Posted on November 19, 2009

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New Video - "DO SOMETHING!" 20:25:50
Adam Kokesh Talks to Russia Today About Military Suicides 19:43:33
Rand Paul: Try, Convict and Lock Up Terrorists In Guantanamo 22:03:14
Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses John Dennis & RJ Harris 13:42:11
WSJ op-ed: Ron Paul and Jim DeMint: Americans Deserve a Transparent Fed 16:20:21
UCLA Students Riot as Tuition Inflates 32% 01:04:03
Did you just hear that? Daily Show 11-18 11:07:09
John Dennis Freedom Watch 11-19-09 11:07:08
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First Direct Attack From Trey Grayson on Rand Paul 23:48:38
Americans Deserve a Transparent Fed 23:41:41
TeaPartier's here is an idea: Let's form picket lines in front of SEIU and Acorn 23:31:51
Threatening the Fed's independence 23:30:26
Give the DHS Hell for harassing Pastor Manning 23:24:59
Anti-vaccine t-shirts at Dr. Tenpenny's site 23:24:29
I would like to make a declaration, I would like to declare tomorrow, fax Mel Watt and tell him "YOU LOST,AMERICA WON" Day 23:07:01
Amount of $$ Ron raised online for 2008 election? 22:57:27
Musical Exuberation & Celebration on VICTORY Today - HR1207 22:15:36
Paul / Dobbs in 2012 21:54:03
WSJ: House Attacks Fed, Treasury 21:48:08
end the fed conference on RMTV right now. 20:34:37
WSJ: House Panel Approves Broad Auditing of Federal Reserve 20:19:26
What I'm Thankful For This Year 20:00:54
2011: Obama's Coup Fails 19:35:33
Letter To An American Soldier 19:31:27
GOP running another Dem for NY state Senate: Giuliani 19:30:11
Couple Busted for Refusing to Pay Tip 19:16:34
Congressional Black Caucus? 19:09:36
Financial Services Committee has approved Rep. Ron Paul's Bill | Politico 11/19/09 19:00:40
Exciting News! Debra Medina appeared with Judge Napolitano 18:52:13
Wall Street Journal Poll - Should the Fed be Audited? (PLEASE VOTE NOW) 18:42:55
Government Grants hurting competition 18:41:14
Unbelievable! Killer of Soldiers On Obama's Transition Team 18:03:20
The terrorist group aka the ADL is at it again. 17:54:33
To Pay or not to pay that is the question 17:49:37
Geithner Asked To Resign; 'Mr. Secretary, The Public Has Lost All Confidence In Your Ability To Do Your Job' 17:29:14
Andrew Busch article on CNBC about Fed Audit and Ron Paul 17:28:18
Stewart talks bad bout Ron 17:25:26
Afghanistan Is An Unjust Unwinnable War 17:14:14
Fall of the Republic 17:11:04
The American Resistance Movement 3%ers Oath Keepers 17:00:11
Would Washington(DC) let the people go? I don’t think so 16:45:33
BANNED ON YOUTUBE : Inside Britain's Israel Lobby 16:40:34
Ryan Grim, Naomi Klein Discuss 'Audit The Fed' Bill 16:19:37
URGENT: Federal Reserve Audit Under Attack 16:20:25
Don't celebrate too fast on HR1207 - plase read 15:43:15
MSM: 'Real' Jobless Rate: 17.5% 15:32:41
Limbaugh opens his show with discussion and link to a Prison Planet article 15:29:55
CC2009: Potent Acts of Civic Resistance 15:21:24
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Millions of UK parents 'invited' to get kids vaccinated 15:12:39
Gold And Silver: Why They Are Important, And Why They Are Often Manipulated 14:42:33
*** Sarah Palin is the Anti-Paul *** 14:38:08
Halarious Political Cartoon! Englehart 14:29:53
No Need For A Conscience The State Will Provide One 14:25:32
"If Bin Laden were captured tomorrow....." Eric Holder has no answer... Neocons do 14:00:02
What Does Mick Jagger and the Stones Know of the NWO? 13:51:42
RT Video: Swine flu may be means of political manipulation in Ukraine 13:50:18
The U.S. Invasion of the Vatican 13:36:20
Germans in the Woods 13:32:28
Major Victory with Swine Flu Scandal 13:31:15
WHO urged to phase out dental mercury 13:28:31
Help the DP....Use the Amazon Link! 13:26:59
Idaho - WA liberty movement and Sheriff Mack: video 13:19:09
A question about The Revolution: A Manifesto 13:04:23
Video: Ron Paul Supporters - 2007 Des Moines 12:59:38
Paul Harvey from 50 years ago... 12:43:54
HuffPo and it's commentors starting to be extremely critical of the FED and Mel Watts 12:30:27
Raw Vegan Radio, Thursday nite. Ask your question. 12:08:54
Rep. DeFazio to Obama: remove two in order to get millions back to work 12:08:42
Chunk of ice falls from plane, crashes through roof 12:08:38
Hasan Sought 'War Crimes' Prosecution of U.S. Soldiers 12:05:03
Palin The Neo-Con 11:51:55
The Declaration of Freedom of the Individual 11:45:41
Let's TALK - "Honor in Office" READ THE BILLS 11:21:47
Internet Under Siege 10:12:51
Obedience to God or Obedience to Orders? 10:09:44
War not conservative~ Rep. John J. Duncan (R-Tenn.) 10:05:33
Major Hasan Sought 'War Crimes' Prosecution of U.S. Soldiers 10:00:28
Adam Kokesh on Russia Today ~ The True Cost of War, the Human Toll 09:59:37
Vet Shrinks That 'Get It' Get Sacked 09:29:54
The Day the Dollar Died 08:58:40
Grants for (grassroots) activism 08:49:51
Video: How to Make a Shortwave Radio Antenna for Less Than $1.00 08:48:08
Is Jesus watching? (This is cute, take a chance...) 08:15:57
I Need Some Talking Points 06:36:25
Anti-Audit Economists : On Fed Payroll 06:29:17
No fly lists: I have a better idea 05:39:06
An article I found on yahoo about Obama not being a citizen (implied not stated) 05:17:00
See the Cat? See the Cradle? 04:51:45
Then and Now: Continental Congress 04:39:54
Constitution Party of MD mtg 04:35:34
Obamacare: By the Numbers 04:09:56
Reckless Cop Crashes Car at 95 MPH Kills 2 Innocent Teens. Gets PAID suspension. 03:55:16
Silver bugs - I need your help again! 03:49:50
A brief seductive summary of Capitalism? 02:49:36
Libertarian Party of Wisconsin: Tri-partisan support for medical care reform in Wisconsin 02:39:03
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act now downloadable 02:35:09
The Men Who Called The Collapse 01:38:56
Afghanistan War Plank - Awesome analysis from Jake Towne 01:19:54
CNN Attempts Hit Piece On Oathkeepers - Epic Fail. 01:03:14
The DAY the DOLLAR DIED!!! 00:56:54
"Anti-war soldier faces 10 years in jail" 00:47:44
Ron Paul - The Revolution Continues 00:35:08
32% Inflation in UCLA Tuition Causes Near Riots (14 Arrested, 1 Tasered) - VIDEO 00:25:35