Posted on November 15, 2009

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Rand Paul Q&A Lexington Town Hall 16:49:35
Head Count: Question - Who is going to see Ron Paul at Freedom Fest Dec 4?? 22:53:27
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CC2009: Day Five Recap 23:42:25
deleted 23:22:49
bueffet and gates town hall event on cnbc now 23:11:05 23:01:22
How are Y2K and 9/11 connected? 22:51:33
Reformed Neo Conservatives 22:37:45
The Original (Missing) 13th Amendment 22:13:47
Very Quietly Obama's Citizenship Case Reaches Supreme Court 21:26:16
Militia Documentary: Rise of The Modern Militia Part 1/3 20:57:51
Iran bank coin sale bursts “gold bubble” 20:53:59
Expert Pediatrician Exposes Vaccine Myths 20:29:35
Will Ron Respond? 20:01:54
War with Iran? America's Titanic Rushes the Iceberg 19:42:33
Congressional Statements Ghostwritten by Lobbyists 19:31:59
Gold pops. 19:30:06
Gold just opened for the week and the going price is $1125.70.... 19:29:07
Mexican Government releases UFO footage 19:08:24
C4L Utah screening of For Liberty: How Ron Paul watered the withering tree of liberty 19:06:40
Mitch McConnell and Grayson reach an understanding? 19:01:29
Who Killed Davey Moore? 18:47:24
Redeaming lawful money - 30 min video 18:36:44
Odd.... no updates on Joseph Moshe... 18:35:12
Barack Hoover Obama, The Audacity of Failure 18:32:47
Granny Warriors 18:09:56
100+ Dead Microbiologists, Are You Ready for the Truth??? 18:08:22
First U.S. marijuana cafe opens in Portland 17:23:56
CDR David R.Gillie USN at Oath Keepers 2009 Conference 17:18:01
Leading Croatian Priest: Don't get the H1N1 Vaccine 16:23:59
Illinois Senate 2010 - Primary this Feb. 16:14:26
NH: Open carry rifle demonstrators join 420 protest 15:38:11
Meet Our Afghan Ally: Stealing Money, Selling Heroin and Raping Boys 15:33:01
Obama vs. The rest of the world greeting the emperor of Japan (Pictures) 15:13:53
Lindsey Graham's Support Tanking In Two New Polls. “More Republicans now oppose Sen. Graham than support him." 15:13:07
Need advice on engagement ring/investment. 15:04:44
American People's Money being used to Sponsor Taliban! 14:59:20
Obama Lies 7 Times In Under 2 Minutes! 14:56:57
Great Ron Paul Song - Landslide! 14:54:57
Why we will lose in Afghanistan 14:52:35
Too Big To Exist Act... by Senator Bernie Sanders 14:35:13
Great New Ron Paul Song 13:25:12
Silver ON SALE!!! 12:58:56
New Meet-up Group: GOOOH 12:44:22
Million Med March 12:35:55
Question about NY terror suspects trial 12:25:03
False Flags and Gullible Americans 12:16:06
Obama lies 11:56:04
Anyone have any Ron Paul 2012 artwork/pictures?..... 10:59:51
MSM Take On Fort Hood (Satire) 10:56:14
Ron Paul Kicking the Ass of Media 10:18:55
Then ... what? 10:09:56
Webster Tarpley: 'Hasan is a false flag patsy' 10:06:23
Ron Paul: 'Too early' for 2012 presidential talk; mp3 Audio Interview 08:33:28
Prison and fines for refusing to buy insurance 06:57:57
11/14/09 Libertarian Mike Shanklin Attends Neocon Rally 05:37:21
Gore heckled at climate speech 05:27:49
When is Government just Organized Crime? 04:22:30
Working in oil-rich countries: NEED ADVICE 03:24:15
Ft. Hood Terrorist Was Bush Homeland Security Advisor!!! 02:49:51
Didn't someone we know predict this? 02:16:44
Rand Paul vs. Mongiardo in Louisville Video 01:55:30
Bad News! Copenhagen Climate Treaty Postponed 01:49:32
CC2009: Day Four Recap 01:10:41
Day 4 CC 2009 Recap 01:05:15
DVDs to spare? 01:00:38
Flashback - VIDEO: Ronald Reagan (1964) and Ron Paul (2008/2012): A Comparison 00:02:46