Posted on December 28, 2009

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Southern Avenger: A Decade of Empire 23:03:15
Jake Towne to Donate Most of Congressional Salary to Charity 21:53:37
Schiff on Beck 12/28/2009 18:05:29
False Christians United for War - Respond 15:05:05
Neo-Conned! George W. Bush: Biggest Spender Since LBJ! 10:29:30
USA TODAY: Taking off your shoes is no longer enough! New air scare brings renewed travel hassles 10:13:40
Ron Paul: Time for a sensible foreign policy 10:12:46
Ron Paul: Healthcare Reform is a Lump of Coal 10:10:24
Poll: When did you become a Ron Paul supporter? 10:05:32
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! The Daily Paul is Back! 00:16:16
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Daily Chemtrail Report..... 23:57:21
$40 for my buddy the Navy SEAL who turns 40 today! (Florida State House Race) 23:25:58
Here comes the assult on liberty! 23:04:09
Underpants to propel us into new occupation 22:54:35
Great Interview With European Parliament Member, UK Independent Party's Godfrey Bloom 22:39:49
Ladies and Gentleman I bring you the "Offcial Story" 22:23:32
12/28/2009 Peter Schiff On The Glenn Beck Show 22:08:23
Graduate: "College was a ripoff...I was misinformed." 22:06:05
Comittee of 300 21:53:14
CFR UN vs AIPAC (NWO Topic) 21:53:00
CODEX set to become law on Thursday Dec 31st 21:51:35
“The Last Time That Happened Was During the Great Depression” 20:57:25
Is Rand Paul going to break $2 Million before years end? 20:47:34
Quibs 20:22:17
Obama Executive Order Cedes US Sovereignty, Citizen Rights to Interpol 19:54:10
The Republic No One Lives In - The United States of America 19:50:35
The Growing Movement to Nullify National Health Care 19:35:22
Can't believe this jerk could only get a max of 20 years? 19:30:57
Did anyone watch "60 Minutes" yesterday? 19:05:58
Taxpayers spend billions to train professional atheletes for Fat Cat owners. It's time to end the free ride! 18:15:56
Attempted airline bombing called revenge for US military actions in Yemen 18:00:41
A+ Credit refuses to cash your check if you won't remove your cap 17:28:24
Obama: U.S. Will ‘Do More Than Strengthen Our Defenses’ After Failed Terror Attack 16:28:25
Sen. Lieberman calls for preemptive attack on Yemen 16:09:33
The GloBULL Warming Video The Media Prevented From Being Aired 16:00:09
The Power Elite Hates 15:53:22
weetw 15:35:38
Hypersonic cloud cutters REVEALED. 15:25:54
A nickel is once again worth 5 cents, inflation? 15:15:19
America's New Crusade: Imperial U.S. vs Political Islam 14:56:30
Patriots What Sports Team Do You Support? 14:28:51
States weigh marijuana reform 13:55:33
"Something" Missing On Daily Paul 13:47:33
Recommended Reading 13:42:26
RT: America follows Soviet footsteps 13:22:46
Ron Paul's greatest hits 12:59:28
China rising fast 12:52:02
The Elephant in the Room: The U.S. Military is One of the Worlds Largest Sources of CO2 12:37:29
Disclosure Endgame - Free E-book 12:25:58
H1N5 - Anyone hear about this? 12:25:53
DP - SQL User Memory Max 11:56:43
Deconstructing America Part 1. video 11:34:09
The Lap Bomber Mystery 11:21:48
Bathroom Visits Now Considered Potential Terrorism 11:17:15
Instant Karma: New US War Target Gets Its Own Terror Icon 11:16:28
Wall Street's 10 Greatest Lies of 2009 11:15:43
Specter looks to revive 9/11 suits against Saudis 11:11:47
UNIVERSAL NAZICARE - Can we stop it ? 10:26:15
New pro-Ron Paul blog! 09:20:42
DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano: "The system worked" 08:15:51
Daily Paulers: Can we rally to fight the FDA for a friend? 05:18:30
World War 3 - China Vs Russia 04:42:44
Anyone else here unemployed? 03:54:39
ARTICLES OF FREEDOM: The Works of the Continental Congress 2009 03:32:51
If you know anyone considering military service, Interview,Courage to Resist/Molyneaux 01:57:30
UAE: Do we need a new reserve currency? 01:10:11
Full Circle of Government Debt Default 01:09:41
ORIGINAL INTENT - Out of Thin Air 01:06:38
While You Were Sleeping… The Economy Collapsed 01:05:17
Has anyone read "The Family" by Jeff Sharlet? 00:58:43
Just got a call from Adam Kokesh thanking me for my donation 00:15:46
Zac Efron video mentions Ron Paul 00:13:00