Posted on November 7, 2009

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A Familiar Strategy? 09:38:33
Things are getting very interesting around here.......The shoe is dropping... 19:22:12
Corporatism = The New World Order! 10:58:24
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Very Suspicious Swine Flu Cases in Isolated Alaska Island 23:55:25
New Austro-Dystopian Novel: Goldstein 23:49:16
The Evil Empire by Paul Craig Roberts 23:33:24
Jackson vs Biddle (from Money Masters) 23:07:05
If the IRS & Medicare had a baby ... 22:55:26
Rand Paul at Valley High School (Rand Play miniature golf) 22:16:36
Rand on Health? 21:48:35
How Can These Dem Reps Make Some of the Statements They Are Making? 20:49:21
Congressman Watt – Charlatan or Economic Imbecile? 20:42:42
Term Limits 20:04:53
Taliban Still Working for the CIA? 19:28:23
My question for any Members of Congress who support the current health care reform. 19:07:57
New Congressman breaks 4 campaign promises in first hour... 18:24:23
What Very Important Event is Not Being Reported or Noticed Because of the Ft Hood Shootings 24/7 Coverage? 18:23:04
After Fort Hood: Count All the Dead 18:16:51
New Video that will take away all of your Pain!!! 18:15:37
Barack Obama Faces Veterans' Day Deadline To Comply 18:06:03
How the undecideds are voting - HC Bill 17:52:47
Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar 17:39:02
C-span feed of house health care debate 17:20:16
Ft. Hood Theory 17:18:06
Is it "Now!" now? 16:58:49
"British PM urges global financial tax." 16:41:35
football jerseys 16:25:50
Sorry if someone already posted this 16:12:33
ACTION! - contact undecided reps - Health Care Bill 16:10:54
Are We Living the Cloward-Piven Strategy? And Just Who Are Cloward and Piven Anyway? 15:54:42
African American anti-war coalition not buying into Obama's military intervention 15:32:11
Max Keiser on gold: Geithner is a liar; 11/06/2009 14:48:00
7 banks died yesterday: San Fran biggest; $11.2B 14:36:15
No worries! Says the IAEA 14:26:00
WHB - Ron Paul Interview 14:15:21
Every bluedog fax line busy today. Healthcare. 14:14:11
New Liberty Rock Band Music Video!!! PFP Movement/Poker Face! 13:43:03
Gold at record high! Almost $1100 per OZ! Where is silver? Still under $18.... NEWSFLASH! Silver making its move! 13:31:33
Kiss Your Freedoms Goodbye If Health Care Passes 13:20:13
Medea Benjamin - Healthcare Not Warfare 13:10:42
Tell Cuban elected Mayor to be fair and honest, or face the up-coming consequences 13:04:07
This is how much I love the dailypaul and all of you! 13:01:15
Newly elected Cuban Mayor wants American police chief out. Will Miami , FL be a mess again? 12:51:36
Paul/Napolitano 2012 12:42:07
Gold or Silver 12:23:44
Ron & Rand w/ Judge Napolitano on Third Parties 12:17:32
What the Pelosi Health-Care Bill Really Says - C-SPAN live right now 12:18:01
Peter Schiff Interview on Face the State 10/31/2009 11:52:03
Five more banks in the dumper. EDIT: And another three this week... 11:50:50
Victory in Iraq announced!!! 11:48:08
Détournement: Fighting back 11:28:25
Pelosi: Buy a 15,000 dollar insurance policy or go to jail. 11:21:12
Gerald Celente: New Third Party Coming Before 2010 Elections 11:07:46
Why I am afraid of Christians 10:48:23
EXCLUSIVE: "Rare virus poses new threat to troops" 10:40:22
Air Force: ‘Overwhelm Enemy Cognitive Abilities’ with Bioscience 10:14:09
Is Baxter behind the outbreak of pneumonic plague in the Ukraine? 09:22:29
Ron Paul Discusses Copenhagen Treaty & Cyber Security Act 09:05:14
Decision day for health care overhaul in House 08:50:27
237 Millionaires in Congress 08:49:48
Truth be told: Henry Kissinger is not an advisor to Pope Benedict XVI 05:08:44
Iraq turned out to be a resounding success and we now have an ally in the region. 02:48:13
The Countdown To The Implosion Of The Dollar 02:39:14
"Dutch Pull Pfizer Vaccine Batch After Infants Die" 01:20:32
Action Alert! Call Congress SATURDAY Morning to Reject HR3962 01:15:04
Whatever happened to our redress of grievances? 00:45:24
We Should Send Similar Message To Ben Bernanke Concerning HR1207 And His Corporatist Goons 00:23:28
The GOP will soon disappear as a party, says Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) 00:23:10
3 Must See Health, Nutrition & Wellness movies on Netflix 00:05:16