Posted on December 29, 2009

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Time Critique of Ron Paul's End the Fed 18:37:43
Northwest Airliner Bomb Plot Oddities 17:24:25
Ron Paul to Campaign for Son in January 13:27:07
Oh, now I get it about the underwear bomber 12:35:14
Nullification...They're catchin on folks 11:30:20
WSJ: Prepare for a Keynesian Hangover 08:15:55
Debra Medina Money Bomb - Donate NOW!! 12:41:11
Ron Paul on Terrorism 01:05:39
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Wanna really stick it to the banks!! 23:33:20
Obama Makes Judicial Watch's Top Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politician List, for the THIRD Time! 23:23:17
RT - Al-Qaeda: US plane bomb plot revenge for Yemen operations 23:20:35
RT: U.S. secret night operations in Pakistan 23:05:07
Rand Paul Senate Campaign only $65,000 away from goal for the 4th quarter 22:53:18
Wells Fargo Foreclosure Help Me Please! 22:39:24
Now this is interesting!! 22:27:45
Pension Crisis Approches! 22:24:44
Now this is interesting!! 22:23:34
Health Care is NOT a Right 22:22:41
Pension Crisis Approches! 22:18:56
Now this is interesting!! 22:16:01
Recession, Depression, What, Michelle Worry? Mrs. Obama Demands Small Army of Attendants 22:13:43
Health Care is NOT a Right 22:11:51
My questions to Rand about Guantanamo... Any updates? 22:06:07
Ron Paul vs Fed 1min 43 secs 21:46:03
Obama gives foreign cops new police powers in U.S. 21:44:50
2010 Move Your Money 21:09:29
This is starting to get out of hand. Fearmongers 20:33:21
Americans don't need Superheros! We have Freedom! 20:27:43
The empire strikes back! Look at the litegation that cause TSA regulations change. 20:01:01
The empire strikes back! Look at the litegation that cause TSA regulations change. 20:00:38
Pharmaceuticals are more dangerous to your health than terrorists' exploding underwear 19:47:34
Move Your Money: A New Year's Resolution 19:45:08
Pressure Rises to Stop Antibiotics in Agriculture 19:37:15
Discussion: Survival > Home heating 19:36:53
Its so FUN to hijack the GOP 18:55:53
Millions Against Monsanto Campaign 18:03:29
What investment stocks are in line with an investor that believes in liberty? 17:42:19
Airport Scanners - THz Radiation waves un-zip DNA & Create bubbles in double strand ... 17:34:14
Sen. Baucus lamely claims he wasn't loaded 17:14:25
My Letter to Congresswoman Betty McCollum CD4, Minnesota 17:05:00
RT CrossTalk: Afghan Exit 2.0 17:04:43
Rand Paul's week in review/preview 17:00:45
US Intelligence Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged 16:47:07
We're Screwed! 16:45:21
LCL report: Police detained man for Biscuits and Gravy 16:39:08
For Those Who Want To Know 15:54:44
Campaign school on C-SPAN2 15:40:03
Campaign school on C-SPAN2 15:39:03
Independent Forum tackles Yemen and the War on Terror 15:28:59
Bernie Madoff Brutally Beaten In Prison 15:19:28
SILVER SAGE 14:52:19 is confused 14:19:57
Darkness Renewed: Terror As A Tool Of Empire 14:09:54
War Is Over - Up To You 14:02:11
Ben Stein's attack on Ron Paul character....I have a suggestion to convince him to retract his statement!!! 13:57:34
Funniest campaign video ever for Adam Kokesh 13:39:36
Update! Now you can double your gift to LRC at no cost to you 13:26:50
How Do We Like This DailyPaul Upgrade? 13:22:25
The Ultimate Goal of Communism 13:17:39
End of free TV in the not so distanst future 13:04:04
Terrorism Is a Cost of Empire 12:45:33
Giraldi: US Intel Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged 12:35:49
Alan Watt on Brain Chip Implants & Mind Control 11:48:23
Welcome to the Northwest Territorial Mint! 11:19:06
Amending Executive Order 12425 10:45:24
Free Competition in Currency Act 10:44:25
People of Hawaii Pass Resolution Against Forced Vaccination Laws 10:01:56
Letter from Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty 09:46:15
Top 10 Conservatives of 2009 #1 = Tea Party Movement 09:32:05
Afghan War Vet Tells It Like It Is! 09:24:43
John Pilger video!!! WOW!!!! 07:40:26
Democracy the Supreme Object of Adoration as a Global Religion-Robert Higgs 07:29:22
Did you enter? You could win! (Lose?) 05:53:02
Ron Paul In 1990! 05:33:17
Russ Longcore -- Secession: The Hope for Humanity 03:42:03
Debra Medina Money Bomb - Donate NOW!! 02:49:04
Totally wierd, what is this? 02:40:18
Timothy "I'm The CONSERVATIVE Candidate" Delasandro 02:30:50
'Splitting the Sky vs Bush: Civil Resistance in the 21st Century (2009)' 02:11:06
Underpants Bomber Outrage v. 8 Schoolboys Killed by US Led Forces 01:56:30
The Most Redeeming Feature of Capitalism is Failure 01:22:15
Federal Gov't, Obama irrelevent. 00:35:10
Daily Paul! Texas needs your help! 00:09:52
Which airports take full-body x-rays 00:04:37