Posted on November 14, 2009

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CC 2009 Day Three Recap 01:08:51
DPer Blogs 00:19:17
Continental Congress: CC2009 Freedom TV - Live Stream 14:20:51
Ron Paul Returns to Iowa - November 13, 2009 09:39:34
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Vaccine-Genocide (and subsequent denial by authorities) Continues Around the Globe 23:45:29
Continuing his failing track record, Obama 23:02:05
You have got to be kidding me.......this is so obscene....7 BILLION dollars$$ Who's gonna call these people out huh? 22:03:36
Ron Paul Rocks 1,100 In Ames Championing A Call To End The Fed And Reduce Needless Government 21:55:56
Are you Serious? Nancy Pelosi does not know the Constitution.... 21:45:08
RON PAUL just said he would not rule out a 2012 run!!!!! Link 21:45:05
Pregnant women reporting miscarriages after H1N1 vaccine 21:13:20
Shocking Obama speech.......Is this for real or not??? 21:11:21
Sterling silver - is it worth it? 20:55:15
Simple Analogy - Socialism Summed Up In A Few Sentences 20:44:36
China's Phony GDP Growth Data 20:29:07
This doesn't surprise me... 20:06:47
Petition to Declare 16th Amendment Null and Void - Need Signatures Now! 20:06:34
Medical Doctor Retracts H1N1 Vaccine Advice After Reading Insert 19:47:00
Is China headed toward collapse? 17:41:22
Toxic Chemical Found In Most Canned Goods 17:03:15
2012 already? GOP wannabes jockeying early 16:43:38
the CIA - Uzbekistan connection 16:41:54
persona non grata 16:39:23
US Tax payers to Bail Out the Fair and Unbiased Newspapers Next 16:37:35
RT: Immortal Technique on Obama 9/11 Truth & Corporate America 15:47:04
How low will he go? Obama bows again. This time to Japan's Emperor Akihito 15:35:33
The Flexner Report’s Stranglehold on Health Care 15:01:26
MSM: Chemtrails caused the Chinese Snowstorm 14:55:15
Danger is Beyond Financial 14:42:04
Virginia Boy Paralyzed By Swine Flu Vaccine 14:28:28
Is Rand Paul a Kentuckian? 14:13:15
I Need 30 Seconds Of Your Time, Please! 13:47:28
I got the biggest applause at my town hall meeting.. yeah 13:26:29
Ever been on the other End of a Joke? (Off Topic) but funny. 13:19:37
Money IS Debt! 13:19:32
Health Bill Forces Us To Be Chipped??? Check It Out! 13:12:35
Any good videos against national I.D. cards? 12:49:57
Write/Stamp "END the FED" on dollars 12:16:28
NBC prepares for cable takeover by ComCast 12:14:20
Forget the Audit: Just Abolish the Fed by Jim Traficant 12:11:56
Who is buying all those failed banks? 12:10:41
CC2009 Saturday 12:05:10
Bilderberg BUSTED in EU Parliament - MUST SEE!!! 11:59:22
Ron Paul Rocks 500 In Ames Championing A Call To End The Fed And Reduce Needless Government 11:56:02
CORPORATE CRIME in the pharmaceutical industry 11:44:39
Was DHS Created To Protect Those That Deceived America? 11:40:32
Army Sends Infant to Protective Services, Mom to Afghanistan 11:15:10
I just rented a $165.00 per day machine for $10.00 & it was great!! 11:09:18
Register Republican for Paul BOMB! 11:07:29
Insurance Exchange Has Loophole 11:05:17
Obama bows to Japanese Emperor Akihito 11:00:02
The U.S. Jew whose Iran views rile Israel intelligence officials 10:58:56
This pretty much sums it up...... Rabbit Hole 09:39:44
Flu shot anyone? very funny video, and so true 09:32:29
I knew it! Why Lou Dobbs left CNN 09:20:38
Hannity tells Chuck Norris that Ron Paul is nuts 09:17:50
Former US ambassador seduced by multi-billion dollar oil deal 08:13:20
GPS will track Dutch drivers to pay tax on road time 06:44:05
First Rand Paul Moneybomb Video 05:15:38
A Patriot looks at those in Congress, 2009 04:27:48
Mel Watt VS Paul Johnson 04:23:28
Obama dodges question (twice) about whether A-bomb on Japan was right 03:43:45
no library card needed 03:27:27
[Video] Chuck Norris likes Ron Paul but calls him a "nut" on Sean Hannity 01:52:20
Do you know who Neil Wolin is? Very Important. Your mission......If you accept. 01:31:22
No Guns For Negroes 01:11:28
Pro-liberty song by NeemaV: "I Own Me" (explicit lyrics) 01:06:12
Big Pharma:FDA finds bits of steel, rubber in Genzyme drugs and says that's O.K. 00:31:17