Posted on December 27, 2009

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Ron Paul rEVOLution greatest moments 14:31:51
U.S Soldiers Are Waking Up! 12:10:57
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The Refounding Father Ron Paul 2012! 23:56:58
Baucus Drunk On The Senate Floor? 23:31:58
Coming global food crisis 2010 22:34:01
Questions about Tort Reform and Dr Paul. 20:58:10
Sherlock Holmes-NWO plot 20:55:39
Important news from two passengers on flight 253 20:01:42
If you know where solid evidence can be found concerning sheriff's 18:53:33
Libertarianism in Ancient China 18:52:54
The forum, she's not working so good. 18:39:22
Cool Facebook page: Declaration of Independence 18:03:46
"Something's Not Right Here" 17:51:03
For parents needing vaccine exemption forms 17:46:45
U.S. Tax Payers Unlimited Bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 17:46:03
Peter Schiff vs. Chris Dodd: A Reality to Realize 17:37:15
Pentagon now spending more for war than 50 States combined spend to run the country 16:11:39
$1,000,000,000,000 stimulus? 13:50:55
Ron Paul on Marijuana Bull! 13:43:01
Christmas and new year news 13:31:29
Company wants to capture, store, ship and dispose CO2 13:17:44
The CIA's Secret History in Iran 13:15:24
Will liberty candidate, John Dennis, upset Nancy Pelosi in 2010? 13:13:20
Barrons: Central Problem: the Central Bank 13:08:54
Dailypaul movie review 12:57:04
WSJ : Fannie and Freddie, Unlimited access to bailout funds through 2012 12:49:49
Sen. Lieberman: Yemen is 'tomorrow's war' if pre-emptive action not taken 12:47:30
Bottom feeders patrol the pool 12:46:26
Sounds like secret experimental vaccine used on American Soldiers... 12:39:15
A little background on Alisa Rosenbaum (pulled from Lew Rockwell) 12:20:03
Christmas and new year news 12:19:23
Bomber Had No Passport; Helped To Board Plane By Sharp-Dressed Man 12:16:24
This is what America can expect in the new year 12:01:17
Violent Protests Flare Again in Iran 11:56:51
Everyone should see this 11:41:46
Man Fights Bank of America and Wins 10:55:54
Oh No...Trucking and Unions 10:19:45
Avatar! Wonderful movie with a strong Pro Freedom message! 10:19:04
Christmas and new year news 09:00:43
Cindy Sheehan : Accountability For War Crimes is Imperative 07:39:47
Obama’s Af-Pak War is Illegal 06:22:11
GAZA - One Year On 05:52:31
Two Questions 04:57:08
We are 100% SCREWED!!! 04:37:45
Oklahoma firm recalling beef products in six states 03:07:33
Good talking point that you can use: why the war on terror is a fraud 02:34:11
Iranians' green revolution refuses to wither and die 02:29:18
Obama’s Trilateral Commission Team 02:19:45
So how much more freedom are we going to lose because of this bogus Detroit airplane terrorist thing? 02:19:06
Iraq and Afghanistan Vets Testify 02:12:16
Security and Prosperity Partnership: Militarized NAFTA 02:03:38
Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Occupation 01:59:24
Did Schiff address his "bomb Iran" gaff yet? 01:44:17
About the Senate's healthcare vote 01:32:38
About the Senate's healthcare vote 01:32:05
Mainstream Media Lies of Omission 2009 01:30:50
Video: David Chandler examines evidence of cutter charges in WTC 1 collapse 01:05:29
O.K. a serious Off Topic ! Rock Hounding ! 00:27:22
End of the year Money Bomb for Roy Moore - Governor of AL 00:24:00
Why Interest Rates Will Almost Certainly Rise in 2010 00:04:51