Posted on December 19, 2009

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URGENT - US Attacking Yemen 14:49:46
Weekend Watching: Lord Monckton Destroys Global Warming Fraud 15:45:01
Rand Paul on Glenn Beck 12-18-09 11:34:59
Lefties Call for Alliance with Paulies Against War 00:59:13
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4 min Video RAW MILK WARS-- Huge Rally and Court Case 22:52:31
Texas Congressional District 4 22:52:22
Breast Cancer Victim Dies After Vaccine Trial (Why isn't this considered quackery?) 22:32:42
Mortgage Cramdown R.I.P. (As Least For Now) 22:11:43
Without Bipartisan Support, Bernanke Should Withdraw 22:10:31
Australian Internet Censorship video 21:45:46
Slim Spurling meets Trevor James Constable 21:43:36
50 days to save the world? I might listen to the doomsayers if they weren't such hypocrites 21:04:11
White-collar jobless join FedEx, UPS for holidays 20:45:20
NIA Names Bernanke Villain of the Year 2009 20:40:15
RT: Female US soldiers raped while deployed 20:38:31
Toby Keith Praises Obama, Says He's A Democrat 20:04:47
Barry Cooper: How Kops Can Tell When You Are Lying 19:28:42
Goodbye my dear friends... 19:20:58
What do you think of Naomi Wolf's idea on the power of voting blocs? 19:06:21
A Letter to Dmitry Medvedev 17:58:23
RedState: Texas Needs Your Help in CD14 to Unseat R*N P**L. Who is R*n P**l? 17:09:10
Lord Monckton Confronts Obama's Nazi Youth Members Video 16:47:44
Barry Cooper running for TX Attorney General in 2010! 16:28:17
Rep. Alan Grayson threatens to imprison critic 16:21:01
Barry Cooper on FreedomWatch (12.18.09) 16:02:56
Will the Wash Post Please Shut up About HR 1207 already! 15:47:12 Estimated Worth $105,893.8 USD 15:37:02
For Liberty!! 15:13:53
Number 1 Movie on The Environmental Movement 14:38:36
Stop Monsanto! Take Action Now! 14:19:08
One small step for the net-One giant leap for netkind ! 13:58:15
Why are posts being deleted? 13:12:02
Us vs. Us 12:57:34
Antiwar Radio: New Glen Greenwald Interview. Dec. 18th. 12:34:59
Global Warming Fraud: A Conversation With Lord Monckton 12:26:29
Health company stocks explode as govt. forces citizens to buy insurance. 12:24:21
How many generations is Bernake willing to enslave to the national debt? 11:26:10
Copenhagen closes with weak deal that poor threaten to reject 11:23:03
Confess Your Environmental Sins LOL 10:44:22
Are We at War with Ourselves? 10:40:41
Moody’s warns of 'social unrest’ as sovereign debt spirals 10:10:35
'We are Change Chicago' interviews Rod Blagojevich at a book signing this week 09:52:51
(Now or Never)....Time to Act Against....The Climate Pirates 09:38:16
Sustainability of U.S. Deficits Reason Why Investors Own Some Gold 09:30:52
COMEX Raises Gold and Silver Margin Requirements, Validates Bull Market Strength 09:26:58
Don't Hasten to Roll Up the TARP Just Yet (WSJ) 09:16:17
States get more time to comply with Real ID 09:08:13
GOP activist mocks Grayson on website. Grayson asks Attorney General to Jail her for 5 years! 07:12:11
Idea! A Ron Paul Virtual Townhall Series for the Internet. 06:50:21
Idea! A Ron Paul Virtual Townhall Series for the Internet. 06:26:48
[VIDEO] Ron Paul Full Speech at Arizona State University 12/04/09 06:12:15
Not In My Back Yard? The hypocrisy of Big Brother and Others: Enviromentally! 05:28:16
NYT- Ben Franklin on global warming 04:54:51
TIME Rescues The Fed - Pelosi is Runner-Up 04:31:40
The Plunge Protection Team 04:26:41
KopBusters Christmas present: Yolonda Madden is FREE! 04:21:53
Islamic Mosque Built at 9/11 Ground Zero 04:18:23
Avatar 03:47:19
Rep. Dennis Kucinich: I Order You to Eat Vegan Brownies (VIDEO) 03:38:26
Is Obama's $789 billion buying votes instead of jobs? 03:29:00
Без темы 03:15:36
Bernanke was wrong or was lying 03:00:27
How to win the war against vaccines - 02:29:44
Contributing money to charities that get federal funding 01:58:25
treiber sata intel 01:27:18
Do Not Fall Prey... 01:26:59
tetracycline tablets 01:02:49
I hope Dr.Paul is willing to go into stealth mode 00:04:05