Posted on November 21, 2009

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In Defense of Rand Paul 23:29:02
Rand Paul calls out Trey Grayson stalker to Grayson's face 10:24:34
The Way Forward in the "War on Terror." RJ's response to Rand's recent comments. 02:29:57
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An Open Letter to the Federal Reserve 23:15:24
Campaign to Recall U.S. Senators 23:05:16
EU president: "2009 is also the first year of global governance." 23:03:30
Devastating info on "Climate Change" Hacked from Climate Center in Britain.... 22:36:39
Please school me on purchasing gold 22:14:37
Historic health care bill clears Senate hurdle 21:37:09
New Wendy Macy Video 21:36:16
Gold Market Breakdown 20:58:33
God His Light Will Protect Your Country - Fear Not! 20:42:29
J.P. Morgan Chase: Fed "should do whatever it takes to stop this from going forward" 20:26:37
Utilizing the power of symbols 19:55:46
Citizen Soldier of the Republic Speaks 19:50:03
Ford to invest $2.3 billion in Brazil 19:48:30
Complaints loom against car manufacturers for unnecessary dealer closures 19:45:11
Fake Patriot Glenn Beck: Leaked Video Shows Him Applying Vicks Vapo Rub Before Crying 19:21:57
Clever video: News done to music featuring Ron Paul! 19:14:24
Flying Cars Closer to Becoming a Reality 19:12:55
Preemptive Nuclear War vs. Christianity~ Video Ron Paul 18:50:19
Why McCain could can be defeated 18:41:22
Dems got their 60 - Tonight they high-five / we lose more freedom 18:23:39
The Perestroika Deception 18:21:36
sometimes in our fight against ugly tyranny... 18:02:27
Evidence that Global Warming Is a Scam 17:58:11
Ron Paul on House Floor on Afghanistan 11/18/09 17:49:20
No One Knows which way the market is going except... 17:49:04
I Am Thinking of Becoming a Celtic Magic Witch 17:16:21
Will a S604 failure jump start the Repeal The 17th Amendment movement? 17:09:22
Cato Institute: good, bad, or indifferent? 17:02:44
Rand Paul Patriot Soldier of the Republic! 16:55:05
Just got a call from a Mike Huckabee drone 16:49:36
C-SPAN2 live coverage of Senate HC debate 16:20:38
Sam's Club Banner: "Welcome Sarah Palin - We Love Ya!" 16:18:37
John Birch Society embraces military tribunals 16:06:22
John Birch Society embraces military tribunals 16:03:25
Kentucky is NOT the 14th District of Texas 15:59:07
Rand Paul Campaign - The McConnell Dilemma: Loyalty vs Principles 15:57:47
Peter Schiff on how the health care reform will completely destroy the health insurance companies 15:51:43
The Left and Right Love and Need War 15:50:45
Coca-Cola leads cheering section for 1-world climate change taxes 15:39:19
Congratulations to Liberty! Trey Grayson has won!!!!!!! 15:13:45
The Southern Avenger - Was 9/11 War or Terrorism? 15:11:22
A message from Ron Paul~Lets do this 15:02:58
Clarifying Rand's Position on Guantanamo 14:56:54
I can't wait for Ron Paul 2012 Cola 14:55:39
Beck's Guest List Included White Supremacists, Other Extremists 14:55:08
Can anyone answer these questions about terrorists and rights? 14:38:55
Gerald Celente: Robbing The American Sucker Blind 14:35:39
10:30pst 11-21-09, very interesting online radio link: the host is a former Obama supporter who has awakened. 14:34:31
Peter Schiff Vlog 11/20: Gold decoupling, Roubini wrong 14:25:31
Army Sends Infant to Protective Services, Mom to Afghanistan 14:17:06
Audit the Fed Under Attack by 14:01:59
No doubt about Palin's warmongering views: Video from O'Reilly show 13:51:17
Friday, after hours, Goldman's new record bonuses revealed 13:46:11
Regarding Rand Paul! 13:04:56
Washington Independent: The Limits of Ron Paul-ism 12:49:23
What is Rand Paul's record? 12:36:05
Surviving Fort Hood shooting suspect arrested at golf course, officer says 12:29:49
Why no mention of Audit the Fed victory on the Drudge Report? 12:21:14
Ministry of Global Warming Hacked- Liars Revealed 12:07:15
Greenspan-Volcker vs. Ron Paul 11:54:00
TONY GREEN ON THE NEW WORLD ORDER - New Orleans Artist 11:30:29
Mossad spy's visa restored by Obama or Holder 11:15:59
Chuck Baldwin questions Ft Hood story 10:17:57
Roll Call - Audit the Fed Vote Tally 10:00:26
END THE FED - HR 3996, the Automatic Bailout Bill of 2009 09:48:47
Call me "anti-science" but I wish they would stop being surprised. 09:32:32
BREAKING: Aram Roston uncovers how the US funds the Taliban in The Nation 09:25:16
D-Day. Everyone make this call. Now ! Blanche Lincoln 08:32:22
The entire unemployment situation under 30 seconds. LOOK. 08:17:52
****KGB Defector: "The influence of Marxist/Leninist ideas in United States is absolutely fantastic."**** 06:51:06
The new neo-con talking points: We must save Al-Qaeda to kill it 03:20:52
Is America Finally Starting to Stand Up To Wall Street? 03:14:23
Kindly list the names of Obama's 02:45:56
Palin and Beck 2012? A match straight out of hades 02:32:21
Question: Why have voting? Why have representatives? 02:23:08
Please, this is what the establishment wants. Divide and conquer. Please don't let them succeed. 02:21:40
Would you like to be a candidate? 02:20:36
Greenapan/Volcker Opposed to Audit the Fed. 01:52:49
Police Strike UC Berkeley Protesters With Batons - Video 01:46:09
Buying and Selling in a RFID Chip for the FIRST TIME EVER - Positive ID 00:57:14
"Teapartiers turn on eachother" 00:48:18
Rand Paul Campaign Manager Responds 00:48:10
RJ Harris going live on right now 00:24:10
Video: Ron Paul still getting 1M Google searches a month 00:08:34
Breaking News,Trey Grayson wins the senate race in Kentucky, we divide and conquer ourselves. 00:04:51