Posted on December 11, 2009

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Pat Buchanan: Ron Paul's Hour of Power 02:21:57
Inspirational New Promo Video for Rand Paul's Tea Party Moneybomb!!!! 22:57:31
DIGG! Over A Million Innocent People Perished In A War Based On A Lie! Congressman Dennis Kucinich 02:21:56
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Life in Oklahoma.....So far 23:57:15
House Ban on Acorn Grants Is Ruled Unconstitutional (by ONE judge!) 23:55:15
RT: Billions wasted on ineffictive Swine flu drug 23:47:04
Southern Avenger: Real Conservatives Must Rethink War 23:34:18
Armed response to climategate question 22:57:25
Canadian Science Fiction Author Beaten by US Border Patrol 22:42:58
Emergency Action Alert: Ron Paul Republican DEBRA MEDINA EXCLUDED From Debate By KERA TV and Texas Governor Rick Perry 22:37:41
3 Bank Failures today: total assets $984M 22:24:24
Do NOT re-elect Stan Spears, he has sold his soul to the DEVIL! South Carolina, NO! 22:11:12
The Law is the Law 22:09:03
Joe Kennedy for US Senate (Massachusetts) 21:55:57
Oathkeepers vs Real Oathkeepers- I'm confused 21:51:48
US Martial Law at the end of January 2010 21:28:58
Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War? -Chuck Baldwin 21:22:27
Drug re-importaion in health care bill? 20:58:24
Nickels 20:29:17
Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War? 20:25:40
New Sue Lowden poll in Nevada. 20:25:28
Peter Schiff debates and owns David Epstein of Columbia University -- Nov 11 2009 20:24:24
House passes historic financial rules revamp 20:16:06
Schiff Report Vlog: dollar, gold, growth, debt & Senate Race Update 20:09:41
For feds, more get 6-figure salaries 20:00:28
TV News coverage of Rand Paul at Rookie's. 19:24:39
Huffington Post: Anatomy Of The Tea Party Movement 19:06:11
Daily Kos Poll: Do You Support Afghanistan Protests? 18:50:24
Is it time to think about a Restitution Movement, to take back all that has been stolen by fraudelent means! 18:49:20
Boiling Point: Hijacking the Planet for Power and Privelege 18:00:09
Glenn Beck manipulating gold market? 17:56:24
Found out why Congress does not Listen to American People 17:56:04
"Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War?" by Chuck Baldwin 17:52:37
Thought the United States couldn't own land? 17:52:01
Those Who Wish To Learn About The Fraternity Our Founders Belonged To 17:43:58
Why the "Audit the Fed" Movement is Dead Wrong 17:38:32
Gun laws are getting looser across much of US 17:31:14
100-year-old child molester to be freed 17:25:26
Airlines want your money, but not your cash 17:23:14
10 PM Tonight: The Southern Avenger and Others Live on Liberty Pulse Radio 17:22:56
Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War? {by Chuck Baldwin} 17:09:20
One-minute Survey on Food and Health Choice Freedom 17:06:13
Great new Jim Rogers interview 16:55:04
The Southern Avenger hits it home again!!! 16:52:41
House leader says government needs to borrow at least $1.8 trillion more 16:26:08
Reform Bill PASSES the House! Along with HR 1207! 16:14:31
Inspirational new promotional video for Rand Paul's Tea Party Moneybomb!!!! 16:11:07
I like this site very much 16:10:36
Are Americans Becoming Victims of "Abuse Syndrone?" 16:07:45
Posting This Video Just Got Me Banned On 16:06:23
Sweeping bank reform bill clears House 16:03:39
Joyce warns of US 'Armageddon' 15:58:54
Wow, close a steel mill and make 100's of millions of dollars! 15:52:53
Stossel new show on FOX: Global Warming 15:46:52
Free Sherry Peel Jackson Radio Bomb at 3PM est 11DEC09 15:23:00
How do Rothbardians Support DiLorenzo [revised] 15:22:11
Mike Church interviews Ron Paul 15:16:05
Interesting FED tidbit I wasn't aware of. 15:07:13
Barney sneaking in financial regulatory reform legislation 15:01:39
GOLD...Seriously, whats going on here? 15:01:06
Prius will get you depressed and won’t do a thing for the environment! 14:52:54
