Posted on December 31, 2009

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Ron Paul - Top #1 Conservative for 2009 - Washington Independent 14:34:27
Iraq War Veteran Exposes Crimes Against Humanity 11:37:16
Update: Flagged by the FBI...!!! 12:09:02
Guess what this means for the dollar... 03:02:38
Check Out The Ron Paul Revolution 2012 Car! 03:07:42
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The Onion Router (TOR): want more internet privacy? 23:24:47
Hey im new 23:24:13
Listening to the fireworks and just got very sad. 23:07:28
Russell Means - A Candid Holiday Message - Part 1 & Part 2 23:00:17
Nystrom: Technical Difficulties 22:25:43
A Hack Job? 21:53:24
I haven't had a drink in three years 21:53:01
Is it April Fool's Day here 21:46:40
OH NO! 21:36:57
You Are a Genius Michael! 21:35:09
Who the F did this? 21:29:14
WTF?? We are under ATTACK!! 21:22:14
Flight 253 passenger Kurt Haskell interview 21:02:36
Terri McCormick (8th-WI) Intro Video 20:59:44
Can you believe it! this was the tune a decade ago...10 fabulous years already! 20:41:05
Federal Judge Drops Charges Against Mercenaries 20:26:56
Schiff for Senate Update 20:21:30
Milestones... something to be included in every legislation 20:00:56
Do we need "major media" to fight for a Major-Media-Free-Society? 19:52:53
Blake Hounshell, editor of Foreign Policy Magazine, denies the CFR has influence in Washington 19:51:12
I "Binged" Ron Paul all day today 19:49:45
Gerald Celente: Economic Collapse Spring 2010 19:36:15
I support full body scans at airports. 19:29:08
Ron Paul blames U.S. for violence 19:25:12
The role of American-Indians in the 2nd American-Revolution 19:08:46
Fusion Centers - Friend or Foe of Liberty? 19:02:49
this guy is running against michelle bachman 18:37:10
The Sons of Liberty 18:03:29
One Lie After Another 17:30:37
U.S. Intelligence says Iranian nuclear trigger document was forged. 17:17:19
Peter Schiff For Senate: Failure to Launch? 17:16:08
President Obama, It's Time To Fire the TSA 17:15:15
If our Society was a Body... What bodily function would the Government be? 17:01:42
Dave Ramsey's credit goal of zero 16:49:17
Better products, more buying power, less political intereference, and forget about bail-outs 16:48:53
Americans are affirmed towards 2010 16:36:20
Alternative fuel on the rise, start saying good bye to gas guzzlers 16:32:34
Secession: Freedom’s Greatest Ally? 16:21:34
The FBI has flagged this guy too, only it has a huge conspiracy plot surrounding flight 253.. 16:21:17
Fox News Attacks: Get Rid Of Political Correctness To Stop The Terror 16:16:48
Rat on people for environmental crimes with your iPhone (Big Brother) 15:53:36
Is the Dollar a Ponzi Scheme? 15:32:13
Best government = No government 15:14:11
Watch~ Power of Nightmares!! 14:36:25
Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians for 2009 14:26:12
New Year's Resolution : Free Yourself!!! 14:22:12
Four Stages Toward Decentralized Value Exchange 14:10:48
Someone Asked Me Last Night - "Do You Believe in God" 12:55:44
You may want to reconsider what you post on this site. You might be drawing more attention than you want. 12:41:24
Need last minute donations for 4th quarter filings. 12:26:13
Well !!.... I guess WND is a bit afraid of Ron Paul's popularity! 12:02:23
Federal court restricts Taser use by police 11:59:54
New Year's Resolution : Free Yourself!!! 11:59:44
What is the best way to transition into a free market economy from the current establishment? 11:54:11
Congress is only required to meet once a year! Why not... 11:48:40
How much planning should take place in the perfect economy? 11:45:13
CIA Whistleblower talks about heart attack gun 11:39:09
Here comes the 2nd American Revolution 11:24:27
Telling it like it is… 11:23:04
8 US CIA Agents 5 Canadians Killed in Afghanistan 11:04:40
The Federal Reserve Needs More Money 10:59:58
8 Reasons The Democrats Are Now Doomed To Lose The House In 2010 10:42:26
Religious Leaders vs. Members: An Examination of Contrasting Views on Immigration 10:16:12
Predictions for 2010: Economy, Dollar, Gold 10:07:52
2010: The Year Of Walking Away On Your Mortgage 09:53:13
Obama considering military strikes after Christmas Day aircraft plot 09:46:42
Rand Paul's press conference speech 09:38:56
Rose Parade attendees surrender 4th Amendment rights in bizarre police squad program 08:47:13
Ronald Reagan on Capitalism and Socialism!!! 08:19:41
Take A Reporter To Lunch 08:16:31
Hannity Doesn’t Hate “Constitutional Statesmen – It’s the Appeasement, Stupid 08:08:50
Maybe Ron Paul’s fringe is what America needs 07:58:48
Chase and Citibank to Drop Out of FDIC Coverage Program 07:51:21
Audit The Fed? How About Fannie and Freddie as well 07:46:53
Jim Traficant: 'I'm going to run' for Congress in 2010 07:40:46
Who is "Our" Candidate? 06:05:42
On users' account pages, what does the "Friends" category mean here? 05:55:24
Money Masters: The Movie 05:50:55
Guide To Breaking Cell Phone Security REVEALED 05:11:47
Grayson won't release fundraising numbers; recent poll shows Paul with large lead 04:46:06
Gerald Celente : 2010 Market Trends! 03:39:07
Did the United States know about the Christmas day attempted terrorist attack? 03:36:14
"Who Represents You?", "Instruments of Tyranny", and "The Census, Getting Personal" by Jerry Day 03:04:04
Obama Executive Order Postal Service Deliver Aid in Case of Biological Attack 02:42:20
WND Hit Piece on Ron Paul 02:01:29
Brzezinki's Latest Piece of Fiction - Hope to Audacity 01:37:06
Tempest in the Tea Party 01:24:56
Maybe Ron Paul’s fringe is what America needs 01:12:25
The Ron Paul approach to Israel/Gaza 00:55:21
Marc Morano to speak 00:43:39
bartering assistance 00:34:35
Prepare To Get Naked 00:18:14
Rush Limbaugh rushed to the hospital with chest pains 00:18:05
Dark Sarcasm In The Classroom 00:15:26