Posted on November 27, 2009

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Jesse Ventura hosts TV show on conspiracies 23:06:14
Rothschild appointed to help sell Dubai World assets 22:54:10
Peter Schiff on Fast Money 11/24/2009: "buy gold!" 22:34:04
How We Got Here 21:42:08
Trey Grayson Reacts to Rand Paul's Rising Campaign 21:02:14
Russians told to hit 'bad cops' back if they attack 21:01:27
Any Club for Growth Updates? 21:00:32
The Revenge Song! 20:41:57
CC2009: Where was Edwin Vieira? 20:38:26
Climategate Criminals, and Getting Our Money Back 20:36:29
Don't let this happen to you... (video) 20:24:46
Jake Towne's Speech and Text from Philly End the FED Rally 20:09:09
Schiff: "Ben Bernanke has never gotten anything right." 20:04:49
Video: Rand Paul on Foreign Policy 19:53:26
Trolls 19:47:56
Ron Paul Book Proceeds 19:45:21
The best Thanksgiving email I received 18:54:40
"Most Americans believe it is real..." 18:30:48
Video - highlights of CC2009 debate over civil disobedience 2 parts 17:53:10
Howard Dean's take on the senate bill. 17:43:14
On turkey day I got the finger for my bumper stickers 17:12:44
Ron Paul - "The Gold Price is Rigged by Central Banks" 16:51:55
Chemtrail Containing the PLAGUE??? 16:48:36
UK diplomat: US was 'hell bent' on Iraq invasion 16:37:59
Youtube video: America is Rome; Ron Paul is Cicero 16:33:30
Healthy ice cream? Scientists set out to create it. Probiotics, antioxidants to be added to the fat- and calorie-filled treat 15:15:10
Five Aussie MP's Resign In Disgust Over Carbon Tax 15:14:01
Obama Pushes Lobbyists Off Federal Advisory Boards--Business Experts: a good move to root out corruption 15:08:32
Lord Monckton On Alex Jones (Nov. 27, Friday, 2 PM EST) w/ LINK 15:03:18
It's Gettin a Little Too Hot for the King of gloBULL Warming 14:38:32
Look at what I found. A Trey Grayson Bio 14:22:52
Why is “Climategate” Getting Little to no Coverage? 14:08:11
Globalism: the final assault on the individual 13:52:52
Delegates confirm please - no religious language in the Civic Action Plan for CC2009? 13:50:21
Local Papers Print News about CC2009! Yay!!! 13:47:54
They are losing control... 13:41:07
Ron Paul Would "Fail" New GOP Litmus test 12:58:32
Pittsburgh Man Gives Cop Middle Finger, Cop Gives Man Ticket, City Gives Man $50,000 12:57:48
Women Choose Family First 12:14:38
I have an idea to make this site a lot less quarrelsome and much more effective, let's vote on each thread, like youtube has 11:45:57
Mike Shanklin's Facebook Account Deleted Without A Reason 11:42:35
Architect Richard Gage appearing on New Zealand Television 11:38:39
11/27/09 DOW 10,300.93 -163.47 -1.56% 11:34:17
Man made global warming emails reveal more each day. 11:10:27
How can word of Dubai debt crisis cause the gold price to drop 50.00 overnight 10:57:45
Glenn Greenwald: Anthrax attacks were a false flag? 10:28:36
Here's the deal. Deflation happened, the only debate is how long it lasts. 08:09:15
"Let stimulus package finish the job" 06:51:05
Obama's 'Gay Lover' Gets Revenge 06:42:52
Our Freedom Movement in Songs (don't worry, be happy, and dance) 06:11:15
Are You Tired of Playing in the Socialist Democracy? 06:04:16
The FED's Revenge: It's Coming 03:44:32
Stock market / metals - a Black Friday? 02:20:33
Gore Flees in Panic from Chicago Book Signing! 02:20:29
Will Dubai Bankruptcy Trigger Market Drop? 01:48:20
The difference between a Statesman and a Politician 01:46:02
"Fat Albert's flight of fear" 01:02:40
CC209 extremists are our enemies 00:08:20