Posted on November 25, 2009

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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone 21:45:12
Southern Avenger: What is Sarah Palin? OR Ron Paul vs Sarah Palin. 21:07:09
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Wiki-leaks 9-11 texts 23:35:52
Couple slips though security to crash state dinner 23:23:34
Rand makes New York Times 22:56:13
ClimateGate: Scam of the Century Exposed 22:33:02
New doc on climate change movement: "Not Evil, Just Wrong" ! 21:47:42
Help Debra out! 21:06:05
WAKE UP FOLKS... End The Fed Movement is a False Flag - says Andrew Gause 21:01:18
U.S. will be out of Afghanistan by 2017: White House 20:56:05
Video - Flashback 1994: Sir James Goldsmith warns about economic chaos 20:55:15
We are winning, one person at a time!! 20:29:05
Green Wash Begins 20:27:08
WHO advisers are on the payroll of leading pharmaceutical companies 20:14:20
Sam Rohrer Running for Pennsylvania Governor 20:13:49
Fun with anagrams..Trey Grayson 20:07:56
My Thanksgiving 20:04:04
Police department as medical dispensary? 19:37:06
Last nights V episode 19:34:25
U.S. Versus China GDP - Google Charts 19:25:32
More "Paultard" Juvenile Insults 19:15:32
Running out of Gold, Miners say 19:12:29
Socialism here we come! 18:55:08
Poll: Who is your preference for Texas Governor in the Republican primary? 18:28:50
Ed Begley vs Fox's Varney: two establishments men each promoting their own brand of tyranny 18:17:39
Thanksgiving Proclamation by Pres. George Washington 1789 18:16:36
ClimateGate - Global Warming driven by science or ideology? 18:06:40
rhino: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. 18:03:43
Facebook friend turns into Big Brother 18:03:15
Better Amendments to the Constitution 17:56:38
Michael Happy Thanksgiving 17:51:22
Michael Scheuer on trials in New York 17:37:48
Just did my first ever donation :) 17:33:46
The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society 17:22:28
The Sovietization of the EU goes ahead 17:21:43
The Laboratory of the States Platform 17:08:34
In new interview, Lou Dobbs says he now supports amnesty and wants to run for president. heh 16:52:17
Ever wonder why the Global Elite are so Arrogant? 16:46:29
Republicans unveil contract with Colorado 16:34:06
If Glenn Beck wants to hijack our movement, regardless of his intentions, and with his limitations we have to hijack his. 16:33:54
Homeowner Beats Bank!!! 16:23:11
Gold 1190 oz 16:08:44
Any videos that you missed from the Continental Congress are here.. 16:05:42
US Mint suspends gold and silver coin sales (again) 15:37:00
ACORNing the Climate Change Movement 15:20:26
Spitzer says Ron Paul is right 15:02:22
Lou Dobbs: I'm Latinos' greatest friend 15:01:12
A Line in the Sand 14:58:09
Gold IS HIGH 14:51:19
This is a brand new report from top-minded economists: Underwater mortgages cause defaults - not unemployment 14:47:00
To President Obama: Please roll-up your sleeves and force lenders to cut on loan principals for underwater borrowers, stop takin 14:41:31
where does your meat come from? 14:39:23
Judge Napolitano - Freedom Watch / Congress Constitution 14:29:36
WikiLeaks releases 573.000 pager intercepts from 9/11 2001 at 14:11:18
China State Construction nets $100m US subway deal 13:57:52
New Propaganda? Global Warming Bad for Your Health 13:37:44
End the Wars "contact bomb" 13:37:29
University students asked to lose weight before they can graduate! 13:30:23
Thanksgiving 13:12:23
END THE FED!! Jake Towne's Speech at the Philly FED 13:02:48
Scientist Repeats Swine Flu Lab-Escape Claim in Published Study 12:43:01
Missing gold found at Royal Canadian Mint: It shrank and was double counted! 12:14:43
Gold hits new high on India talk, weaker dollar 11:24:23
Insurance Industry Antitrust Fight Headed To Conference Committee 10:47:17
OK, so what happened to the "Bank Holiday"? 10:37:48
The Bourne Identity 09:42:34
The Decline: The Geography of a Recession 08:58:35
Banks' newest game: Debit card fees 08:56:43
Repeating History: Fed Warns That Low Interest Rates Could Fuel A Financial Bubble 08:53:10
The dollar is in a nose dive today 08:52:31
Good Morning Gold! $1182 08:35:41
Russia Today - Alex Jones on Climategate: Hoax of all time a global Ponzi scheme 07:18:02
Preview Of KopBusters Strikes Again--Chief Michael Meissner Arrested 06:17:25
About that Kentucky census worker found dead 06:03:17
11/24/09 Peter Schiff on CNBC's Fast Money: Bull Market in Gold or BS? 04:41:08
Caught Green Handed 04:14:08
DP Opinions on 10mm or .45 ACP? 03:55:59
[Youtube] Best of Ron Paul 03:51:00
Gold at new highs 03:28:03
Former NASA Director.. "World Trade Towers Felled By Demolition." 02:46:36
Re: UCLA Student Protests.....THEY ARE IN THE RIGHT! 02:42:52
Fighting Tyranny with Satire 02:34:18
End The Fed - Rep. Charles Key 01:47:06
A good sound profit... (things are not always as they seem) 01:40:22
Ed Begley Jr. loses it over global warming... 01:28:12
Rand Paul all over Kentucky 00:23:27
Deer set free after being tasered 00:05:28
Santelli :: Central Banks suppress Gold 00:03:02