Posted on November 24, 2009

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The Dollar Bubble 13:07:46
FDIC: Number of Troubled Banks Rises to 552 11:13:48
END THE FED.... Then What? - The Transition to Sound Money 10:33:40
US Prepares for "Full Spectrum Operations" in South America 10:28:01
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RED ALERT: WARNING...The 2nd Wave of the Financial Tsunami.. 23:59:33
Dr. Paul :: Thanx for the Gold Rally 23:52:53
The Dollar Bubble ***The best spent 30 minutes of your life!*** 23:51:09
Fastest Flip Flop Ever! Lou Dobb's hasn't even declared his candidacy yet! 23:21:23
Share the Sacrifice Act of 2010 23:06:42
Thief Steals from Toys for Tots Fund 22:49:01
Programmers and Geeks - ClimateGate Source Code Story 22:26:29
Liberty, Freedom and Thanksgiving... 21:55:47
Updated 21:55:43
new finding on death of government census worker suggests it wasn't done by fed activist 21:55:20
AZ - John McCain Poll - Could Lose to Conservative 21:54:20
CC2009 Freedom Pledge: (DRAFT) 21:48:34
CC2009 An appeal to the American People Concerning Unconstitutional Taxation 21:46:43
CC2009 2nd Amendment Instructions rough draft 21:44:56
"Earth Government" agenda spelled out within leaked documents 21:42:31
34,000 more troops to Afganistan - Pelosi open to "War Tax" 21:39:17
Continental Congress this is a rough draft, check it out. 21:25:20
Your personal progress report on the R3volution, how are we doing, what aren't we doing that we should be, and what are we doing 21:23:20
Voters deserve debates 20:39:11
Trey Grayson Money Bomb? 20:36:04
Huffpost: Colorado Can Lead Nation In Marijuana Policy 20:20:58
Does Rand realize something we don't on the KSM trial? 20:15:37 The Coming PaleoConservative Moment 20:12:14
The Wall Street Journal - Medical Marijuana Goes Retail: You Can Tax It 20:06:47
Should Ron Paul replace Tim Geithner? Vote here: 20:06:15
A follow up to the Census guy found dead....SUICIDE! 19:29:36
Lao Tzu Quotes - Wisdom - 19:03:47
Aussie scientists say H1N1 is most likely laboratory originated 18:42:53
Dobbs mulls White House bid 18:38:02
DeathCHIP anyone? 18:37:41
Sneak preview of Articles of Freedom with informative Michael Badnarik interview 18:36:54
The FDIC is Broke! It's official 18:26:08
A New Planet Earth - What About Drugs? - Answer 17:57:34
Rand Paul - $old Out to the Neocon$ervative Machine? 17:53:19
Proposed 10 Point RNC litmus test for Republican candidates 17:36:33
Two New Fort Hood soldiers Murdered 17:22:41
Ron Paul's Plan to Audit Fed a 'Serious Attack': Mishkin (Front page CNBC) 16:53:42
CNBC EDITORIAL - Audit the Fed a 'Serious Threat' 16:47:02
FDIC is minus $8.2B to cover $5.3T! 16:43:18
Kerry, Schwarzenegger, Shriver: Elitist scofflaws abound in Los Angeles 16:30:02
Man finds out Charles Manson is his father 16:23:23
Americans Should Know This - Treaty of Arbroath In 1320 Precedent For Our Delcaration Of Independence 16:20:21
Obama to Send 34K to Afghanistan - Coming Dec 1 15:47:50
Analysis: Fed under fire as public anger mounts 15:47:32
Ky. census worker killed himself, police say 15:28:36
The Truth about the REAL ESTATE Game....Very Sad!! 15:22:51
Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'? 15:19:08
ClimateGate: not just a “smoking gun” but “a battery of machine guns.” 15:05:40
