Posted on November 26, 2009

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Ron Paul on Montel Williams 11/25/09 05:52:15
Shock: Dubai Can't Pay Its Money Back 02:55:08
Letter From Legalizeliberty!!! 01:56:05
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Black Friday Irony! 23:57:44
Please stop feeding the trolls... 23:56:08
Ron Paul Speech at end of Michael Badnarick CC2009 Interview. Awesome campaign material. 23:31:35
Peter Schiff Video on Front Page of Yahoo! Finance 22:27:11
Black Friday might really be a Black Friday for US stocks on Dubai News 22:16:59
Oops Dubai defaults on debt. 21:49:57
ALERT: bans the sale of a documentary on monetary reform 21:42:21
Yahoo! Finance: "Ben Bernanke Has Never Gotten Anything Right" 21:41:28
AP not informed of Climate gate 20:58:57
Pray for Obama, Psalm 109:8 20:40:15
Thomas Dilorenzo: Open letter to Glenn Beck on the 5 pledges 20:38:44
Viscount Monckton on Climategate: ‘They Are Criminals’ (PJM Exclusive) 19:49:06
Paul Wars: New December 16th Rand Paul Money Bomb Video 19:19:47
Rand Paul all the way to the finish line, seems some on here need a bandaid for their little booboos. 18:49:31
State-Journal mini-hit piece on Rand Paul. 17:54:52
Looking for the way to 'Punk' the media into accidently covering 9/11 as an inside job 17:52:24
US Dollar Will Collapse at end of 2010!! 17:52:05
Guys, Kitco published me again! 17:43:19
BBC sat on climate gate for six weeks? 17:34:41
Ready for a BLACK Friday of a Different Sort? Stocks about to get slammed 17:33:45
Atheists, Pagans. What Is It About The Declaration That You Think Excludes You? 17:08:54
Eliot Spitzer says Ron Paul is Right about the Fed VIDEO 17:00:37
Angelina Jolie - Making film 'Atlas Shrugged' - An avowed Libertarian 16:51:12
In Kentucky, a Senate Candidate With a Pedigree for Agitation (NYT) 16:49:26
Thanksgiving meal thread (with recipes) 16:00:38
Look North weatherman Paul Hudson in climate change scandal 15:54:32
Does Free Speech cover the right to use racial slurs? 15:43:36
Setting the proper tone for Copenhagen - Denmark enacts new police powers 14:42:12
Alice's Restaurant - Ron Paul's favorite song. 13:28:09
Animated Unemployment Rates by County 2007 – Present 13:24:43
Kopbusters update: Yolanda Madden appealing for release 13:16:01
Thanksgiving fight thread, round 1, fight! 13:14:48
CC2009 Preamble YOUTUBE Presentation 13:11:53
let's not forget Ed & Elaine Brown & Sherry Peel Jackson 12:57:28
Open Letter to all Corporate Media Journalists 12:40:24
Global Warming… is Dead. Soon to Follow: Mainstream Media 12:09:40
Happy Thanksgiving from the U.S. Mint 11:32:07
A Thanksgiving Day Prayer 11:25:57
How does Inflation Hurt the Poor and Middle Class? 11:21:48
Ron Paul Votes Against 1207 10:38:09
FRONTLINE: the card game 10:22:38
Ron Paul Bring Them Home 09:32:14
Ron Paul throws a Party!! 09:19:17
BREAKING NEWS...If you trade stocks, LOOK OUT! 05:57:20
With "Friends" Like Molyneux Who Needs Enemies? 05:06:20
BREAK: A Thanksgiving Challenge-- And Be Ye Thankful 04:02:19
Big Pharma Must Make You Sicker 03:58:45
*UPDATE Asked to speak at a local conservative meeting...need advice *UPDATE 02:57:00
Spreading the Libertarian message on NON-libertarian websites. 02:46:39
6 St Louis SEIU members charged with assault against Kenneth Gladney 02:17:23
Florida Mom Announces Plans To Run Against Congressman Alan Grayson 00:57:08
The END of Online Cigarette Sales? 00:42:54
Excellent Prepardness Videos 00:40:03
Refusing to vaccinate - (Fox News Orlando) 00:29:07
Couple slips though security to crash state dinner 00:09:57
JFK: Why He Died and Why It Matters 00:05:19
NAFEX 00:04:01