Top 10 reason for the impeachment of Obama, need help 14:46:09
Blackwater Guards Linked To Secret CIA Raids. 14:42:24
Top 10 Reactions to Obama’s Nobel Prize Sermon 14:40:46
Anonymous donor slips gold coin into kettle 14:37:04
Peace Doesn’t Work Obama Informs Nobel Committee 14:18:51
China had a spiral in the sky too before Norway ?? 14:11:50
Welcome Newbies-Guests To The Daily Paul Family 14:00:49
Huff Post article about the origins of the Tea Party movemeent doesn't mention the Ron Paul Revolution 13:55:43
Poor Mans Way To Prepare For Hyperinflation, Homelessness as a Lifestyle 13:52:20
rhino: get ready to start ringing the register ... 13:48:46
More Military Hardware Movement Into California 13:32:33
Missouri Firearms Freedom Act 13:31:28
Lies Lies and more lies. Something is wrong. 13:26:34
Organized Crime in Charge of EU Carbon Trade, Police Says 13:22:38
Pat Buchanan supports Audit the Fed 13:22:30
Video from the CC 2009 13:22:05
Nullification and the 10th 13:17:25
National Liberty Unity Summit December 15th and 16th 13:16:32
Chelene Nightingale for CA governor 13:15:22
Ron Paul was Guest on Alex Jones 12/11/09: replay and comments 13:11:10
Ron Paul On Alex Jones Coming Up In A Few Minutes (Fri. Dec. 11th 12PM EST) 13:07:27
What do you think of the ACLU? 13:05:35
The War in Afghanistan is all about oil and the pipeline. 13:03:07
Maryland Constitution Party Alain Lareau Jr, For 3rd CD 12:59:16
Trading Gold In EURO’s Instead of Dollars Now Making Sense 12:58:43
Report: more Americans getting wealthier, despite stiff recession with 2 wars costing $ 10 billion a month 12:54:14
Jobs abroad 12:53:53
Rob Taylor seeks to overcome restrictions that USDA and DATCP places on farmers and consumers. 12:51:06
Oath Keeper Testimonial {read and pass to others} 12:47:57
Very soon we will all receive another Economic Stimulus' payment! 12:45:27
A Grim Review of Action Against the Afghan War Escalation 12:27:10
Alex Jones on RT - Obama's Peace Prize is the Biggest International Joke 12:23:18
Oh well, whatever, nevermind 12:02:32
For Elderly in Rural Areas, Times Are Distinctly Harder 11:55:14
Going Neocon--Is Obama getting mugged by reality? 11:35:53
Jim Rogers: “The Fed is making our lives miserable … Audit It, Then Abolish It” 11:24:00
Barack Obama, Elinor Norstrom, and the Nobel Peace Prize 11:19:19
Byron Dale Money Seminar 11:08:10
Boiling Point: Hijacking the Planet for Power and Privelege 11:02:04
This should have ended Al Gore's career in 1984. 10:48:46
Paul and Grayson both basking in GOP's Higdon Senate win 09:45:51
McCain's B.S. Express 09:35:58
Statue of young "Barry" unveiled in Indonesia 09:03:25
Armed Response to 'Climategate' question 08:47:28
Oh incidentally, Jim Rogers is buying U.S. Dollars 07:55:06
Are We Poised For Food Shortage? Guess Again. And Get Ready 07:42:38
W.A.R. - Already calling himself the 2012 LP Frontrunner.... 07:19:00
Ron Paul's Hour of Power by Pat Buchanan 06:41:10
"Canada's National Newspaper Calls For Worldwide One Child Policy..." 06:28:33
To LEVEL the Playing Field in the Election Process +: 06:15:59
Rand Paul in Rookie's Sports Bar in Henderson 04:15:27
Bring on the auditors! 03:11:37
EPA Scientist Silenced in Coverup 03:10:21
EnVIronmentaLism and Media Coverups = THIS . . . . . . 02:57:31
Marvin "Chick" Heileson 02:38:20
Matt Tiabi: New Rolling Stone article: Obama's Big Sellout 02:12:34
Got on a conference call with Tom McClintock 01:50:41
Dec 16th right? How about Rand, Harris, Schiff? 01:08:30
Excited Delirium Snydrome ... the fix is in. 01:02:35
Doctors/CDC continue to deny any link to vaccines with adverse-effects 00:29:38
obama's big sellout 00:29:22
Sen. Larry Grooms' prayer Made most MAD in the SC Senate! 00:16:28
What if Obama has been forced (literally against his will) to send 33,000 more troups 00:08:21
Copenhagen climate summit: George Soros urges use of IMF gold for green loans 00:08:13