to Fight Big Govt and to Promote Economic Liberty!!! 17:01:47
We must bring George Bush to trial 16:44:34
Jailing the uninsured 16:01:31
[video] Polish Health Minister Rejects Untested Swine Flu Jabs 15:58:47
Wow: PG vs H1N1?? 15:52:10
NY-23 Race tightens! 15:46:34
U.S. and Colombia bases deal signed, but what are the real intentions?: 15:45:20
State Dept: US Goal to Expel Jews in 'Occupied' Post-67 Lands 15:30:57
Underdogs' Senate Bids Put Pressure on GOP = Rand Paul 15:23:54
Program Note: Lindsey Williams on Genesis Tonight 15:13:33
Video: America Is An Over-Indebted, Profligate, Spoiled Nation In Decline 15:06:06
CC2009 showing Ron Paul speaking to Congress 15:04:34
Vote for Debra 14:59:09
Ron Paul to speak at the 11/22 Houston End the Fed Rally 14:41:22
The next gay marriage fight set for Washington D.C. 14:39:14
Systemic Success: Blood Money and Black Gold in Iraq 14:27:32
Area residents prepare for Ron Paul’s Iowa St Univ. 14:23:15
Comical news:"john" robbed by prostitute in KC 14:22:53
Master and Pupil: Sowing Tyranny in Iraq, Spreading Slaughter in Afghanistan 14:21:53
NY-23 Not Certified, Still counting votes, What??? 14:17:18
Socio-Economics History Blog 14:15:00
Attention: KY and CT Ron Paul meetup members 13:57:00
Fed: banks need customer consent on overdraft fees 13:57:00
a hilarious pic of mr. nystrom 13:51:17
Area residents prepare for Ron Paul’s ISU visit 13:40:52
Swine flu 13:31:29
42% Schiff, 41% Dodd 13:22:51
Status quo pumping up Huckabee. 13:19:26
It's official Obama's a Muslim. 13:16:55
G. Edward Griffin is on the A J Radio Show 13:05:53
Americans may be settling into spending less 12:58:52
ACORN Sues U.S. For Cutting Funds 12:48:07
UPDATE: NYT: Witness states Munley did NOT shoot Hasan 12:40:25
How To Buy Gold Or Silver (by Trace Mayer) 12:38:05
New gold value support/resistance level. 12:28:58
Rand Paul on FBN Happy Hour 11/11/2009 12:24:58
The Economist The Obama Administration Should Have Listened To 12:16:34
Zimbabwe: A Fresh Start 12:07:04
Debate: Doug Casey takes on Karl Rove and Howard Dean! 12:06:26
The subtle influences of Ron Paul 11:57:07
Fox News's Hannity: Jon Stewart Was Right About Protest Footage (VIDEO) 11:56:35
Deputies physically restrain student to force vaccinate 11:55:40
Update: Lou Dobbs to Quit CNN - effective immediately 11:43:51
PLEASE Distribute to ALL Americans 11:24:38
South Park Mocks Glenn Beck... 11:20:29
Q&A With Rand Paul: Shaking Up the Kentucky Senate Race! 11:14:05
Black haired people and green beans a very big problem/or why I fear street sweepers. 11:17:26
Judge Napolitano – Refounding America 11:04:34
White House Aims to Cut Deficit With TARP Cash 11:02:21
How Will Niagara Falls Fit Through a Garden Hose? 10:51:08
People are withholding support for the Dem and Rep parties 10:44:55
Unemployment, Codex Alimentarius, Crashing Dollar? 10:43:00
WHAT??? WHY is there a GE ad on the Daily Paul? 10:34:47
The Global Oil Scam - 50 times bigger than Madoff! 10:16:36
To all Daily Paulers, pay attention to this up-coming meeting 10:12:27
With all of the religion being tossed around here 10:01:20
Good news for Daily Paulers who live in or near California 09:59:04
Well, at least Biden is safe...isn't that all that matters? 09:56:38
Barrick shuts hedge book as world gold supply runs out 09:46:01
Is xmas to commercialised 09:38:53
Chuck Norris and Fox dismiss Ron Paul again 09:31:21
Fed's role makes its next move key; Political pressure on central bank grows 09:11:36
The Triumph of Socialism by Lew Rockwell 09:04:46
U.S. Dollar Debasement on Track With Federal Reserve’s Sinister Plans 08:57:53
PEAK GOLD 08:50:07
The Prisoner new tv mini-series 05:23:38
Tom Woods on Kudlow: Dodd legislation to make Fed less private, all bank heads to be chosen by the President 04:49:25
Remember the Constitution and our Veterans Today - Jake Towne 04:19:08
Chinese Government Pulls Obama "Red Guard" T-Shirts Off Shelves 04:08:46
Senator cannot answer question: Where in the Constitution is forced purchase of HC? 03:26:27
Eric Cartman as Glenn Beck 03:20:01
gold becomes more scarce according to drudge..what a farse 02:56:09
CC2009: Day One Recap 02:33:37
Health Care Solutions; pre-existing conditions 01:07:11
"The New World Order came into being at 4:25 Tuesday afternoon," says Wash. Post 01:00:10
Thoughts on the future: 00:55:03
Barrick shuts hedge book as world gold supply runs out 00:46:41
I got a red light camera ticket in the mail in Texas, Has anyone had success fighting these? 00:34:05
DIGG!! The main stream media still doesn't get it! (Rand Paul Race) 00:31:32
Where will we see Dobbs next? 00:14:03
My account CC2009 11NOV09 00:11:16
We need a Ron Paul Revolution! 00:05:40
Ambrose: Peak Gold? 00:01:03