Posted on December 2, 2009

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I am arrested - legalizeliberty 19:24:43
Nystrom: For Liberty - Review 19:25:09
WND on John Dennis: Is this the challenger who will eject Pelosi? 12:43:45
Guess who's not invited to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference 11:22:28
RP in AZ this Weekend 10:36:34
Congress Split Over Obama's Afghan Plan 10:05:20
Cindy Sheehan: 30,000 Wrongs Won't Make it Right 05:01:10
WAR PRESIDENT- Front Page of Michael Moore's Website 05:01:11
Obama's Aghanistan Full Speech, Sickening 10:05:19
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Conspiracy Theory - Jesse Ventura - Haarp 23:55:00
Even some republicans want to strip the audit the fed bill 23:46:20
Bayh's healthcare bill vote for sale on e-bay. 23:43:43
Angels dont play this HAARP 23:42:12
Bank of America to repay TARP, raise cash 23:39:32
Karl Marx, Gun Control, and regulation of the internet 23:32:21
Followers of the Continental Congress 2009 (CC2009) a recorded Talk Shoe Conference Call on the Truth of CC2009 23:23:21
Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove Praise Obama's 'Courage' 23:08:14
Italian MEP on Bilderberg and Trilateral nominations 22:55:26
Military Tested LSD on Troops 22:11:17
FoxNews: Stewart scoops MSM on Climategate; video 22:09:55
Transcripts of meetings 21:44:31
If you could save the world ..... would you? 21:29:31
They're spinning it again (of course) 21:24:56
$1.4 Million Donated – Thank You! 21:23:47
Ron Paul is Orly Taitz' friend on FB :) Does he support her? 21:12:05
Olbermann to Obama on Afghanistan: "Declare Victory and Get Out!" 21:07:40
Two Fort Drum soldiers murdered-one in custody 20:49:22
Obama's Afghanistan talk Diverting Attention From HealthCare 20:34:49
CNN's Michael Ware Gives a Candid Report on Afghanistan 20:09:38
ClimateGate- Are Climate Scientists afraid of peer review? 20:07:46
Sherry Jackson, IRS prisoner, needs your phone calls! 19:45:05
Obama escalates in Afghanistan 19:39:10
The Obama Puppet - Paul Craig Roberts 19:36:15
Critique of Ron Paul End the Fed 19:30:22
Cost of Afghanistan will hurt the US economy - Adam Kokesh on RT (video) 19:20:17
Video:Michael Moore on Larry King about Afghanistan.... 19:09:13
MarketWatch: Bernanke will survive, but will the Fed (Ron Paul called a kook) 18:46:34
The censorship of Peter Schiff in CT newspaper! 18:07:44
Freedom Summit 09... 17:57:07
Rand Paul on Cap and Trade 17:53:54
Sprint Fed Customer GPS Data to Cops Over 8 Million Times 17:49:07
Video: Peter Schiff on CNBC: Gold Going to $5,000 Buy It Now 17:32:40
United Kingdom Ceases to be Sovereign State 17:25:35
Obama's two troop surges graphed 17:25:16
Look what Bernanke is saying: recovery gaining momentum 17:06:59
(Dave) Ramsey's Fallacy - A rebuttal to his negative position on gold 16:27:04
Rachel Maddow - Obama: War President 16:16:37
Cartoon of the day 16:14:23
-Reuters- Big developing states reject Copenhagen climate plan 16:05:09
German magazin 'Der Spiegel': troop withdrawals just in time for the re-election campaign 15:56:10
Philly END THE FED Rally 11/22/09 15:43:11
Yahoo, Verizon: Our Spy Capabilities Would ‘Shock’, ‘Confuse’ Consumers 15:07:51
Is independence possible? 15:05:52
The Bush Doctrine Continues 15:05:19
Ventura on Opie and Antony--Ends Ugly! 14:59:55
Arming Goldman With Pistols Against Public 14:38:12
Howard Dean - we are going to have both Socialism and Capitalism 14:15:22
I had no internet for 2 days, now Gold over 1200? 14:15:19
For Liberty - Review 14:10:22
Frank Sees No Change in Fed Audit | Reuters 12/2/09 13:53:30
PMQs: Gordon Brown, I can't answer that! - 12/02/09 13:53:07
Ben Bernanke confirmation hearing tomorrow 12/3/09 13:49:52
Message to the Environmental Movement - Climategate 13:49:44
HOPENHAGEN become a citizen, stop breathing 13:49:24
Do You Love Those Wars on Shadows and Things? 13:33:43
Independent blog says Obama's war speech may spark 3rd party 13:24:31
"America: Freedom to Fascism" Star Sherry Jackson is Being Murdered 13:12:21
House panel backs bank breakup, Fed audit bill 13:07:30
Rand Paul: Kill the Death Tax 12:51:25
This will make you sick.. "Gordon Brown on global ethic vs. national interest." 12:47:48
War Protest in Milwaukee 12-02-2009 12:20:07
Audit the Fed Passed House Conference? Input Needed 12:14:14
Who Should Run in 2012? Ron Paul vs. Gary Johnson 12:13:14
does anyone listen to Jason Lewis... 11:50:04
Holiday Greetings: President and Man-of-Peace Obama has a Xmas Present for Afghanistan (Death) 11:38:43
Investors Defrauded of Hundreds of Billions in Stock Market 11:08:57
Tungsten gold...Molten metal & gold under the trade centers. Is there a connection ? 11:02:53
Something is going on now!! From the GROUND! 10:34:26
A Key British Officials Reminds Us of the Forgotten Anthrax Attack 10:31:45
Huffington Post attempts to debunk ClimateGate 10:23:52
Obama’s War Speech: An Unconvincing Flop 10:14:08
Bernanke Reappointment Hearing 09:57:03
Tungsten Gold UPDATE - jsmineset - Jim Sinclairs Take 09:32:08
Watch the President's Afghanistan War Speech (not Obama's though) 05:46:06
Wouldn't you like to have more freedom? 04:49:11
Report: Bin Laden Already Dead (Wednesday, December 26, 2001) oops! 03:47:41
Did you notice at BOs speech 03:17:22
Goldman Sachs Bankers Getting Pistol Permits 02:56:47
Do you live in a municipality? 02:51:45
Dangers of an Overheated China 01:22:36
Barack Obama sending 35000 to die for opium,pipelines and his BS! 01:15:14
Australia's Parliament DEFEATS global warming bill!! 00:57:40
Government Control Concerning State Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Marriage Licenses, etc 00:57:27
MESSAGE FROM A FORMER DEMOCRAT: Why I Joined The Liberty Movement 00:32:36
Recent World Events Indicate Impending Market Chaos 00:30:56
Beat the recession, work at home, some legitimate companies want to talk to you. 00:29:11
Urgent! Sherry Peel Jackson former IRS agent needs help! 00:01:54