Posted on November 17, 2009

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REALLY Need Help: My home Foreclosure hearing is tomorrow. *UPDATED* 4-26-2010!!! 22:52:02
C4L T.V. Commercials - R U Watching? 19:39:11
Grayson websites indirectly mentioned in Louisville Courier-Journal article! 19:02:22
Trey Grayson: "Because of this little phenomenon, where you guys have this crush on this doctor from Bowling Green" 19:01:04
Mitch McConnell Hosting ANOTHER Fundraiser for Trey Grayson in New York City! 12:10:10
Palinism is a hairstyle, Paulism is a bona fide movement 12:10:51
“Pirate Radio” New Movie with Anti-Government, Libertarian Theme Hits Theatres 02:38:56
The Southern Avenger: Selective "Hate" 01:17:05
Digg! Oath Keepers Money Bomb November 17 Donate = Freedom! 12:10:09
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What really caused the hyperinflationary currency crisis in Zimbabwe? 23:42:21
Prepare for the worst - Dr.Paul's article in Chinese 23:24:48
RT: Ukraine Black Lungs Unknown Flu Strain 23:19:13
About the RETARDS fist-fighting about Immigration reform. Short brown people are not the problem. NWO is. 23:06:59
Tenth Amendment Resolution and Firearms Freedom Act bills prefiled for the Kentucky 2010 General Assembly 23:04:32
Microbiologist nabbed by FBI after warning us that vaccine is a bioweapon deployment 23:03:44
10 year old uses marijuana for autism, with positive results 23:01:44
Adam Kokesh Endorses Year of Youth! 22:56:47
Glenn Beck on the New World Order 11/17/09 22:43:25
Vac Attack! 22:36:05
Please Kentuckians, make Trey Grayson eat his words, and pound that pavement for Rand like it is your job! 22:17:50
Did Anyone Watch ABC's "V" ? 22:09:55
30 billion taxpayer gift to business 21:55:35 Ron Paul article needs our comments. 21:32:54
Don't miss V tonight 20:59:00
Taliban Points Finger at Xe/Blackwater 20:47:47
$55.7M Silverdome + 127 ac. sale price disappoints: $583k! 20:23:37
Happy birtday to me! This is what I have done since I joined DP! 20:15:44
Washington Wire Q&A With Trevor Lyman 20:12:15
Woody Harrelson: Chevron Behind Afghanistan War 19:59:21
That is enough. Fedor speaks. 19:25:24
Homeland security involved in domestic terrorism 19:16:55
COMING SOON to a bank account near you ! HYPERINFLATION ! 18:50:42
According to a report in World Net Daily, "Troops in the United States' USNORTHCOM ranks appear to have adopted a shoulder patch 18:32:41
Senator Boxer trying to sneak through Cap & Trade...... 17:55:45
MSM Gives Up - Joins Us 17:12:34
Ron Paul has the most popular group at, how about TCUnation now? 17:10:01
Obama's China trip shows power shifting 17:08:41
On the lighter side: Costco not restocking Coke products over price dispute 16:56:49
Love from Iran 16:50:12
American Martial Laws: War made easy (Narrated by Sean Penn) 16:39:22
Good Deal? Please educate me on "junk silver" 16:39:00
Communist Chinese are celebrating Obama Maoism. 16:31:29
Damon Vickers on Alex Jones Tv 1/6: A New Financial Order!! 16:27:23
LIVE NOW....Watch Geithner 16:11:37
NYTimes: A Constitutional Case in a Box of Cash 14:55:55
Best measure of the value of the USD? 14:50:41
The Iron Web 14:27:22
Judge Napolitano in negotiations for an on-air program; link for email to Fox 14:14:39
SC State Senator Larry Grooms: A Great Evening with Ron Paul 14:08:27
Money Bombs! Money Bombs!! 14:02:07
Obama: 'I have never used Twitter' 13:57:05
Stupak: I have votes to defeat health bill 13:51:45
Mauritius Buys 2 Ton of IMF Gold 13:42:43
Rapid Cooling Might Help Heart Attack Patients 13:39:40
UPS vs. FEDEX: Sweet Pro-Free Market video from Reason TV 13:35:49
Bank of America was forced to take over Merrill Lynch 13:32:12
Rand Paul: A Conservative independent of the GOP establishment (article) 13:21:08
Online Search - National Motor Vehicle License Organization - free searchable database - Privacy? 13:18:28
And the Black Hole gets bigger by the day. 12:16:49
US Govt. ranks #19 in the world for corruption 12:14:56
anyone else sort of hoping that the crew at C$L 12:13:56
(Roubini)The worst is yet to come: Unemployed Americans should hunker down for more job losses 11:50:46
GorDon Spewing NWO Agenda (11/16/09) 11:31:19
Liberty Bloggers Needed to thwart "Hopenhagen" 11:19:05
The Money Matrix - Who Owns the FED? by Jake Towne 11:00:03
Illegals could become legal as soon as next year 10:57:35
Should KSM and the other "911 terrorist" be tried in civilian courts? 10:42:13
♣ 2 State questions 10:35:45
Sarah's looking sexy on the cover of Newsweek 10:33:14
TEA PARTIES NEED TEETH By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D. 10:06:43
New CPI numbers -- can someone explain? 10:03:05
Are You Encouraged by the Imminent Collapse of the Dollar? 09:56:28
FRONTLINE: Inside the Meltdown of Sept. 18, 2008 09:55:17
►Ukraine Pandemic: Current and Projected Statistical Analysis 09:52:27
Illegal amnesty thugs on attack mission for tea party protesters 09:43:33
Chinese military reports bio-weapon planes sprayed Ukraine 09:38:59
BREAKING NEWS Hoffman 'unconcedes' in N.Y.-23 House race 08:38:59
U.S. troops wearing UN colors 06:13:01
CC2009: Day Six Recap 05:50:28
OK...Do you REALLY owe an income tax? in easy video form 03:04:33
Cell Phone Hazards and chemtrails on CoasttoCoast 02:43:02
Inquiring mind wants to know... 02:32:28
THIS part of the U.S. government is too SMALL!!! 02:26:40
Antiwar Radio: Interview with AMCON's Philip Giraldi, former CIA, about how the media and congress are agitating to attack Iran 01:39:12
How all systems can collapse over night 01:26:21
Trey Grayson: Sitting for Senate 01:14:48
Obama wants your tax credit back 00:20:47
Molyneaux interviews Ruwart on the Senate Health bill. (Audio) 00:08:57
Rand Paul isn't running for Senate. He's Sprinting in a Marathon. 00:05:31