Posted on November 20, 2009

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Video: Alan Grayson and Eliot Spitzer take aim at the Fed 19:02:46
Ron Paul was on Fox Business at 1:45 EST. 14:07:20
Société Générale Tells Clients How to Prepare for Potential 'Global Collapse' 11:06:00
Ron Paul's Triumph..... 10:09:29
Will Tea Partiers turn on each other? 09:50:10
Discussion on Watt amendment debate, Ron Paul Won. 18:22:02
The Paul Amendment passed! 43-26! Thanks to everyone who made those calls!!! Round Two, December 1st. 18:22:37
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RP 2012 poster help/input needed 23:52:59
On the Edge with Max Keiser: Vampires, Fox News, Geithner, & Fed 23:37:06
Questions for Judd Gregg 23:32:30
YouTube: The McConnell Dilemma (Wendy Macy) 23:05:29
Peter Schiff explains ALL at CT Townhall Meeting 11/18/09 22:23:12
deleted 22:21:29
Lets step it up...... now. 22:20:42
White House Rebuke: Angry Dems Shut Down Vote 22:06:44
Rand Paul Rules!!! 21:53:45
Something is going on in DC and it doesn't seem to be conforming to procedures ! 21:52:18
Obama may put Americans under world judges' power 21:48:45
Texas out of marriage business 21:45:38
US to drop shooting case against Blackwater guard 21:43:52
Feel Good Video -- Liberty Morning in Iowa! 21:07:19
Secret Oil Rigs in Los Angeles Uncovered 21:00:59
Ron Paul included in 2012 Presidential Poll 20:57:47
Great song 20:30:01
A Liberty Candidate to replace McCain? 20:07:07
Tea Parties Suck, Pro-Peace, Pro Civil Liberties!!!!!! Is the way to go. 20:03:23
*Obama popularity below 50 percent for first time: poll* 19:51:14
Moderate Dems Pivotal in Saturday Health Care Vote 19:42:37
Perhaps a MAJOR blow to "Cap and Trade"! 19:34:03
I stand by Rand, 100%.. Who's with me?! 19:09:38
Ok Shouldn't there be a full court press now ? 19:07:37
Gold record close - Bank Failure Friday 19:06:32
Senate ObamaCare Cloture Vote On Saturday! (get 2 the phones) *UPDATE* 18:59:54
Has anyone else killed their tel-lie-vision ? 18:45:36
Thomas Paine needs to make a YouTube video to spread the word about CC2009!!! 18:31:35
Democratic Senators For Sale - $100 Million Each! 18:21:15
Holy Crap! Schools... WTH is wrong here 18:17:36
New Poll Shows 7yr Incumbent Tom Cole falling to 42% 18:03:25
Senator Judd Gregg Vows to Block Fed Audit 17:57:12
Mom Says Marijuana Treats Saved Autistic Son 17:27:18
Gold: 4000US$? Listen to this guy on CNBC... 17:19:58
Gold option bets point to $1,200 early next year 17:01:44
Open Carry in Sunnyvale, CA 16:53:38
Terri McCormick - the freedom movement's answer to Sarah Palin? 16:48:43
Join NOW! Let's put the pressue on Sue Lowden to resign from the U.S. Senate race! 16:40:11
Global Warming SCAM exposed in leaked documents 16:32:49
More on Nidal Hasan 16:28:01
Senator Gregg Calls HB 1207 "Political Pandering" 16:25:57
bait and switch' health bill 16:18:41
Has Dr.Paul or Judge Napolitano recognized or endorsed CC2009? 15:58:02
Cop Tasers 10-year-old girl for resisting bedtime 15:51:40
Important about Rand Paul - He signed the retakecongress pledge and is contractually obligated to follow it! 15:47:47
Rand Paul's Tea Party - Dec 16, 2009 15:39:19
Financial crisis predicted in 1981 movie "Rollover" 15:33:39
Guns-in-bars law unconstitutional, says Nashville judge 15:21:50
Of Power Entrusted - Composed By An Oath Keeper 15:18:16
Obama/ReidCare Slated for Nov 21, Sat 8pm Cloture Vote 14:56:00
The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society 14:55:48
Panel votes to audit the Fed; cap its spending at $4 trillion 14:46:12
The Sun 1989 : Swine Flu And The Microchipped Vaccine 14:43:56
New Poll: McCain may lose senate primary 14:33:52
