Posted on December 13, 2009

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Obama Hypocrisy Meter Off The Charts: "I Did Not Run For Office To Be Helping Out A Bunch Of Fat Cat Bankers On Wall Street" 21:25:47
Global Warming Theory DESTROYED By 20/20's John Stossel 17:16:22
Arrest & beating of Canadian writer by US border guards makes front page on major Canadian Papers 12:27:23
Hundreds of people were arrested in Copenhagen today 02:46:57
BORING TOPIC-work smarter not... 02:49:40
Dr. Ron Paul: It’s Time to Leave Afghanistan 22:09:49
I will donate $1 for every person who pledges at! 23:24:17
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How long have you been with DP? 23:30:00
Random Thoughts Over Time 23:11:49
Gold exports propel Canada into trade surplus 23:07:10
Failure in Copenhagen conference not an option: official 22:49:14
HuffPost: Tony Blair Iraq War WMD Admission Sparks Outrage, Calls For War Crimes Prosecution 22:47:06
Missouri one of the freest states? 22:17:18
Anyone here interested in teaming up to write movie script or know 22:14:33
The U.S. Constitution: The 18th Century Patriot Act 22:10:20
How I became an Oathkeeper. Part One(1) 22:08:48
UK: 10 entrepeneurs per week 'Going Galt' 21:28:01
Bearing Arms Bearing Witness - Iraq War Veterans Speak Out 21:22:55
Homeland security involved in domestic terrorism part 2 21:12:32
4409 - 9/11 Billboards on Interstate 40 21:04:20
AP: Monsanto seed business role revealed 20:39:01
A scientist skeptical to global warming has an apparent heart attack on live TV. Was it induced? 20:37:29
'Whack A Banker’ game proving a hit in Britain 20:34:07
Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi hit in the face 20:20:59
Urgent - Germany's bank holiday tested during weekends for the coming US dollar crash 19:50:22
US military run Iraq jail an al-Qaeda 'recruiting centre' 19:40:41
Blackwater Contracted To Load Bombs On Spy Drones 19:30:50
Drug money saved banks in global crisis claims UN advisor 18:35:51
What Happened to the 13th Amendment that was in the Original Constitution? 18:30:09
Silver: Best Investment for Next Decade 18:12:09
HC Bill 'reforms' Constitution 17:59:30
Excellent new video by Adrian Salbuchi 17:45:08
Jesse Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ show probes 9/11 mysteries 17:42:43
Mystery plane from North Korea w/35 tons of arms seized in Thailand 17:12:50
Senate passes $1.1. trillion spending bill 17:08:13
American DAI worker detained in Cuba 17:06:47
Who Else Is Smoking Cannabis This Sunday? 16:58:12
CS Monitor: Ayn Rand and America’s new culture war 16:53:21
I Do Not Choose To Be A Common Man 16:34:21
Ralph Nader: Dubya and Obama - "a Seamless Transition" on the War 16:27:42
Australia - first major climate change turnaround in Western world 15:55:22
The Wonders of Alaska: picture of a white moose 15:48:49
One Nation Under God - Love Liberty & Peace! 15:15:38
Question: Why do DPers post / bump posts they want removed? 14:54:54
Americans Subconsciously Suffer from "Self Inflicted Guilt Syndrone" 14:52:05
No boon for U.S. firms in Iraq oil auction 14:32:14
The spin is sickening,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Drug money saved banks in global crisis 13:59:29
Pretty Cool Video Quiz 13:47:21
Lord Monckton vs. Greenpeace campaigner 13:45:16
Rasmussen daily Obama poll in free-fall: Rating of -19 13:23:21
My Question to You: How Bad do Things have to get before You do Something?! 13:18:44
I am dissapointed with the 12:48:21
Total votes Ron Paul got in last presidential election 12:31:52
I'm always skeptical about these type of people. 12:10:17
the psychological effect of federal reserve notes 11:32:40
Obama's Awkward Peace Prize Ceremony: SuperNews! 11:18:12
You can still buy AMERICAN MADE. Links here. 10:00:01
We're Looking For You 09:59:11
Settlement Freeze? Just kidding! 09:42:52
Boiling Point: Hijacking the Planet for Power and Privilege 09:41:07
This Is The World As It Exists Today (Typography) 08:58:45
We are already at war with Iran and North korea 06:22:06
US Iraq jail an 'al-Qaeda school' 05:48:27
What is Blackwater up to these days ? 01:51:19
Constitutional Amendment XVII 00:18:04