Posted on November 3, 2009

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Secret Government Projects Provocateurs, Shills, and Disinfo Agents You Tube 19:34:40
Ron Paul: Government Statistics and Lies 14:23:24
The winner of the 2009 elections is: Ron Paul! 11:41:31
The Southern Avenger: Which Way Alternative Right? 11:05:12
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Election results go all (R)? 23:48:16
Ron Paul Slams Obama Marijuana Case 23:43:27
New Orleans End The FED Rally 23:08:03
2009 Elections thread 23:04:56
Have any of you noticed the escalating suggestive programming in kids' shows? 22:43:23
POKER FACE has just released its new CD--pick it up 22:37:42
Any thoughts on the election today? 22:24:45
"Ron Paul for the Long Haul" artist King Solomon debut CD out 22:19:49
My New Toy= Weapon against us!! 22:15:54
UK: £4,350 per family to bail out Britain's banks after £74 billion given 21:57:54
I just voted for Ron Paul 21:54:23
Sick: Newark, New Jersey 11/3/09 21:48:51
Fox News Is Losing To The White House As To Fair And Balance 21:45:18
NYT: Second Thoughts on Obama (Iowa) 21:24:35
The Hill - The winner of the 2009 elections is: Ron Paul! 20:48:16
Did you all hear what Rep. Virginia Foxx of NC said yesterday on the house floor? 20:46:48
UN, “war crimes”, Poor, poor Israel! 20:32:47
Kokesh Campaign Update - Moneybomb 11/5/09 19:46:33
Steve Horwitz reviews Theodore Burczak 19:38:49
Turnout big for Maine gay marriage fight 19:27:50
Kokesh gives update on the campaign trail 19:09:01
David Rockefeller on Ron Paul 19:00:58
Peter Schiff on Fast Money 11/3/09 19:00:07
4409 - Representative JUDAS tries to gut Ron Paul's Bill 18:49:44
MIAC Changes Proposed After Controversial Report 18:50:09
Vodka prices might go up 18:44:17
I never thought someone would put this in print 18:28:58
My thoughts on liberals and conservatives 18:20:32
Peter Schiff, Health Care, and HR 1495 18:10:04
Cancer In Iraq And Depleted Uranium (Warning Graphic) 18:04:56
Cop taser non resisting man in the neck 18:01:19
Rick Santelli rips Steve Liesman a new one Nov 3rd - working video. 17:50:13
Metalic Filings found in American Cereal- As demonstrated by a simple experiment can be done to confirm this 17:41:11
Liberals are waking up - Message to Obama - F YOU 17:35:05
Big Asteroid Near Earth (and Ron Paul) 17:30:17
G-20 Meeting in Scotland this week is about dumping U.S. Dollar 17:26:48
Feds Continue Raids on Medical Marijuana in California 17:06:17
UK sacked drug advisor: 'alcohol and cigarettes are more harmful than cannabis' 16:37:42
Remember Me~ Must see video! 16:25:36
inflation "deflated"... 16:11:39
for those concerned about a 'dollar collapse'... 16:10:19
40 ways to lose your future... 16:08:03
STOP buying all of the bullets. You guys are causing chaos!! 16:01:08
What is Money and How Does One Measure It? MISH 15:59:21
Atlas in the NY Times 15:58:14
Cop taser non resisting man in the neck until he passes out 15:54:39
Awesome video compilation: Artificial scarcity and the anatomy of the 2009 swine flu pandemic 15:24:41
Round 2: Vote for Ron Paul on TCU Nations poll 15:20:58
Los Angeles End The Fed 11/22/09 15:20:09
Opium, Rape and the American Way 15:16:39
Attorney Reports Human Rights Abuses of GI Resisters 15:12:32
whats it like to be in jail? 15:06:30
Former spy shot dead near Putin's Moscow office 15:01:22
Can Washington Make You Buy Health Insurance? 14:39:34
42% Rick Perry, 30% Kay Bailey Hutchison. 7% Debra Medina 14:39:08
Rick Santelli vs. Steve Liesman 2009-11-03 14:32:49
American idiots - this is just flabbergasting. 14:12:45
CNN Poll: Do you approve of the job President Obama is doing? 13:54:54
Draft Rick Santelli for Office!!! 13:53:46
Did Ahmedinejad threaten to wipe Isreal off the face of the map? 13:44:21
Any Ron Paul Supporters from Mel Watt's District? 13:43:49
FLORIDA / GEORGIA / ALABAMA Activists 13:31:20
Fax Bomb for Health Care Reform and Where's Dr. Paul's Healthcare Bill? 13:30:16
Just Heard Sue Lowden on KKOH radio 13:28:27
Canada-US Civil Assistance Plan (CAP) 12:49:22
Question Re: Moderators 12:34:52
Did you just SEE THAT???? CNBC! VIDEO UPDATE 12:26:09
Revolutionary Ales: For all my beer drinking liberty loving friends! 12:07:51
Suicide Toll Continues to Mount 12:05:39
Planned Parenthood Leader Resigns After Watching Ultrasound of Abortion Procedure 11:50:06
Another Gold Record Broken - New Nominal Highs Keep Coming! 11:48:27
1948 cartoon video that resembles what We The People are going through in 2009 11:18:25
To all you fuzzy socialists out there 10:59:50
Help, how can we warn Africans about the danger of vaccines? 10:17:26
India buys half of IMF's gold for sale; who's next? 10:04:02
Do you approve of the job President Obama is doing? 09:51:51
FTC Takes On Ads From A Free Credit Score Followed by a Monthly Bill 09:47:38
Was Osama bin Laden Responsible for the 9/11 Attacks? 09:46:16
"Can You Hear Us Now?" Black Ribbon campaign - genius! 09:31:39
Forgotten Anniversary: One Hundred Years of Legal Tender 09:23:58
Video: Geithner “Burned Billions,” Shafted Taxpayers on CIT Loan, Prof. Bill Black Says 09:01:22
India dumps dollars for IMF gold - is China next in line? 08:58:44
Alan Grayson's money bomb makes noise 08:58:30
GOLDBUGS: Don't worry about the IMF dumping gold. 08:14:52
Native American Genocide and the New World Order 07:46:51
Virginia Voters Post Here 07:33:46
alcohol treatment 07:19:19
Afghanistan, Another Untold Story 05:10:17
The True Enemy 04:51:48
Al Gore could become world's first carbon billionaire 04:22:18
Am I the only one who thinks Ron Paul has a LOT in common with Gandhi??? Refer this Video 02:47:56
HOT: Dr. Gary Null Exposes Vaccine Scam and Dangers in New York State Assembly Hearing! 02:02:07
Cancer bullet? 02:02:00
(Before the Baxter "mix up") Thousands Of Vials Of Deadly Flu Inadvertently Sent To U.S. Labs (2005) 00:51:32
Reclaiming our Rights: The Next Three Steps. 00:50:14
ALARM - URGENT!!! What is going on on DP? 00:42:53
US Capitol Shuts Down Healthcare Petitions 00:28:53
Inflation Supply Shock Inferno (Crisis & Globalization II) 00:22:05