Ron Paul in Phoenix Dec 4th and 5th! 14:33:42
Lessons for the Colosseum 14:31:29
Question about the terror trials scheduled to take place in NYC instead of a military setting... 14:23:43
CC2009: Day Eight Recap 13:44:23
re: threads on Rand Paul... 13:38:26
In praise of good liars 13:31:59
Paul Amendment and FED being discussed this Morning 13:10:03
Tom Woods was Right Watt... 13:09:05
Breaking news: A new report on anti-government rage spiked by Glenn Beck 13:00:34
(On Rand Paul) For the record, I played a dirty trick on GOP forums. 12:59:42
(On Rand Paul) For the record, I played a dirty trick on GOP forums. 12:59:42
$100 million for a vote?? 12:53:14
Rand Paul- Money Vacuum! 12:52:50
Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Paul tells opponent to 'learn how to read' 12:42:23
Schiff takes apart the Senate health bill: video 12:37:28
Congressional Black Caucus and Audit the Fed 12:34:49
Great article on Afghanistan for neoconservatives 12:20:27
CNBC to talk about RP. Update: RP on CNBC Monday AM 12:14:58
Clinton backer turned GOPer Grayson calling Rand Paul a "flip flopper" 12:13:07
Yes Ms Palin, Britain Does Have NHS Death Panels 12:10:54
Lou Dobbs: anti-war? 12:10:24
Washington trained death squads in secret while Britain has spent £1m helping Indonesian army 12:09:24
HELP - Need Advice: Living off the grid 12:09:17
Barney Frank May Cause Problems For Our Audit Efforts. 12:08:13
Is There Any Point To Contacting Your Senators About Health Care Bill? 12:06:24
Rand- give my money back! 12:03:12
Rand Paul supporters and those dissapointed with him: This bickering is pointless and should end RIGHT NOW! 11:58:35
A tribute to Ron Paul... and a lesson for all of us 11:54:30
Is EVERYONE protected by the U.S. Constitution? 11:45:22
UK Scientists Caught Faking 'Global Warming' Data ★ 11:42:54
Article Supporting Fed: "average citizens are too stupid to understand the Fed" 11:14:39
State, local budget cuts a "time bomb" for U.S. jobs 11:00:13
Seeking Web-Development Person to get in early on a new concept in News on the Web. 10:59:36
Sen. Judd Gregg challenages Ron Paul to a Debate on HR 1207 10:54:15
Worse than Watt? Rep. Brad Miller (NC-13), Cosponsor of HR1207, Voted Against Paul/Grayson Amendment 10:50:17
Some Morning Humor - This is a repost from G.Edward Griffin's newsletter 10:40:17
help wanted: taxes 10:37:40
Your Identity Is NOT Invested 10:12:21
the day the dollar died 09:45:14
I Notice Quite A Few NEW DPers! 09:38:05
AMA Trying To Reschedule Marijuana 09:30:57
Feel that sudden drop in temperature? 09:07:25
6 states expected to gain congressional slots due to surge in Hispanic numbers 08:52:17
Administration Poised to Extend TARP as Sunset Date Looms 08:42:42
L.A. Times: Ron Paul wins a key battle in war to open Fed's books 08:35:45
Global Warming Polar Bear Propaganda Shock AD 07:29:18
Anti-Rand Paul Sock Puppets Unveil Themselves 06:38:28
Has Obama been tested...? 04:32:51
even if you hate BECK and FOX.. please watch this 03:48:25
Fellow Readers 03:40:53
Like it or not, Guantanamo IS a messy issue. 03:35:45
Scary video 02:34:08
Berkeys OUTLAWED in Kali-fluor-nia ! Better stock up... 02:30:15
Beside Ron Paul Who else would you choose from the current republican crop 01:58:31
H1N1 Vaccine & Bad Reactions in Austin 01:48:47
URGENT: Remember This When Dealing With The Masses (Leathal) 01:39:25
Ron Paul in Arizona! 01:30:02
Geithner Asked to Resign 01:14:29
Chinese Obamamania pictorial 01:02:52
SA : Was 9/11 War or Terrorism? 00:45:10
Don't some on here understand Rand's strategy in relation to his stance on Afghanistan, ding, ding, a lightbuld should go off. 00:02:04