Posted on November 23, 2009

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Please Read! Urgent! For Those Who Support Rand! 15:27:44
Ron Paul Responds to Senator Gregg's Statements 12:25:59
Ron Paul on Afghanistan, House Floor - 11/18/09 11:09:47
Ron Paul on CNBC's Squawk Box 11/23/2009 12:46:03
Oath Keepers Membership Reaches 10,000! 20:58:51
END THE FED! SUNDAY Nov 22 - Nationwide Action Day 10:59:17
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Peace On Earth Is Possible 23:37:32
Glenn Beck talks about the Hacked info from Climate Center... 23:37:20
Am I about to be framed for a crime? 23:17:40
Doctor: Don't Take The Vaccine! 23:11:38
Rev. Manning banned from YouTube! Interviewed by 23:07:24
Elliot Wave ... Front page CNBC right now. 22:45:56
Judge Napolitano in negotiations for own show 22:32:10
How do I find out if I am on a government list? 22:28:05
U.S. Advisory Panel Warns of Rampant Chinese Spying - Updated 22:26:00
Interview with Norm Davis & End the Fed Media Coverage 22:15:17
Limbaugh and Hannity Still Favor The Fed and War While Most In America Don’t 22:08:47
Permaculture 21:49:53
Inhofe Says He Will Call for Investigation on "Climategate" 21:48:28
It is getting close 21:45:14
rhino: The DailyPaul is on fire!!!!!! 21:02:39
Adam Kokesh Speech at End the Fed Rally in Houston 20:58:33
rhino: "END THE FED" coverage from the local left. 20:35:12
Al Qaeda is insulted by truthers! 19:58:34
Glenn Beck on "ClimateGate" Man-Made Global Warming Climate Scam-Actual Proven Conspiracy 11-23-09 19:42:48
Tax and Spend: Borrow and Spend: Print and Spend: Spend and Spend and Spend some more. 19:41:04
Pastor James David Manning on RepublicMedia.TV 6:30 PM (like now) 19:15:49
The 911 trial in New York: Are the “chickens finally coming home to roost?” 19:09:35
I just got my copy of "For Liberty' in the mail today~ 18:39:07
Jim DeMint endorsed Rand Paul? 18:36:25
I got this email from a friend, how many errors can you find? 17:15:44
Civil Unrest Has Come to California Universities 17:14:22
Our Solutions Are In The Footprints Of The Natives 17:13:43
If We Choose To Negate Our 'Creator' From Our National, Governmental Documents... 17:08:52
WSJ Poll: Do you believe humans are responsible for climate change? 17:08:10
Dear Paul4won & Daily Paul Family 16:37:26
JP Morgan Chase CEO to replace Geithner??? 16:23:54
Iowa Engineers Develop 3-D Software to Give Doctors View Inside body 16:19:28
Rep. Dennis Moore(D) Is No More 15:54:52
Dr. Len Horowitz on AIDS, H1N1, the Illuminati and more. 15:45:40
Economists Opposing Fed Audit Have Undisclosed Fed Ties 15:17:27
Eric Dondero, remember him? Is E.D. in the house? 15:16:14
Breaking News! - Doom & Gloom Climate Fraudsters Exposed 15:05:14
Chinese drywall causing big problems, making people sick 14:59:57
My Continental Congress photos 14:49:00
Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss 14:18:00
Jim Traficant Speaks At Cleveland End The Fed 11-22-09 14:11:37
The CIA and The Long Legged Mack Daddy Were/ARE Unconstitutional 13:44:18
Amy Goodman just Interviewed Ryan Grim: Huffpo on OUR victory 12:41:38
I just saw Dr. Paul on CNBC "Squawkbox." 12:27:18
Martha Stewart Calls Sarah Palin 'Boring And Dangerous' 12:09:46
Tina Fey Does Sarah Palin At Ad Council Dinner 12:02:13
Another Evangelist Scandal Exposed! 11:56:54
The Gitmo Terror Camp is Unconstitutional 10:57:01
Free Audiobooks 10:55:56
CNN - Fed rage boils over on Capitol Hill 10:53:00
Anybody see Pirate Radio yet? + Link 10:48:21
Weekly Insanity from Paul Krugman 10:37:58
Gold is vertical 11/23 9:22am EST 10:22:38
OMG G O L D! 10:21:39
Good article for Democrats 10:08:29
paul4won on "The God of Light" (for Anisha) 09:58:39
The Democrats War Tax 09:30:38
Jesse Ventura On TRUTV 07:49:11
Ron Paul on Squawk Box this morning. 07:02:24
The Federal Reserve Vs. Ron Paul, article by Douglas A. McIntyre 06:20:36
"Set-up at CC09 - A concerted effort was made to set-up the entire patriot, constitutionalist, militia movement" 05:11:14
Revolution 04:31:43
Something big is missing here at DP. 04:25:51
RP Twitter Page = CNBC's Squawk Box 11/23 a.m. scheduled 04:20:16
Congress Can Implement John F Kennedy's Executive Order To Abolish The Fed 04:11:31
Rand Paul explains "Audit the Fed" 02:57:09
Remember this...?? Flashback 02:47:59
Government dumping "smart dust" microparticulates in United States air caught on tape 02:42:37
Court: Criminal Record May Not Prevent Gun Ownership 02:15:38
where to invest 10k 02:02:16
What's with all the pro-GOP bias on here? 01:28:42
Obama Fraud: Council for DNC Services Corp. Performs 3 Card Monte for Federal Court! 01:27:32
Met Jim Traficant today at the End the Fed ralley in Cleveland today. 01:00:27
Glenn Beck says there are no leaders, that is all I needed to hear to know which side he was on. 00:54:17
Gold pops again 00:47:03
Analysis: Fed under fire as public anger mounts 00:40:35