Posted on November 6, 2009

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The Southern Avenger - George W. Obama 12:47:47
John Dennis on Russia Today 11:45:55
Please contact Gallup's Editorial Staff - Include Ron Paul! 10:56:47
Updated: Rand Paul's Opponent Loses Mind! 02:05:43
More Weekend Watching: Meet Chalmers Johnson 08:54:45
Flu Shot Victim Desiree Jennings CURED of "untreatable" neurological disorder 11:47:41
!! DIGG IT !! Mel Watt, The Gentleman from Wachovia 08:54:44
Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November! Multi-Candidate Donation Event 08:53:53
Official Announcement: National Government Sucks Day Rally, Nov 7th - SATURDAY 11:41:23
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Ukraine and US AirForce and Chemtrails OH MY! 23:59:39
The week that was...A MAD WORLD 23:46:41
Rand Paul on Glenn Beck with Judge Andrew Napolitano 22:59:00
How about we have nations settle differences like this? 22:31:52
Dollar expected to go HIGHER.......I have some doubts? 22:21:03
It is 6PM Pacific....4 Banks down.....any more?? 22:17:40 21:57:31
Young Marine, No Skills, only knows how to kill. Where do we go from here? 21:56:29
What the Pelosi Health-Care Bill Really Says 21:28:24
Protesters Breach West Bank Separation Wall 21:03:15
Paul Plans Healthcare Town Hall 20:47:06
House vote maybe pushed back to Sunday, or never..Not enough votes 20:36:09
The Tide Turns Against Swine Flu Vaccine Propaganda 20:23:21
Just a note regarding recent events. 20:18:16
Stimulus funds about to create 2330 jobs. Oh, 2000 of them in China. 20:07:35
[VIDEO] Ron and Rand Paul on the Glenn Beck Show 11-6-09 20:01:02
Bank Failure Friday: This time its personal 19:47:55
Do you remember this little ditty from the start of our Revolution 19:36:34
Republicans are health-care socialists 19:14:31
PFP Movement Radio LIVE! Chatroom Now Open! 18:52:28
Health-Care bill doesn't index for inflation 18:29:13
Ron Paul on with the Judge (fill in for Beck) on Fox right now 5:25pm Eastern! 18:28:31
Operation Health Freedom - Daniel Hannan 18:20:14
Jim Traficant ... Forget the Audit: Just Go ahead & Abolish the Federal Reserve 18:19:43
i 18:15:45
Pro-Life Advocates Descend on Pelosi's Office in DC, 12 Arrests 18:00:25
Confirmed! Comply with Pelosi Health Care Bill Or Go To Prison 17:22:29
Rand Paul's Speech Christian College In Kentucky 17:08:37
On the subject of Fort Hood, Would anyone want to donate to the victims? 16:57:45
Another Casualty of the Retail Collapse: Borders to Close 200 Waldenbooks Locations 16:04:03
Swine flu: Mass murder? Finnish Health Official and Jane Burgermeister think so. 16:03:38
Name One Mass Shooting Incident Where the Shooter Didn't Feel a Victim 15:58:20
Kimberly Munley is a Hero. 15:57:21
Michelle Malkin’s journey from ideas to tribes 15:48:31
Ron Paul Undecided on 2012 But drops a subtle hint 15:43:19
Senator Bernie Sanders: Too Big to Fail = Too Big to Exist 15:27:04
Martial Law In The Ukraine * President Announces Arrests Of Opponents Of Forced Vaccination And Quar 15:22:18
Obama's Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting Says NBC! 15:12:25
The Cancer Lie Is Shattered; Lets create a best seller & SCREW THE NWO at the same time! -FMOL 14:57:24
Radio Show-- Dangers of Swine Flu Vaccinations 14:54:25
Artificial Mad Men created to pass gun Legislation. 14:49:33
Passport 14:46:38
Another State Introduces Firearms Freedom Act by Chuck Baldwin 14:29:51
RADIO--Manna Storehouse SWAT Team Raid-- Augie w/ John Loeffler 14:24:31
