Posted on November 30, 2009

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Ron Paul on CNBC's The Kudlow Report 11/30/2009 17:42:27
Russian Federal Reserve Chief Killed 17:00:34
The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder - Trailer 16:11:54
An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore 13:57:27
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Premiers Wed at 10:00pm on truTV 13:31:02
Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT): Bring troops home! 10:10:35
New Glen Greenwald Interview 09:07:43
Politico: Ron Paul Gains Mainstream Steam! 10:18:14
Tea Party co-founder challenges GOP 17:05:28
Oath Keepers Quillow Auction! Thank you everyone. 13:31:03
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Find out the salary of any state employee in Calif. (lawmakers, govt agencies, judges etc.) 23:44:29
Great RP article on Politico 23:37:25
Barack Obama Issues New Afghan Orders 23:19:08
Meet the President of Europe 23:05:52
Building Blocks Towards an Asia-Pacific Union 22:51:16
Is this person a liberty candidate? 22:39:46
Wasn't Round Two of the Paul/Grayson Amendment to End the Fed Tomorrow, December 1st!? 22:36:04
Republicans Calling for Lowden's Withdrawal 22:19:28
I hope Y'all know... 22:17:12
For Rand Paul supporters 21:53:04
The enemy of my enemy is NOT my freind 21:33:35
World Freedom Party 21:11:34
RT: Call to replace NATO? 21:08:43
Rand Paul: There’s no such thing as a free heart transplant 21:05:53
RT: U.S. losing clout in Latin America? 21:03:55
The end of independent Poland? Janusz Korwin-Mikke had burned the European Union flag in protest against Lisbone Treaty 21:01:57
Video: Dylan Ratigan Goes Off On Ben Bernanke 20:59:56
Sam Rohrer is running for PA governor 20:55:19
How to Filter Media on Ron Paul Easily 20:22:26
Best Tax Video to Share with All 20:00:32
The Rand Song by Wendy Macy 19:31:07
Valerie Meyers for Congress 19:20:59
No government bail-outs for Dubai World; 40% offices empty 19:16:16
At Dix grave, a soldier's story is unearthed 19:00:52
Bernie Sanders Exposes Bernankes Crimes on MSNBC 18:53:05
[VIDEO] Americans Are Drinking Their Own Blood! 18:49:42
Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Show Debut Dec 2 on Tru TV 18:44:38
"A Goodly Number of Millions" 18:39:05
Barney Frank's father? 18:38:57
Larken Rose speech: You're not the boss of me 18:33:39
What After All Do Americans Mean When They Say They Love "Liberty"? 18:26:22
Washington Bans Holiday Displays Inside Capitol 18:16:21
Over 150,000 Americans Sign Manhattan Declaration 18:14:06
White House Science Czar Involved in Climategate 18:04:50
Afghanistan the safe haven fallacy 17:57:25
Lysander Spooner and the United States Postal Monopoly 17:47:29
Great article on the growing 'Carbon Market' 17:46:29
Ron Paul scheduled to be on CNBC's Kudlow Report tonight (Monday 11/30) 17:21:19
Politico:Ron Paul gains mainstream steam 17:20:06
A Special Prayer 17:06:51
Feel good thread! The tide IS turning... 15:57:55
2012 Campaign IS NOW 15:45:20
2012 Campaign is NOW 15:41:03
Must See >>> Al Gore confronted on Climategate in Chicago' 15:40:03
Fun at the Post Office and/or Civil Disobedience 15:33:44
Independent blog says Ron Paul most influential conservative 15:27:53
Bernanke's latest desperate article gets completely destroyed. 15:02:53
Ratigan Interviews Sen. Sanders about Bernanke (Video) 14:52:39
NY 23 Impossible Vote Counts 14:43:54
Obama’s last stand - The Hill 14:41:32
Fed moves to drain some money out of economy? 14:34:35
Gary Johnson 14:21:27
How and Why China Will Flood the Gold Market 14:02:26
HIGH NOON: Join the wave for Love 13:59:20
Gary Johnson on the Federal Reserve (Video) 13:51:49
Glennn Beck Rules Out 2012 Run With Palin: She'd Always Be 'Yapping' Like We're 'In The Kitchen' 13:21:14
Democracy Dead In Europe 13:20:16
Arizona Law School professor tells underwater homeowners to walk-away in holding lenders accountable 13:15:08
Please help a former Navy SEAL(and Ron Paul Republican) be elected to be the next Florida State Representative for District 117. 13:10:00
S 604 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 11/30/09 12:47:39
Al Gore Chicago VIDEO 12:33:46
The Use of "God, Nature's God, Creator, Natural Rights" in the Founding of America 12:33:25
Ben Bernanke top thinker of the year 12:23:21
NBC and CBS Researching Climategate; Still No Coverage [Proof] Incredible! 12:21:53
Obama’s Birth or America’s Rebirth? 12:13:54
Need ideas for protest signs for Dec. 12 anti-escalation rally 12:06:26
US Swine Flu Spray Plane Shot Down In China? 11:47:16
The US Dollar collapse starts now! - Peter Schiff 11:04:35
Gary Johnson's "Our American Initiative" On Tour Now - 12/02 SLC Details 10:22:50
Ben Bernanke Fears Ron Paul’s Audit Above All Else 10:08:57
Another view of what CC09 accomplished. 09:33:15
Restore the Republic is at it again! 09:31:41
Covert alien witches against global warming want this thread bumped for eternity 09:01:00
The Devastating Truth About the Obama Health Plan 08:34:36
Schwarzenegger's tax mess and his 2008 $990,753 donation to...himself? 06:59:35
Huckabee's Willy Horton 06:00:05
Democracy Cannot Vote Itself Out of Existance! 04:48:14
Cops: the myth that it's "just a few bad apples" 03:55:53
Politicians Lie 03:53:58
Bill St. Clair on why the State survives 03:25:50
Humor 02:41:08
Anthony Gregory: American Was A Great Idea 02:39:38
CC2009: Closing Comments 02:29:26
Report: FBI paid controversial NJ blogger Hal Turner for help 02:16:40
Do you use the "Against Me" argument? 02:09:54
VIDEO We Are Change Chicago confronts Al Gore 02:00:44
Hey mods whats up? 01:44:08
2012 presidential poll. 01:36:04
Any One Read Palin's Book 01:16:47
Climate Gate won't go away..quick video 00:37:13
How much is your forest worth? You may have your own carbon credits for sale. 00:36:34