Posted on December 15, 2009

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Jake Towne - Donate That Freedom Shall Not Perish! 21:08:49
RedState Editor endorses Rand Paul. Blog defends the endorsement of Rand. 19:44:53
Peter Schiff says he might support attacking Iran 18:09:47
Kucinich Measure To End Afghanistan War Gains Cosponsors 18:02:04
Sean Hannity Just Said He'd Have Ron Paul On His Show 16:53:52
4 Presidential Candidates Join Afghan War Protest 15:27:33
Jake Towne in Local Newspaper! 12:08:58
RJ Harris - "Depart from Valley Forge" 21:08:59
Lord Monckton Totally Destroys Global Warming & Greenpeace! 00:46:05
Liberty Candidate 2010 Boston Tea Party Money Bomb December 16th 21:08:47
Digg! Congressman Ron Paul & Dr. Rand Paul Interview on King World News 21:08:59
Ron Paul Co-hosts CNBC's Squawk Box, Dec 15! 21:14:16
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"Gold Buying by Central Banks Signals Sell as Past Haunts Future" Bloomberg 23:56:26
Office of Personnel and Management and You 23:51:44
Great Individual vs Collectivism Video 23:47:43
'Gulfo': New oil trading currency will threaten dollar hegemony 23:32:48
Thank you Mr Nystrom for the beautiful postcard! 22:55:38
Pope Blames Man for "Ecological Crisis" 22:46:21
Great photos of the Sun,,,, shot from amateurs back yard Amazing 21:58:20
800,000 Doses of H1N1 vaccine for children recalled 21:46:05
"" 21:27:45
BREAKING NEWS: "BASEL Central Bank Postpones Rules" 21:27:18
Dial for Votes! Schiff for Senate volunteer phone bank 20:55:08
NYTimes - House Votes to Expand Sanctions on Iran 20:52:14
Ron Paul: The Establishment is Raising Money for Rand’s Opponent 20:49:10
Christ-mas is only for Christ-ians? 20:47:16
Cornyn and the National Republican Senatorial Committee step in to save Trey Grayson and Sue Lowden 20:17:48
Gotta love the Tiger! 19:36:06
RT: US Behind a Financial "Iron Curtain?" 18:57:01
Obama says,"Insulation is "sexy." WTF? Isn't the planet getting hotter? 18:33:08
"10 Most SLAPPABLE People" of 2009! 18:17:11
Debra Medina Pistol-packing Perry Challenger Aims To Affect Race 18:12:30
Need some ideas, I want to start selling ammo/mil surplus at my store 18:09:57
Carbon Footprints In The Sand: The Failure Of Global Warming Science 18:02:33
RT: US behind power change in Lithuania 17:57:40
Ron Paul attacked on Yahoo Tech Ticker 17:56:51
Why Don’t The Elite Want the Fed to be Audited? 17:56:01
DOE sends a “litigation hold notice” regarding CRU to employees – asking to “preserve documents” 17:55:05
House Discussing Glass-Steagall Revival, Hoyer Says 17:53:58
RT: Nearly 1 million H1N1 vaccines have been recalled 17:52:14
Police shoot U.S. student's laptop upon entry to Israel 17:46:41
What kind of judges does Ron Paul support? 17:42:04
RECOVERY?? Be careful....The Crystal Ball is right here! 17:41:29
Bilderberg Group Exposed on the History Channel 17:21:55
Hyperinflationary Depression - No Way of Avoiding Financial Armageddon- don't read if you're an optimist. 17:07:13
How can Obama preach this lie? 16:51:22
Tell Public Policy Polling that you want their last poll of the year to be done in Kentucky! [Vote] 16:17:49
An Unbelievable Opportunity in Gold. 16:16:32
Senators Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) are expected to introduce a new immigration bill. 16:15:18
