Posted on December 26, 2009

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Rand surges to 19-point lead over Grayson 09:33:49
The Southern Avenger: The Scam of Social Conservatism 01:31:31
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China now #2 economy: overtakes Japan 23:54:23
CNN Video: Army has a new field weapon 23:08:20
Stock market reaction to international travel restrictions? 22:58:24
12/26/09 Ron Paul: Healthcare Reform is a Lump of Coal 22:55:35
Did THE FED invent the word recession? 22:29:27
phone #s for liberty 22:19:24
The Elephant in the Room: Ocean Freighters May Be The World's Largest Source of CO2 22:14:20
Imminent False Flag? Reagan Airport Flooded: Ankle-Deep Water Forces Evacuation From Parts Of D.C. Airport 22:13:38
Twelve Days of Christmas Revolutionary style. 22:04:11
Letter Submitted to AZ Governor Jan Brewer from CAFR1 - 12/26/09‏ 21:32:46
Whole Foods CEO to Give up Title of Chairman 21:17:05
CLIMATEGATE: When Illusions Become Mass Delusions 20:59:37
Lest We Forget…Christmas 1776 20:56:15
911 billboards on I 40 20:44:22
Texas Nullification Rally - Jan 16 at the Capital 20:35:10
Money scam in Jerusalem? 20:00:14
Obama's $4,000/Day, Two-Week Hawaiian Vacation 19:09:25
Boxing Day Party 18:59:54
Peter Schiff: A Nightmare Before Christmas 18:56:14
Second 18:50:25
The Pretenders 18:47:38
Keynesian Economics Is Wrong: Bigger Government Is Not Stimulus 17:46:20
Boxing Day Party 17:40:34
How does it feel to have a pimp? 17:29:59
Sample Event 17:15:13
More music for the revolution! 17:12:52
Peter Schiff Money Bomb January 17, 2010! 16:49:00
China builds worlds fastest train 16:46:51
Cutter Charges at Work in the North Tower of the World Trade Center 15:53:46
Texas Rocks! 15:52:51
Israeli policy leaves family stranded 15:42:17
ObamaCare: Freedom on Life Support 15:35:40
Who is John Galt 15:22:06
End The Fed....New Rap Joint ETF 15:05:40
Does the Federal Reserve need an audit? 14:11:59
Philosophy vs. Conspiracy By Jerry Salcido 14:08:25
Campaign against health care 14:01:59
One Nation Under God 13:56:58
Charlie Sheen spent Christmas Day in jail 13:55:33
US Trucking Operators YRC And Arrow Struggle In Difficult Times 13:52:36
Where did the extra $500B come from? 13:52:28
Does Charlie Sheen's arrest make 9-11 truth look worse? 13:37:37
Time to Fight! 13:32:46
Pentagon now spending more for war than all 50 States combined spend to run the country 13:23:29
A New Year for Patriotism 12:59:57
How was your holiday? 12:49:58
Beware of the new virus campaign that is using Ron Paul's name to spread nasties 12:39:58
Test 12:27:49
Ron Paul Best Source of Ethanol is HEMP 11:54:23
Geithner slips a $5 Trillon debt in the taxpayer's stocking on Christmas Eve! 11:53:09
Family of Secrets:A must read! 11:53:07
Ron Paul Best Source of Ethanol is HEMP 11:52:23
FT Names Goldman's Lloyd Blankfein 'Person of the Year' 11:42:50
How Can Conservatives Support Sanctions Against Iran? 11:30:19
Hillary Rodham's hidden thesis on Saul Alinsky 11:29:11
Why do you continue to act shocked? 11:14:17
Libertarian Party: How Liberty Makes Health Care Virtually Universal 11:04:57
How Big Unions Killed Detroit 10:52:13
WeAreChange on Russia Today 10:21:04
Merry Christmas Neo-Cons - 10:00:47
Michele Bachmann: Welfare Queen 09:52:23
A Letter to a Sincere Leftist 07:16:07
Obama's shocking new precedent : If they declare you a "suspected enemy combatant" ... 06:26:24
Rand/Ron Paul 2012 - The End of the world ? Or a new beginning ? 05:15:13
S.E. Cupp-Atheist Conservative 05:04:32
Ron Paul mentioned twice over Christmas by friend, relative 04:02:24
Public Schools-Local Action at School Board Level 03:07:38
OWNER JOB DESCRIPTION versus employee job description 02:42:48
Youtube video: Chris Matthews calls Saul Alinsky a hero 02:26:51
Youtube video: Steven Crowder "Detroit in Ruins" 02:11:27
Threat of Food Irradiation and Live Viruses 01:36:29
First 01:34:04
Ron Paul: Iran Sanctions are Precursor to War 01:27:11
Al-Qaida link in failed plane attack 01:24:49
Ron Paul: Foreign Policy Ignored 01:22:17
'Obama Executive Order Cedes US Sovereignty, Citizen Rights to Interpol' 01:18:36
Treasury removes cap for Fannie and Freddie aid 01:18:00
The Lost Tomb of Jesus by James Cameron 01:11:55
DPs Back Up And Not A Peep About The Healthcare Fiasco Going On... 01:11:50
Our Distinquished Senator Max Baucus... Drunk 00:42:31
UPDATE: on Michael Badnarik! 00:34:04
'Former head of CDC lands lucrative job as president of Merck vaccine division (opinion)' 00:26:23
So What Did You Do Over Daily Paul Down Time? 00:23:56
U.S. Regional Raw Milk and Farm Food Freedom Alliance announced on Christmas Day 00:22:51