Posted on December 4, 2009

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Jake Towne: The Government's “War” on Main Street 17:05:05
Dr. Paul - The Ed Show - MSNBC 12/03/09 01:40:01
The Swiss and Guns: Why Switzerland Has the Lowest Crime Rate in the World 10:52:36
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 12/3, Judge Napolitano guest hosting 10:52:08
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Fake Jobless Numbers Dazzle Obamunist Supporters 23:23:40
Al Gore is dead - 23:12:19
"Obama Man Can" How Did I Miss This? 23:09:30
Can anyone help me fix my chip-in or try the following for me?? 22:54:32
The Conservative Pothead Supports Rand Paul 22:43:08
what was the topic here with a no war obama promise ? youtube 22:32:06
Another great Hebrew organisation from Chicago for America 22:20:32
"Banking Queen" - a Live Performance by Barney Frank 22:19:37
Rand on drug policy? 21:51:56
Time for a laugh! "My Nigerian Pen Pals" 21:44:07
Florida Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West 21:37:51
9 min cartoon from 1948, Is time standing still? 21:32:13
Off to Ecuador! 21:20:25
Anyone serving on a jury? Good Jury Nullification information. 20:36:19
Peter Schiff on Fast Money 12-4-09 20:30:16
Market Top - Complacency at its Highest Level Yet 20:24:05
How Much Value Do You Place On Freedom? 19:43:14
Help! Email from the FBI? I'm afraid to open it! Can anyone help me verify? 19:41:14
12/04/2009 Six more bank failures cost FDIC $2.4B: total now 130 19:31:52
My congratulations, Michael. 19:18:38
Israeli involvement of 9/11? Whoa!!!!! 19:14:34
More Gold Bug Beatings - Kitco Exclusive Commentary Published 19:11:42
How Goldman Sachs Stole Taxpayers Money -- Great video from MSNBC, did I just say that??!! But true this time. 18:55:25
ACTION ITEM – 12/7 @ 4pm - Public Safety Commission to discuss Austin Regional Intelligence Center! 18:21:42
Who's afraid of the New World Order? 18:16:13
Nick Griffin: Climategate 18:13:27
Jon P. Holdren Grilled By Congressman Sensenbrenner (ClimateGate) 18:06:57
911 Kooks and Missing Gold and Silver from WTC in New York 17:59:11
Police officer caught on camera kicking and punching a suspect in custody by an independent surveillance camera 17:27:26
Medical Advice Required, PLEASE Help 17:12:19
Independent blog challenges Romney 17:06:36
Demint vs Bernanke 16:49:19
A Reason To Be Proud of Ron Paul 16:49:09
The stink of intellectual corruption is overpowering 16:39:46
Sarah Palin Goes 'Birther': Obama Birth Certificate 'A Fair Question' 16:38:30
FDIC Fire Sale! 11 Homes For Under $10,000 16:31:19
Video of Gerald Celente: Barnanke is Destroying the Economy 16:18:09
Another reason to feel bad for NJ: $22K/day interest for nothing! 15:15:43
"Confessions of an Economic Hitman", by John Perkins 15:13:53
How can we stop the Copenhagen Treaty? 15:09:09
Pat Buchanan - "It's the hour of Ron Paul and the Fed" 14:57:33
Security incident aboard AirTran Flight 297 suggests terror “Dry Run” 14:29:03
How much longer do you think the Fed has? 14:28:18
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Fantastic G Edward Griffin interview 13:38:34
Barack Obama, like Cheney, is a filthy Warmonger. Can you spot any difference? 13:37:10
Rex Murphy on Climategate 13:20:01
UPDATED! MSM covers up real story of what happened on AirTran flight 297! 13:06:31
Gov't has NEVER Failed! 12:54:26
I'll come back when this site is working again 12:37:07
Video: Sen. Bunning vs Bernanke 11 minute tiraid. 12:35:15
Celente: Bernanke is destroying the US economy 12:30:52
Gold plunging or just a minor correction? 12:27:30
Millions of Americans Can't Afford Food 12:26:59
There is NO law that says you must pay income taxes! 12:18:31
Carter unveils the Geithner IRS Penalty Waiver 12:18:13
Putting job predictions to the test 12:12:44
Law Enforcement Magazine Argues for Counterinsurgency Against Americans 12:02:21
Doctor's Letter to Sen. Bayh about the Health Reform Bill 12:01:04
Nader running against Dodd? (and thus against Schiff) 11:53:35
Bloomberg ; Skull and bones story??? 11:36:49
Jesse Ventura on Howard Stern 11:15:23
We should be on all the senators telling them to not reappoint Bernanke, I will post three of them below 10:56:45
Police Attack Students at the Anti War March in Times Sq, NYC after Obamas West Point Speech 10:29:48
i need some answers about the senate hearing please 10:17:57
Obama party crashers?? 10:07:25
David Vitter joins in to block Ben! 10:05:33
Newt Gingrich praises Obama on Afghanistan 09:59:56
Gold plumeting any guess why? 09:52:03
Ron Paul Takes C-SPAN Phone Callers Questions pt.1 09:36:34
Mitt Romney: I Believe Bernanke Is Doing A Good Job! 09:34:14
Sociogram Graphic of neoliberal groups: Pro-War Astroturf Propaganda Operation Distilled 09:15:02
Mitt Romney: I Believe Bernanke Is Doing A Good Job! 09:02:27
YouTube: Ron Paul Takes C-SPAN Phone Callers Questions part 1-4 09:00:06
Salt Water as Fuel -Video- 08:34:15
You think you know more about the American Revolution than you actually know 07:38:13
Get ready for our next military campaign, it's Canada! 07:33:42
The New F***ing Citibank - LOL 07:25:21
Ron Paul on The Ed Show MSNBC 12/03/09 07:15:44
CNBC: Peter Schiff - Gold to $5K (12-02-09) 07:06:25
Everything is OK - The Love Police 06:02:04
Prohibition was killed with another Amendment to the constitution..... 05:18:03
What else will a Fed audit find? 04:27:12
U.N. stands on plan to shut down reporters 03:09:30
Salinas, CA to use military techniques/military? to fight gangs 01:58:40
Just FYI, I'm a Christian, and I don't believe in Islamic terrorism. 01:47:45
"America Without a Middle Class" 01:47:21
Why doesn't anyone questioning the Federal Reserve ever ask about the interest and profits they make? 01:18:59
Bernanke's statement on Social Security: "It's only mandatory until Congress says it's not mandatory." Also applies to the Fed. 01:13:50
Kevin Tuma: December Cartoons 00:31:19
Woman Charged with Felony After Taping 4 Minutes of a Movie 00:32:45
Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning Grills Bernanke 00:16:02