The Growing Movement to Nullify National Health Care 16:11:52 The George W. Bush Presidential Center 16:04:54
Monetarist Rule? 15:45:04
Valerie Meyers for Congress to Restore the Republic! 15:37:00
Thorbjorn Jagland:Secretary-General of Council of Europe.President Obama and A New World Order 15:28:48
Secret reports, Secret budgets, Secret operations, Secret courts … A Secret Government! by Sibel Edmonds 15:15:14
Ukraine and the Swine Flu 15:04:31
If You Were Head of the Federal Reserve 14:50:46
English Winegrowers Set to Prosper from Warmer Temperatures 14:46:14
Congressman Ron Paul’s “Free Competition in Currency Act” Won’t Solve the Problem... 14:40:49
"California's Hydrogen Highway network" 14:27:09
US Dollar and Gold both stage a strong rally 14:26:58
ACLU Sues Pittsburgh For Harassment, Intimidation During G-20 14:22:09
Conspiracy Theory or Fact? - US Economy & Federal Reserve Bank 14:13:55
Get to know Jake Towne 14:02:03
Choosing a good celeb name for your baby can make him/her famous with high esteem 13:59:47
KopBusters Update: Yolanda Madden could be released by Friday! 13:58:56
The Banker's Master Plan is to take down the world's economies! 13:56:04
Folks be aware of this media sponsored vaccine thing: 800,000 Doses For Kids Recalled 13:52:12
Jake Towne for Congress to Restore the Republic! 13:46:29
Big economic blow hits MT: Permanent closure of Smurfit-Stone 13:41:52
Claim That Sea Level Is Rising Is a Total Fraud 13:08:25
Troops headed to California 12:55:32
Millions of Bush Administration E-Mails Recovered 12:44:22
BC Farmers’ Markets - A Sleeping Giant 12:41:45
NRSC Forms Joint Fundraising Committee with Grayson 12:39:52
Recent flyer blitz 12:38:03
More Blowback from U.S. Foreign Policy 12:35:58
Towne's "Towne Hall" 12:19:35
800,000 Doses Of Kids' H1N1 Vaccine Recalled 12:19:14
Ron Paul on Squawk Box CNBC parts 1 - 2 and 3 here : 12:03:38
Poll: vote for Kentucky senate sace 12:00:15
GOOGLE is promoting the GREEN STAR of FASCISM on it's main page. 11:54:57
Old topics, no need to click 11:42:18
Australia Announces Controversial Internet Filter 11:30:45
US to drill Iranian attack scenario 11:28:07
A second look at Reagan's fiscal conservatism 11:10:07
CDR David R Gillie Oath Keepers 11:03:25
Ethiopia Central Bank - Fake Gold Bars 10:50:01
Keeping your enemies CLOSER... 10:22:34
ACLU Blasts Obama on Bush's Crimes 10:21:53
Paul Craig Roberts: The Israeli Stranglehold 10:16:23
Ron Paul Wants You to Read These Books 10:12:43
Blair, Obama and the Narcissist's Defense 10:02:14
Happy Bill of Rights Day 09:41:51
British Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Israeli Opposition Leader 09:32:31
►On the 12th month of default my true love said to me.... 09:19:40
'Marriage penalty' buried in healthcare bills 07:06:17
IRS and Tax Cheats 04:21:09
The intricate economics of terrorism 04:20:37
Federal Reserve 03:59:55
The absolute best, most concise debunking of global warming - in one minute 03:29:56
Paradox solved, in theory. 02:17:31
Question for Nevada Ron Paulerz? 01:29:31
Immigration bill backers try again despite jobless rate 00:44:15
Radiation from CT scans linked to cancers, deaths 00:24:19
BAYER Admits: "GMO Contamination OUT OF CONTROL"! OMG!! 00:10:05
Carbon Footprints In The Sand: The Failure Of Global Warming Science 00:09:00
The poor man's inflation protection investment. 00:04:50
Rand Paul's Tea Party December 16, 2009! 20:15:15