Posted on December 18, 2009

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First Major Act of Civil Disobedience Against Obama Concerning War 21:17:28
My new Anti-War Diary at the Daily Kos 21:24:47
Adam Kokesh Money Bomb Dec 18 14:53:59
War drums get louder... 13:02:09
The Independent Forum calls out war profiteers 10:44:50
The Southern Avenger - Person of the Year: Ron Paul 00:36:19
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The United Fiat Serfdom of America (Republicae) 23:59:56
[VIDEO] Stossel - Healthcare 12/17/09 23:45:21
Bank Closure Friday - Dec 18 23:13:32
Dred Scott Redux: Obama and the Supremes Stand Up for Slavery 23:09:59
Sons of Liberty Free Album 23:05:34
MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) scream at each other over healthcare 22:51:19
US Government & Halliburton Are Poisoning & Killing Troops in Iraq 22:48:44
That Tap Water Is Legal but May Be Unhealthy 22:05:35
When Same-Sex Marriage Was a Christian Rite 21:43:15
Copenhagen Summit Has Established A World Government? 21:08:59
Check out this video I just shot of the white lines everywhere over San Luis Obispo 21:02:20
Regulators shutter 2 big Calif. banks, 5 others: now 140 20:55:50
Silver and Gold ARE Money {by Jake Towne} 20:42:59
Adam Kokesh's Birthday Money Bomb - Who will stand with us?! - Feb 1, 2010 19:41:05
New documentary out: *Collapse* 19:20:26
Obama's Safe school czar promotes explicit pornographic reading lists 19:12:51
Ron Paul: Freedom will prevail - 2012 is coming! 19:05:16
Contribute to Freedom Chatter! Calling all those interested in analyzing business, economics, and public policy. 18:53:16
latest from moncton says obama will sign agreement 18:34:51
Obama's Copenhagen Press Conf. 18:33:55
Judge Napolitano hosting Glenn Beck right now! 18:33:08
Autism rates SHOCK America. Please Read and Understand the Big Picture! 18:10:28
Bank of ????? 18:03:29
Me Likey Dis Video 17:36:09
We are All in Business Together 17:23:50
Senator Specter's office gets a phone call 17:22:31
Dave Ramsey Doesn’t Know the First Thing About Gold 17:08:04
BREAKING NEWS Climate deal reached in Copenhagen 17:01:05
1 in 5 in U.S. lost health insurance since 2008, where was Glennn Beck? 16:56:26
What do you think of this radical honesty approach for running for public office? 16:54:05
Citigroup to suspend foreclosures for 30 days 16:50:02
2010 Food Crisis and Financial Armageddon 16:19:27
Just Accept The Giant Federal Reserve Lie And Make Money From It 16:07:29
Sustainability of U.S. Deficits Reason Why Investors Own Some Gold 16:05:07
Why Franklin’s $100 Bill Now $1,000 15:58:46
The Rise (and Fall) of Gary Johnson 2012 15:57:31
Skies darken for Ben Bernanke nomination 15:54:00
"Liberty All-Stars" Megaphone Raffle - Signed by Ron Paul! 15:52:25
WOW...Dylan Radigan HAMMERS Democratic Health Reform....We have another Patriot. Must see video. 15:48:24
Give the Gift of Liberty 15:43:14
Towne For Congress Money Bomb update 15:24:28
Towne For Congress Money Bomb update 15:20:25
Bill O'reilly:"Three Cheers for Three Parties!" 14:20:45
Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck today 12/18/09, 5pm ET 14:10:45
Donald Gates, preliminarily a free man 14:10:18
Ominous Signs Are Aligned: Not A Particularly Good Sign 14:08:39
Yes, Activism Does Make A Difference - Case in point 14:08:15
Legislation in Missouri to Protect from Federal Health Care Mandates 13:54:35
Iced Earth: supports RP! 13:53:17
Health Care Letter to send to your Senators: Today! 13:37:23
“Nationalize The Fed dont End The Fed” says Andrew Gause 13:24:28
Obama called "Kenyan-Born" in article from 2004 13:09:25
Who are these people anyway?!? 13:06:37
Well, we are about to attack Iran. 13:06:30
Remember how I said this was the warmest winter I ever experienced Boston... 12:41:48
Adam Kokesh: McCain Heckler Emerges as Front-Runner in Ron Paul-Inspired Bid 12:51:46
Obama told China: I can't stop Israel strike on Iran indefinitely 12:44:29
Obama's real polls on facebook 12:44:13
Getting MICHIGAN Ready!!! 12:37:14
Our command and Control overseers 12:30:38
Iraqi official: Iranians seized Iraqi oil well 12:15:51
Rage Against the Machine, Christmas No.1 in the UK 12:10:42
Lord Mockton attacked by police 12:05:26
Here We Go Again (racism allegations against Rand Paul) 11:32:13
Any Vietnam experts out there? I have a question: 11:19:06
SA@TAC - Person of the Year: Ron Paul 11:10:11
Rand Paul at Logan County GOP 12/16/09 11:08:15
Video of Congressional Candidate Lt. Col. Allen West......Pretty good speach 11:09:21
The Fallacy of Good vs. Evil in Afghanistan 11:02:22
DeMint promises to delay health bill, force Christmas Eve vote 10:48:10
Lord Monckton knocked out by UN police 10:39:20
Stand By America. The Bond Market Is About To Whip The Fed's Butt 10:11:55 VOTE to support grassroots! 10:11:13
Relax, We're in Good Hands Economically. Really. 10:02:07
Some Books I Like by Lew Rockwell 09:39:59
Pollster: 2010 could be year of 'the angry White Male' heading into elections 09:33:28
Brainwashing - What is it? 09:14:23
Can you recommend a hardprint conservative magazine? 09:06:14
Free Pizza! 09:01:15
We are making a difference, thought processes are changing 07:51:41
New Facebook Group for Australian Libertarians 07:17:28
The Youth Revolution - Project 2012! 05:14:47
The Who and How they Own and Control it All! 03:18:56
Would you support abolition of Fractional Reserve Banking? 03:10:25
Was Senator Nelson just warned? 02:23:28
Oath Keepers 02:21:20
Pastor Cuffed During Sermon will soon need your help! 01:20:22
Keynesian and Austrian Debate on PBS 01:19:28
Tim Graney has filed to challenge Ron Paul...District 14 00:58:50
Stick your principles where the sun doesn't shine 00:22:03
Fractures in the Truth Movement, Part III The Fissure Becomes a Gulf 00:00:59