Posted on December 3, 2009

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The Southern Avenger Nails it Again! Obama Adopts the Bush Doctrine 22:26:21
RJ Harris: The Way Forward in the War on Terror 20:44:06
Restore Liberty - Oath Keeper Money Bomb Dec 4th 18:56:23
Poll: Support For Non-Intervention Soars Among Americans 15:06:22
Ron Paul on MSNBC Morning Meeting With Dylan Ratigan 12-03-09 13:13:40
Bunning Roasts Bernanke: "You are the definition of moral hazard!" 20:15:33
Ron Paul On CSPAN - 12/3/2009 10:07:24
Bernie Sanders Places Hold on Bernanke Nomination 01:08:03
Ron Paul: Obama Preparing for Perpetual War! 13:56:47
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Democrats:Criminalizing Dissent! 23:47:22
i 23:39:45
Each One of YOU NOT Contacting Your Congressmen Are Worse Than a NEO-CON 23:27:46
Have you bought gold ? or prepared in other ways? 23:08:13
Go to hell, John Cornyn (again). 22:37:43
Candidate in South Carolina with the Dont tread on me flag! Awesome! 22:32:45
More trouble with Gardasil Vaccine (Cape Cod Times) 22:30:45
Former CIA Chief Knows and Tells the Truth 22:27:01
Gold Plated Tungsten Bars, Yes or No? DP mentioned :-) 22:17:42
TAKE ACTION: WW2 Medal Of Honor Winner Sued for Flying American Flag 22:03:45
Sanders vs Bernanke?? 21:58:15
Ron Paul on CSPAN Washington Journal this morning 21:52:30
HoHoHo! - Gore cancels personal appearance in Copenhagen 21:49:41
Rand on Front Page of National Journal Online 21:46:01
Do not provoke the Schiffheads!!!! 21:24:19
If everyone drove the speed limit the roads would be more dangerous 21:13:44
Rand Paul opposes re-appointment of Bernanke 21:13:42
RJ Harris: The Way Forward in the War on Terror 20:46:54
online CLIMATEGATE BOOKLET pdf 20:45:12
FDIC Too Broke to Take Over Banks? None taken over last week, will there be tomorrow? Link 20:27:25
Gregg Evenson on live now 20:25:03
RP on Fox 12/3 20:19:51
Message to Obama: You Can't Have Muhammad Ali 20:03:11
Why isn't anyone calling out Glen Beck on selling his house... 19:02:30
Gold and Silver: Jim Rogers Does NOT Win Over Peter Schiff 18:53:28
Jon Stewart - Obama channels GW Bush ... announcing the deployment of an additional 30k troops 18:49:59
Something Worth Fighting For - a veteran returning home (I think you guys will like this) 18:48:36
Global Warmaholics Find Leaks In their Dam 18:21:35
Ron Paul mentioned in a Hip Hop Political Article. 18:00:28
Man cited for flying flag upside-down 17:53:20
Video: Senator Bunning vs Ben Bernanke "Go Back To Princeton" 17:30:45
HELP Missouri County On My Ass 17:20:18
Congressman says Federal Govt has spent $1.1 Million dollars per job creation in Calif. District 17:18:26
"The war speech that may have set the stage for a 3rd party" 17:15:51
Gore cancels on Copenhagen lecture! 17:05:17
Update on Sherry Jackson! Please read 17:00:10
Michael Savage got "booted" off of KNEW 910 (his home station) 16:46:26
Rhino death ruling: liver failure 16:45:35
Poll shows more Americans favor 'isolationism' 16:33:07
KFI hosts to hold Anaheim rally today advocating part time Calif. legislature 16:29:17
Rogers vs. Schiff 16:28:59
Cap & Trade/Climategate/Reps 16:19:47
Currency Crisis 2010 15:33:27
Please give me your input on this peacefreedom symbol 15:19:20
12/3/09 Ron Paul on "I Wouldn't Vote for Bernanke" 14:46:01
