Posted on December 1, 2009

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Pullout from Afghanistan to begin in July, 2011! 18:02:45
Judge Napolitano in LA Times: The Case Against Military Tribunals 11:22:39
Ron Paul: Bernanke's defense of the Fed a 'hoax' 10:58:01
Federal Reserve tries theater ads to burnish its image 09:16:11
Ron Paul on Fox Business News 11-30-09 00:57:29
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Are you out of work or know someone else who is? If so, learn more...Great opportunity here 23:59:42
Domestic Electronic Surveillance is MASSIVE! 23:12:22
Feds ‘Pinged’ Sprint GPS Data 8 Million Times Over a Year 23:03:02
Trey Grayson Plays a Dirty Trick Against Rand Paul's Campaign? 22:58:41
Why They Hate US 22:58:24
Ron Paul "This Belief Is A Dream! That Will Become A Nightmare! For All Americans" 22:50:28
1215 22:21:39
Fire Safe Cigarettes - Or - Smokers as Lab Experiments 22:14:15
WOW! read this letter! 22:12:25
Liberty will reign in America and we must not stop until LIBERTY is restored to this country! 21:28:09
Claim: Goldman bankers arming themselves 21:10:23
rhino: The final word on mysticism here at the dp. 20:35:42
Is there a way or an option to show time stamps? 19:55:02
Congress, USPS & you 19:49:33
CEO Fritz Henderson of Government Motors abruptly resigns! 19:13:26
Senate pushes toward first votes on health care 18:30:23
L.E.A.P 17:56:01
Food stamp usage.. 17:53:25
New ACTA Leak Confirms Major Threat to Internet 17:47:26
Greenwald: Obama's exceedingly familiar justification for escalations 17:34:33
Vanity Fair Profile: Goldman Sachs Can 'Practically Mint Money' And 'Never Loses' 17:33:59
I Collect Liberty Quotes 17:29:21
Senator Nader? Former Presidential Candidate Considers Connecticut Run In 2010. 17:28:58
Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic: Global Warming a Politician's 'Myth' 17:26:18
What if Tiger lived in Libertarian Land? 17:24:39
Copenhagen is the beginning of the end of America as we know it. 17:22:47
The Next Ron Paul 16:57:16
The Showdown Between the Fed-Heads and RBI 16:52:07
The One Thing Bernanke Is Really Afraid Of 16:24:28
for what it's worth... 16:21:19
For anyone interested.... 16:00:11
Ancient Mayan Elders... 15:46:19
Ron Paul goes mainstream, Ben Bernanke goes berserk! 15:36:12
De-Centralization VS Centralization 15:28:54
ROTFL at Michael Moore 15:21:45
Dick Cheney Endorses 15:11:14 14:55:50
ClimateGate News Links Blitz - Dec. 01 2009 14:40:22
Jesse Ventura on Larry King 11-30-09 13:55:15
I just got this from Ray McBerry's twitter 13:49:36
Now entering Phase II of the World Economic Crisis! 13:43:31
Ron Paul goes mainstream, Ben Bernanke goes berserk! 13:39:52
Seattle police kill suspect in officer slayings 13:13:21
Can you feel it? 13:08:38
Anything in the works in your area for honest elections? 13:04:54
Gold Just Broke $1,200 !!!! 12:56:34
Troop Surge Can Only Magnify Crime Against Afghanistan 11:58:17
Vaccination help 11:47:31
Sec. LaHood: Gas tax likely to see debate in Congress soon 11:45:19
$3.5T: Amount Treasury must refinance in next 12 months 11:35:21
*** Bad News for Mike Huckabee *** 11:27:10
The Federal Reserve is within the Constitution 11:22:38
Saw Tom Woods last nite 10:54:30
WAC-OK activist assaulted and arrested for videotaping. 10:48:57
Top trends forecaster predicts Terror 2010 10:24:03
Pink-slipping Congress wipes out pink paper supply in North America 10:22:44
Suddenly Ron Paul Feels the Love 09:12:35
Goldman Bankers are now packing heat 09:05:21
Finished up a new liberty site the other week, what do you guys think about it? 08:38:10
FED - One Chart Summarizes the Next Problem 06:45:25
Gold hits New Highs $1200 06:32:04
CO2 Man vs Nature, A Visual Demonstration 04:00:33
Politico: Has Ron Paul Gone Mainstream? 03:01:30
Alberto Gonzales inspires students to dream big. 02:49:23
Neocon with a TON of facebook followers bashes Dr. Paul 02:31:02
Watch "The Man Made Global Warming Hoax" Film 02:27:15
Climategate Explained Away by Dan Esty on Colbert Report 01:45:05
New Freedom Radio Station 01:42:11
Copenhagen foreshadow 01:40:03
New IDF Web 2.0 unit to fight enemies on Facebook, Twitter 01:28:33
For a true revolution our cause must be deep in us. 01:24:41
homosexual marriage+ 01:17:38
"Authority to Spy on Americans Unclear as Patriot Act Expires" 00:20:31