Michelle Malkin’s journey from ideas to tribes 14:03:35
BREAKING!! Eight people shot in an Orlando, Florida 14:03:47
Dennis Kucinich-Why Do We Have Finite Resources For Ourselves But Unlimited Money For Wars,Wall Street and Insurance Companies? 13:53:28
Lallapalooza for Liberty?...Merging MoneyBombs with Tea Parties... 13:44:03
Sen. Specter is visiting my company today - What should I ask him? 13:37:00
a pistol and an automatic....? How many shots are possible? 13:26:19
Trey Grayson Campaign Websites... or are they 13:12:31
Score!!! Private Property Rights & Just Compensation victory! 12:43:26
Unemployed? 12:41:45
4409 -- Photo Radar meets the 5th of November 12:23:55
11/05/09 Ron Paul on Alex Jones Tv Copenhagen Treaty & Cyber Security Act Control Over The People and Will Ron Run in 2012? 12:17:56
America is performing its familiar role of propping up a dictator 12:12:40
Liberal lawmakers defy Obama on Patriot Act 12:07:06
Dollar Could Fall to All-Time Low vs Euro ....LOL > No Kidding< 12:01:38
New Fannie Mae program... When will it end?? 11:59:52
Can I get some Health Advice ? 11:43:31
Tamiflu's Control 11:23:26
Father of Fort Hood Soldier Says Daughter Heard Shooter Shout "Allah Akbar" - Video 11/5/09 11:20:54
VOTE UP! 11/5/2009 Former NC Governor Mike Easley No Pay On Fines! 11:15:36
WOW! You gotta see this! Year of Youth 2012 11:11:23
RT: 'America failed to protect its own' 11:00:18
Finally, they are going after illegals 10:47:27
Gold is up, its down, its up, its down, its up... 1100 today? 10:39:59
WE MUST REPULSE THE NEOCON. Lets hold Pro-Peace rallies! 10:35:21
Questions Planned for 2010 Census pdf 10:29:09
2008 Newsmax article: Obama's ties to Saudi Adviser 10:07:24
The Disenfranchised Antiwar Voter 10:04:02
What is our REWARD? 09:55:48
The will of the people! Maybe? 09:40:28
Bill Sparkman, Kentucky Census Worker, May Have Committed Suicide 09:35:12
The Jubilee has begun: Help it along and End The Fed 09:28:04
Totalitarianism, are we there yet? 09:22:33
Steele to moderate Republicans: 'We'll come after you' 09:21:19
Unarmed soldiers and citizens slaughtered at Ft. Hood 09:16:42
Pat Buchanan's Take on 2009 Elections--Tea Party Comes Out and Blacks Stay Home 09:07:55
Taxpayers Swarm Capitol Hill to Protest Obamacare 09:07:40
SouthPark Themed Tribute to Ole’ Pancakes 08:30:17
Illegal immigration may threaten health vote {Hispanic Caucus Makes Demands] 07:55:58
Ron Paul on Alex Jones Tv: Forced Vaccinations is Medical Tyranny & Will Ron Run in 2012? 06:45:55
Paul takes lead from Grayson. GOPer's not happy 06:39:36
A Liberty Anti-Defamation League for ALL of US!!! 04:47:24
MSNBC - Ron Paul's Audit The FED Bill HR1207 GUTTED By Democrat! 03:55:34
Southern Avenger: Introducing George W. Obama 03:11:22
CIA sent terror war suspects to Uzbekistan as part of its extraordinary rendition program 02:57:39
Why Shouldn't We Take the Fort Hood Shooting at Face Value? 02:45:32
Ron Paul Interview at King World News 02:42:11
Photo Radar meets 5th of November! 02:08:47
Video Coveraage of Rand Paul and Trey Grayson at U of K 02:07:17
What is Martial Law and how does it apply to you? 01:38:27
10% Increase in California Income Tax Withholding Approved 01:27:58
Developing: 9.12 Project Forum Reporting Ft. Hood Killings Act of Terrorism 01:20:36
More doctors speak out about vaccines 00:29:45
Update: Victory in Rodney Dale vs US corporation suit (read and cheer) 00:23:59
CFR admits false scarcity tactic to get people to take the H1N1 vaccine 00:08:15