If this represents the views of an average American, then God bless America - The Country of Morons 14:44:15
Buy Gold, Be Smart, Diversify 14:32:59
Copenhagen Treaty Question 14:31:14
I've just had a vision... "Benanke is the Wizard Of Oz!" 14:29:54
UPDATE Youtube Video: Jim DeMint is killing Bernanke 14:28:45
Boxer: Hackers Should Face Criminal Probe Over 'Climategate' 14:22:44
WSJ editorial board: Ben Bernanke should not be reappointed 14:18:19
Need advice, I need more income and want to go into buisness 14:05:32
I believe in eugnics 14:00:42
Video: Iraqi Shoe-Thrower holds press conference in France - someone throws a shoe 13:48:34
Tea Parties forever corrupted? 13:47:51
10 Tips For Lowering SuperStress 13:43:24
EFF sues Feds for Info on Social-Network Surveillance 13:41:25
Bernanke Confirmation Hearing: Latest Updates 13:36:05
Gold Plated Tungsten Bars - Any truth to this ? 13:25:27
Here's what happens when you let WNO distribute wealth. 13:18:06
Climate-gate notwithstanding, this is the warmest winter I've ever experienced in Boston 12:55:45
Bernanke nomination put 'On Hold" by Bernie Sanders 13:13:46
Sen. Jim Bunning: “Your Fed has become the creature from Jekyll Island.” Today in Congress 13:12:45
What would the FBI need these for? 13:10:54
Is the tide turning? 12:39:56
Busch: The Best Questions For Ben Bernanke 12:39:43
If You Want the Mogambo Guru Back 12:22:53
"Stirred-up Muslims for the end of the Cold War" 12:20:13
Ron Paul On CSPAN Now 12:16:53
12 Revolution 12:05:09
The Banksters Have More Faith In Us Than We Do 11:32:48
North Korea revalues currency, destroying personal savings 11:16:56
Andrew Sullivan Leaves the Right 11:01:03
Bernanke confirmation hearing in "progress" 13:57:46
Blackwater CIA Agent Erik Prince to Step Down 10:44:22
Paul Trying To Bring Tea Party To Kentucky GOP Contest 10:38:02
What is this survey all about? 10:17:53
Merry Healthcare to All and to All a good night! 09:28:58
Lieutenant Colonel Allen West what you think 09:22:57
79% Oppose Bernanke's Reappointment As Fed Chairman-Rasmussen Poll 08:35:36
The Fed Is Coming To A Theater Near You 07:56:02
Ron Paul scheduled to be on MSNBC with Dylan Ratigan THIS morning Thursday 12/03 07:36:05
Barney Frank expects no changes to Fed bill; Opposes Ron Paul's Bill 07:28:47
The words: Climate Change... 06:09:09
John Stossel on Eminent Domain 04:46:30
ObamaCare at Any Cost A bill that raises prices but lowers costs, and other miracles. 04:35:29
Bernanke May Defend Fed Powers in Senate Confirmation Hearing 04:29:35
ABC News-President Obama's Secret: Only 100 al Qaeda Now in Afghanistan 03:45:24
The Allegory of the Cave 03:39:58
Linda Goldthorpe is Running for Congress in Michigan's 1st District, she was endorsed by Ron in 2008 03:16:57
WAR IS A RACKET Ron Paul 02:56:37
I will end the wars and bring the troops home, you can take that to the bank. -Obama 02:30:16
The golden elevator at Walter Reed 02:13:53
12/02/09 Ron Paul on House Floor: War is a Racket! 01:44:16
Hope for the judicial system... 01:29:33
Curious about DP Climate Debate 00:29:08
Vanity Fair exclusive: Blackwater’s Erik Prince to step down RAW STORY 00:27:24
Climategate Apologists starting to gather 00:21:51
Rasmussen: Just 21% Favor Bernanke’s Reappointment 00:16:24
Metal experts, where do you see steel in the metal appreciation equation? 00:00:31