Posted on November 29, 2009

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What DPers are Reading - Amazon 2009 22:36:02
ABC's This Week, Mentions Ron Paul for Second Week in a Row 22:31:08
Bill Still's New Film Secrets Of Oz banned from Amazon! 14:05:23
Bernanke Strikes Back in Washington Post Op Ed 00:46:06
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Federal Reserve Allowing Bailed Out TARP Banks To Restrict Commercial Lending 23:55:23
$$$ The Biggest Gld Crime Story of the Century Might Be Soon Coming To Full Light! 23:54:28
Obama supporter vs. Lord Monckton 23:54:06
US Interventions continue in Honduras 23:38:39
HR 1207 should you 23:28:45
MSM hides AIDS cure 23:15:51
I Propose a Change for the Daily Paul 22:08:23
Art Bell - Disinfo Agent and apologist for NWO 22:02:33
BEAUTIFUL message 21:49:23
WSJ: The Web Discloses Inconvenient Climate Truths 21:45:33
Gouge with me a spoon 21:25:07
They're everywhere! Libertarian running for Senate in MA! 21:22:32
Possession vs Ownership 21:10:09
***Special Election for KY Senator??? Anyone know about this??? 20:29:27
Red Light Camera Case Goes To Missouri Supreme Court 20:27:12
VIDEO- Alex Jones Charlie Sheen Contest Winner Christo Garcia 11 29 09 20:15:34
4 police officers shot dead at Wash. coffeehouse 19:13:21
4 Police Officers Killed Near Seattle 19:08:27
Call Your Senators 11-30-09! Investigate Climategate! 18:42:10
Some SILVER truth hits the MSM 18:40:20
Official Announcement: Two e-mails I recieved today. 18:29:55
The Secret (Interior) Government 18:11:55
Americans are deeply involved in Afghan drug trade 17:53:16
3 Members of Russian Federal Reserve on Board Train in "Terrorist" Attack 17:50:26
ClimateGate News Links Blitz Nov 29 09 17:37:07
A Ray of Hope 17:18:47
This Does Not Look Good At All 17:13:51
Lindsey Williams - The Elite are Smarter than You Think 17:06:27
Anyone at the teaparty in D.C. this past weekend? Were there any of us types in the crowd? 16:24:40
Racism Conquered! Is this true? 16:23:15
Useful links and site on H1N1 "pandemic" 16:16:07
Four Tacoma, WA Police Officers Ambushed / Related To Recent Police Brutality? 15:39:24
Michael Shanklin's New Facebook Page! 15:13:20
Woohoo!!! Liberty Candidates Everywhere! NC will be free! These are your freedom fighters. 15:04:37
We're doomed 15:01:04
The Key to Recovering Our Liberty: Letters During Continental Congress, August 1774 - 1777 13:23:28
climate gate 13:08:11
Citizens for a James Madison Memorial 13:07:07
Historted Science: Galileo 13:04:24
Global Warming is a Fraud to Implement a NWO Admin (carbon) Tax 12:49:52
American Airlines Flight 77 was never hijacked ? Add another straw 12:47:52
Alien spies live among us, say we must stop global warming 12:36:46
Audit the Fed, End the Fed, transition to a REAL Money Bomb 12:24:31
Ron Paul: FED evil; World 'War Mongering' Against Iran 11:01:01
Timothy Baldwin: Obama's Birth, or America's Rebirth? 09:40:06
UPDATED! Another liberty candidate! Paul Curtman for 105th District MO 09:24:04
Free time and books 08:36:36
Checking-having trouble posting 07:05:18
Serious Oath Keeper Asshattery!!!!! 04:15:15
Bulgaria communicates with aliens and admits it 03:35:15
Counter-terrorism specialist David Gaubats on C2C right now 03:10:00
Retrieving Gold / Silver / Copper from old Computer Parts/Electronics 02:40:21
"A Humble Foreign Policy" Hear Hear. I'll Drink To That 01:52:22
i 01:00:11
Senate report: Bin Laden was 'within our grasp' 00:39:50
Bill O'Reillys son gets tv spot !!!!!!!!!!!! >_< 00:15:17
Spain sets limits on heaters, air conditioners in public spaces 00:05:03