Breaking news: Glennn Beck disrespects Louisiana Senator. Are they afraid to arrest Mr. Beck because he has money? Read more.... 14:53:10
Why No Hyperinflation....Yet? - Glenn Beck 14:32:45
Why do Corporations Lobby for Tax Hikes against their own Industry? 14:28:11
Video: The Dollar Bubble with Schiff, Faber, Celente, Rogers and Ron Paul 14:22:49
Teaming up for TeamSmile 14:20:29
Government Taking Newborn DNA Samples Without Permission 14:17:23
Commercial Real Estate: The Next Hole in the Economy 14:16:17
The Best Energy Investments in the World 14:14:01
Doctors Divided On Web Searches 13:51:47
Audit The Fed Effort Wins Support From An Unusual Coalition 13:33:10
Ron Paul for Treasury Secretary? 13:32:23
Novartis Inaugurates $1B U.S. Cell Culture Flu Vaccine Facility 12:59:39
The Economy, How Bad Is It? 12:28:43
Daily Health Update -- Spread It! 12:25:12
Is swine flu vaccine to spread the bigone?? 12:20:32
I think it would be nice if we all took a minute out to thank Congressman Grayson for his efforts 12:05:56
Parliament of World's Religions -- the OTHER Copenhagen 11:59:08
America the Jobless: Ron Paul wins, Timothy Geithner Loses? 11:55:13
Anti-Obama Billboard Stirs Controversy in Denver -- Vote in the poll 11:44:03
Thanksgiving: 1814 and 1815 11:43:48
Proposed RNC Resolution on Reagan’s Unity Principle for Support of Candidates 11:19:44
Obama Quietly Backs PATRIOT Act Provisions 11:04:48
"Breaking News" from Raw Story j/k 10:49:50
Wake Up, America! 10:46:46
Let's just say Rand Paul, Peter Schiff, Adam Kokesh and R.J. Harris get voted in. 10:35:59
Alex Jones~ Fall of the Republic Interview by Russia Today 11/23 10:27:45
A Vietnam War veteran is starving himself for peace in Washington DC 10:10:46
Why do the neo-cons NOT want the 9-11 trials in NYC? 09:40:30
The Memory Scrub About Why Ft. Hood Happened Is Almost Complete 09:23:38
Franklin the Diplomat. Adams the Vocalist. 08:01:07
C-TPAT: Or High Speed Drug Smuggling - By Homeland Stupidity 07:41:09
Sneaky,but not surprising 07:21:38
We Are Change Colorado Hijacks Al Gore's Book Signing 05:48:17
Save Matt Collins - Republican Party votes 6pm on the 24th. SIGN THIS PETITION 05:26:02
Pastor James D. Manning Investigated by DHS and CIA 05:16:34
Gov't taking newborn DNA 04:05:48
Most global banks are still unsafe, warns S&P 03:20:12
Republicans May Consider Test of Purity 02:22:45
If you were a Ron Paul Republican in a pro-Obama Healthcare Reform district, would you vote for it? 02:18:18
4409 -- Is this PROOF that the Police State is coming? 02:07:38
How Come Grayson Is More Popular On Federal Reserve Views on Youtube Than Dr Paul? 01:35:19
Russians on American Marxism 01:32:11
Amazing 20-hour Revelations seminar available, if you would like. 01:26:50
Bet we can have some fun with this one, 01:18:55
The Dollar Bubble - must see video 01:17:58
Climategate 01:01:37
"Will The Unemployment Disaster Be Obama's Katrina?" 00:57:05
Citizens mobilize in spirit of '76 to help return U.S. to its roots 00:45:41
For a deeper education without the cloud of current events, try old Hour of The Time broadcasts 00:30:24
Info Help? - How Many Bills Introduced In The House of 00:11:21
Time is Short*)) 00:04:33
Fed rage boils over on Capitol Hill ... Great Article at CNN Money 00:02:37
"Switzerland To Turn Over Secret Bank Account Names" 00:00:32