Posted on December 8, 2009

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RT: DC businesses using private currency instead of FRNs 21:06:02
Edwin Vieira: The Power of the Purse and the Power of the Sword 18:33:43
What have you learned from Ron Paul? 23:07:50
Intergenerational Slavery: Young Generation Being Robbed Blind 13:16:44
Ron Paul Flashback: 'When fascism comes to this country, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross.' 10:52:10
Ron Paul: A lonely voice against the Fed now leads a chorus (Washington Post) 09:16:10
The Southern Avenger: Weather of Mass Destruction 00:10:59
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Ron Paul set to win Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2009, hands down! 23:52:50
Obama Walks on the Constitution 23:51:02
Lord Monckton On Alex Jones (Dec. 8, Tuesday) w/ LINK 23:48:22
National Review Fed Sweat 23:38:14
What religion is Nystrom? Does anyone know? 22:17:23
I believe it is time to get more focused on this site 22:17:00
Looking for inquiring patriots in Houston,Tx and surrounding areas 22:11:54
Self Proclaimed MKUltra Insider Speaks up in Cleveland 22:02:06
What's up with Drudge? 24/7 Tiger Woods mania 21:56:34
A Liberty & Bible Site 21:39:05
Arizona Writing BAD Checks * CONFIRMED 21:37:25
"Logic" wrote an excellent analysis of "religion" 21:36:55
There is No Gold 21:28:50
Something Very Interesting 21:15:05
Freedom Watch discusses Pearl Harbor 21:06:19
Academics Spar With Populists Over Fed Audits 20:53:53
Alex Jones;" Hookers descend on Copenhagen" 20:52:25
RT: Opposition to man-made climate change: We want proof! 20:36:06
New poll on Sirius' website... 20:30:57
Carbon Tax Prediction 20:24:25
Please stop feeding the trolls! 20:22:00
-WOW- We are gaining numbers. Sheeple are becoming people! 20:19:25
My Solemn Vow 20:09:31
Can Judges Modify Loans? Not yet.....but, 20:06:47
"FRACKING" is poisoning water and killing people in 32 states. 20:05:29
Just curious who censored me and deleted my topic 19:54:41
EPIC FAIL - NWO Scientist Refuting Climategate @ Copenhagen 19:53:11
Oklahoma May Be the Place to Live! 19:50:15
War Bonds to Pay for Iraq and Afghanistan? 19:24:26
Copenhagen climate summit in disarray after 'Danish text' leak 18:48:54
Robert Fisk (who spent 33 years covering Afghanistan) - Obama is a Disaster and worse than Bush 18:44:20
EPA Declares CO2 is pollution 18:31:12
The word of God is not religion .Is this too complicated to understand? 18:29:13
Tiger Woods AND Religion 18:26:33
U.S. officials face 'pro-Israel' background check - Ha'aretz 18:01:37
WTF? Karzai tells US security aid needed for 15-20 years 17:57:00
The truth about the party crashers and Obama. 17:50:08
Won't be long till metals are back up!! "spend our way out of this recession" 17:49:23
We Must Take America Back {music by Steve Vaus} 17:30:33
O says Let's spend! 17:21:12
Write to the editor of the SF Chronicle 17:05:54
Rick Perry Continues to Cancel Debate Appearances w/ Debra Medina 17:00:09
Anti illegal immigrant Libertarian.... 16:37:00
Auditing The Federal Reserve: What Are The Banksters So Afraid Of…? 16:10:38
The Un-Born have a very High Economic Value in a Free-Society 16:01:22
UN Headquarters NY Boston Tea Party Reenactment 15:55:43
the geopolitical goals of the Anglo-American Empire in Afghanistan Pakistan Iran 15:42:28
The Carbon Tax Deception 15:28:59
Muslim Demographics: The Islamic Tidal Wave 15:19:00
What really happened with Obama and the party crashers. Answer here: 15:08:38
Former Kansas State Trooper Greg Everson: 'U.S. Forces Plan DIRECT ACTION AGAINST American Citizens' 15:06:28
Will Ron Paul Vote Against His Own Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve? 14:59:04
Senate panel sets December 17 vote on Bernanke confirmation 14:56:08
The War on Religion, by Ron Paul 14:44:54
Tom Woods W/ Judge Napolitano w/ LINK 14:16:48
Lord Monckton on Alex Jones Radio now... 14:09:47
Webster Tarpley: Hitler's critque of FDR policies the same as modern day libertarians 14:03:35
U.S. Mint suspends all sales of 1 oz. gold coins 14:00:01
We've Had Enough! ~End Us Wars~ Peace Coalition 13:47:34
Cynical Holiday Cheer 13:45:29
New Obama plans: 'spend our way out' of downturn 13:40:10
Sweating The Fed 13:34:23
Gitmo ’suicide’ trio had rags stuffed down throats 13:26:21
Millions in U.S. Drink Dirty Water, Records Show 13:23:52
WRONG...Alex(Jones)... 13:17:49
What is your take on the new trend in dollars 13:17:00
Ice 12:54:47
Economy/Environment/Energy Crash Course 12:52:24
Inhofe Wants Hearings; going to Copenhagen - CNN 12:20:47
Independent blog says Tea Party owes its existence to Ron Paul 12:20:28
The Future of America’s Natural Gas 12:05:13
To: All Daily-Paulers, here is great job opening you may not want to miss 12:00:24
The Corbett Report: Alternative Copenhagen conferences - an overview 11:59:51
To: Daily-Paulers, Bill of Rights Day is just a week away!!!!! 11:50:42
Pakistan's spy agency office (ISI) attacked 11:08:08
Pagan and Christian Holiday Song!!! Fun for everyone :) 11:03:04
Unemployment map timeline - holy crap! 10:23:19
Burt Rutan, Spaceman 10:22:55
Climate Change Polls ? 08:52:52
86 dead in string of Baghdad bomb attacks 06:42:56
Insomniac? Try Mike Huckabee Forums! 06:10:46
Congress Slams Ben Bernanke and Fed Reserve 03:41:23
CLIMATEGATE Urgent petition and video. 03:29:17
Students being taught that Social Security will not be there for them. 03:22:01
Rand Paul tours northern Kentucky! 01:59:02
Florida- Legislative Alert!! 01:57:13
The Fed gets audited, and we get a Copenhagen Treaty, they always seem one step ahead of us. 01:22:18
New Antiviral Drugs from Mushrooms 01:06:54
Rasmussen: 79 Percent Now Favor Auditing the Fed 00:17:35