Posted on November 8, 2009

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11/9/09 Ron Paul: Healthcare "Reform" Will Make a Flawed System Immeasurably Worse 21:38:20
Peter Schiff at Harvard University 11/07/09 16:34:58
DIGG THIS NOW!!! Why Do You Have To Criminalize People To Coax Them Into A Plan That's Fabulous! Rep Roskam 03:09:07
Ron, Rand, Peter Schiff and John Stossel on the Glenn Beck Show with Judge Napalitano 11-6-09 14:59:40
'Sometimes tea parties have unintended consequences.' Weekend Watching - Juan Enriquez: The Untied States of America 14:59:41
Get Out Your Signs! 15:02:18
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Ron Paul in 2012? Shelly Roche from the Ladies for Liberty Alliance 23:35:33
Schiff tells Harvard students why they pay outrageous tuition 23:34:49
Health Canada Thugs: "Beware of online swine-flu remedies" 23:34:23
i 23:16:16
My local Catholic church asked for everyone to call their reps... 23:05:05
Gold reaches another record: $1,119.50 23:02:06
KILL THIS BILL (Healthcare Reform) Phenominal Article - Kurt Harris, M.D. 22:25:28
Are You Smarter Than A 1954 8th Grader? 22:14:03
Do Churches Make The Laws or Should We Reclaim Our Own Responsibility? 21:52:33
CNBC Video: Global Government, Global Currency and a New World Order 21:46:54
Why are most Christians so pro-life when it comes to abortion? 21:44:53
CIA Mind Control~ Operation MK-ULTRA 21:40:21
Scott Horton speaks to Young Americans for Liberty at University of New Hampshire 21:39:46
Links : Ft. Hood Files ... Official Shooting Story Collapses 21:04:18
What I would love to see on You tube..... 21:03:22
Ever know someone who you thought to yourself, they deserve the new world order? 20:48:05
Ft. Hood Killer is most likely CIA DARPA Manchurian Candidate 20:22:34
Gorbachev on Afghanistan: JUSTGOHOME 20:21:43
Urgent Message: For Americans To Restore Their Republic [Must-See-Video] 20:16:04
240 diggs so far!! More needed! PLEASE guys -- this is URGENT!! 19:36:26
URGENT: Ukraine Pneumonic Plague 19:34:58
UPDATED:Mass dollar burning event 19:29:22
The twist. 19:13:19
House health care bill has nowhere to go in Senate 19:08:12
Chavez to Military: Prepare for U.S. to provoke a war with Columbia 18:59:55
9/11 reportage on Swedish TV - Second show... 18:26:54
Chemtrails + H1N1 Vaccines = Depopulation? 18:19:33
(video) Mark Dice Tries To Sell 1 Ounce Gold Coin For $50 Bucks; No Takers 17:55:10
Why isn't Ron Paul making hay with the constitutional questions and attending the rallies concerning the Health Care Bill??? 17:41:46
CNBC - Dollar Will be Utterly Destroyed, Global Currency, New World Order 17:38:05
This is the BEST video, keep it bumped! 17:15:27
Boob Job 16:56:33
ALERT: U.S. troops' continental insignia bears U.N. colors 16:32:26
Dilorenzo: Lincoln was a traitor 16:18:51
Coming soon.......TCUYA* 15:54:54
How do you suggest a person w/ class, style & sophistication 15:41:08
Another State Introduces Firearms Freedom Act 15:33:50
Buy Health Insurance or Go to Jail! 15:19:53
St. Petersburg Times Condemns Religious Diversity 15:13:57
NV GOP front-runner faces attacks from own party 14:54:53
What if people started withdrawing their US citizenship ... 14:14:37
Health Care Vote by State 14:06:36
Every Elected Official & Journalist Should Read This! "Not Yours to Give" Col. David Crockett 14:06:24
[VIDEO] The REAL American Patriots featuring Peter Schiff, Adam Kokesh, Rand and Ron Paul 14:00:56
Why Austrian Socialism? 13:58:57
My healthcare 'debate'. POST YOUR OWN DEBATE! There are some very ignorant people in this here country. 13:54:43
Rand Paul's TeaParty MoneyBomb is LIVE! <Keep Bumped> 13:35:17
"Revolutionaries think differently" 12:18:36
Austrian & Keynesian Theories Vs. Mathematical Facts 12:18:14
"It's like watching a broke, drunk gambler continuing to double down just trying to break even." 11:47:02
Out of the 52 Blue Dogs Only 24 Voted Against Pelosi's Health Care Bill 11:34:44
Rare Virus Poses New Threat to Troops-One Military Death So Far. 11:12:55
A glimpse into the not so distant future at Pizza Delivery under government-run health care 11:12:38
House roll call... 11:02:56
We Won't Comply! - A movement in the making! 10:38:17
12 Places to Go if the World Goes to Hell 10:13:23
On the necessity of verifying claims. 09:54:45
Why is Michael Badnarik...... 08:38:42
House Passes Health Care Bill from Hell 08:28:13
Negotiations Israeli Style 07:54:36
No law requiring one to pay federal income taxes? 06:49:22
Heath Care And Handcuffs-- "If you control a man's money you control half the man. Control a man's health you control the man" 05:20:07
Question from Rand Paul Health Care Town Hall 05:13:56
Big Apple: point-blank about gun laws 05:04:27
The Fed is So Retro (Not in a Cool Way) 04:05:23
Codex Alimentarius Lecture by Ian R. Crane - 1 of 9 03:52:50
Israel: Remote control occupation? - Israeli “Auto Kill Zone” Towers Locked and Loaded 03:49:36
Episodes from South Park "The F Word" and "Whale Whores" 03:13:29
Pelosi Health Care Bill Passes in the dead of night; 220-215 02:38:27
Best Libertarianish books? 01:53:43
BREAKING NEWS! House passes health care reform bill 01:06:04
Is it time for Civil Disobedience yet? 00:57:19
Antivax Hot Shots and Gear for your antivax campaigns 00:53:33
Obama, Afghanistan and Marijuana 00:30:31
Soldier died in Afghanistan yesterday. 00:28:08
House Healthcare Bill by Pelosi passes 220-215 00:09:36
My apologies to the Daily Paul's FEDOR 00:00:06