Posted on December 12, 2009

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Video: Letting Be - What is the appropriate role of government in the economy? 11:22:40
'Europe's Ron Paul' - MEP Nigel Farage Interviewed on King World News 12:17:21
House Passes Massive Financial Overhaul Bill w/ Paul Amendment (HR 4173); Paul and All Republicans Vote Against 12:17:48
Boston Tea Party 2009: Putting Teeth into the 10th Amendment 11:57:01
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BREAKING VIRAL - America your guns are being taken and YOU DONT EVEN KNOW IT! 23:56:52
girl video on marijuana legalization 23:42:53
Schwarzenegger busts out the word "terrorism" in his latest description of protesting California students. 23:23:17
Free Food 22:57:25
'RATIONING THAT LEADS TO PEOPLE DYING' Poor Women Turned Away From Free Cancer Screenings 22:57:21
The Observer - Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor 22:40:06
Vatican and CERN-- World's Largest Particle Physics Lab--Plan to Collaborate. 21:52:26
Well, it's a good thing... 19:30:47
Rand Paul 2010 for US Senate Interview on Monday 12.14.2009 19:21:06
Trivia: Who is in this pic? 19:16:01
Is an economic collapse being manufactured to produce a buying opportunity? 18:40:52
Watch Now: It could happen in America -- Energy Police Entering Homes: ... 18:33:38
Not sure who Richard C. Cook is? 18:29:21
Monckton Rebukes Hitler Youth -video- 18:18:14
FDIC Running Commercials and ads on Hulu 18:16:54
***A Memo To The Global Warming Cult*** 17:43:32
Crooks and Liars Website Says Beck is Promoting Ron Paul's "Extremist" Brand of Libertarianism 17:17:30
Tool to Break the Divide of the Left Right Paradigm. 16:59:55
GOP: US competitiveness at risk from climate pact 16:52:42
*VIDEO* Global Governance - EU President Admits One-World Government is Here 16:44:55
Precious Metals: Tool of the Central Bank Corporations 16:02:12
If we make it through December.... 16:00:56
The REAL reason they've made hemp illegal.... 15:57:45
Unchecked Cesspool Of Organized Criminality 15:27:56
Gold Is Not Falling 14:35:27
Is the Fed preemptively destroying records in light of the possible upcoming audit? 14:11:34
Who would buy silver from me during a hyper-inflationary period? 13:43:31
about DraftRonPaul 13:23:47
Need IRS advise! 13:22:29
This is bizaar...TRY THIS! 13:22:06
OMG!!! I was just censored by Facebook for abusive posting...All I did was try to share a Jim Rodgers article. 13:21:11
I am proud of American youth! 13:11:20
Gold not a bubble, Silver a better says Jim Rodgers-More important said "US Bonds are the bubble" 13:06:43
Lord Monckton Confronts Obama's Nazi Youth Members With Some Hard Facts 13:06:14
Boiling Point: Hijacking the Planet for Power and Privelege 12:59:15
Non Gov Sources Dispute Unemployment report 12:58:49
Tony Blair just said he would have removed Saddam Regardless of WMD's.... This validates the truth...No WMD's (as if we believed 12:48:55
What color paint is 12:47:40
Keynesian College Economist Weenies Come to Aid of Their Hero Ben Bernanke in Opposition to Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill 12:31:44
Strange Coalition Targets Ben Bernanke 12:28:53
North Carolina conservatives are threatening legal action if an atheist councilman gets sworn in. 12:22:42
Rich nations slam climate draft, thousands protest 12:06:05
Rand and Me 11:40:58
Gerald Celente - WTSHTF - December 10, 2009 11:22:07
The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9 /11 Truth Movement 11:21:05
Quiltingsando 10:53:48
United Nations security officers silence a journalist's questions about ClimateGate 10:38:35
God Bless Ron Paul 09:48:19
New Ron Paul Bill floated to rescind Congressional pay increases 08:15:34
Ron Paul: Federal Reserve manipulating gold prices 08:02:57
Obama wants stimulus projects to hire more minorities, women 07:57:55
Think the N.W.O. is an old wife's tale? Watch this 07:19:34
Joe Kennedy for US Senate (Massachusetts) 06:56:25
Ron Paul 2012 - A Checklist For Victory! 06:02:17
KopBusters credited by CBS7 as helping Yolanda Maddens' cause 05:22:13
Are they cooking the books on the 9/11 Episode? Can we know the viewcount pulease? 03:22:26
No wonder Keynes is so loved by big government... 03:11:50
I just removed as my home page and my choice of search engines 03:07:07
Video: Santa Claus Bailout Hearings 03:05:52
For feds, more get 6-figure salaries 03:01:43
The expert: Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009 is fake, Amazon will grow with heating 03:00:46
Armed Response to 'Climategate' question 02:39:13
Latest internal Kentucky US Senate poll (According to Bill Johnson) 02:03:45
Diane Francis About Her Eugenics One Child Propaganda on Fox News 01:28:57
This is something that has been "Side Tracked" 00:54:21
Hyperinflation. What's the best scenario after the dollar collapses? 00:32:15
Food Shortages Soon 00:14:41
Mises? Keynes? Jesus? 00:05:33