Posted on December 5, 2009

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Ron Paul Speaks At ASU! 13:00:46
As if they didn't have anything better to do 02:13:54
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Rand Paul CAR! 23:30:42
Mounting Debilities and Deaths from H1N1 Vaccine 23:16:26
Ron Paul December 03 2009 Takes C-SPAN Phone Callers Questions 23:08:32
What's up with the movie "The Road"? 22:58:06
DIGG! Newsweek Headline: How Ron Paul Can Save the Republican Party 22:40:28
John Hostettler Running for Senate in Indiana! 22:39:22
Al Gore es confrontado en New York como marioneta del NWO 22:31:14
Requiem For The Dollar: "Mourning The Gold Standard" 22:21:13
Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Is Promoting Child *what* in the Classroom? 22:11:27
Conspiracy Theory HAARP Jesse Ventura 22:04:46
Is this a good summary of Rand Paul? 21:56:44
Jefferson Letter Found Amid Old Delaware Documents 21:53:53
Abolish the 14th Amendment Campaign:We need to educate our elected officials, just like we did on the Federal Reserve! 20:48:59
Fed says Bank of America must find some businesses to sell.....The Fed is evil, and yes, they need to be abolished.... 20:45:35
geez 20:01:10
A Great Read from Jake Towne 18:57:13
Climategate Deniers Now Have There Own Website 18:19:43
What Are We Afraid Of? 17:56:19
Founding Fathers Were Terrorists? What? 17:32:16
Beck on O'Reilly: We need a VAT tax to fix the country 17:30:27
"I'm So Military Song" 16:59:29
Leo Donofrio and Steve Pidgeon team up with auto dealers to bring Quo Warranto against Obama in DC District Court!!! 16:56:04
Jesse Ventura - "Afghanistan is Vietnam all over again" 16:52:35
People said it just doesnt matter... How many times? 16:41:27
New Government regulations in the housing market... 16:38:47
Break down of Obama's Czar's and their beleifs. 16:35:39
Rand Paul Speach in Pikeville (You Tube Video.) 16:27:48
H1N1 Vaccines pulled in Canada! Due to high percentage of adverse reactions. 16:22:26
WeAreChange NYC confronts Al Gore 16:20:07
"Unemployment and Job Cuts in U.S. Riding Coattails of Recovery " 16:17:25
Jake Towne at Philly ETF rally 16:10:03
CONSPIRACY THEORY WITH JESSE VENTURA Delivers 1.6 Million Viewers, truTV's Biggest Audience Ever for a New Series Launch 15:31:53
Movers of Light 15:29:25
How High Will The Gold Price Go ? 15:26:34
James Corbet - Arrest the Crimatologists 15:09:03
Rep. Miller on ClimateGate and Cap and Trade 15:08:00
Who Really Are The Rothschild Family 15:04:07
NASA's using weather modification patent 14:51:54
It's not about action . . . . . It's about "PROPER ACTION" 14:46:38
Sen. DeMint Destroys Bernanke And The Fed! 14:45:54
Texas Freedom & Justice Forum - LIVE WEBCAST 14:37:51
Former television weatherman, now whistleblower on the governments weather modification program: 14:27:16
TX - LIVE WEB CAST - Saturday, December 5th from 2 to 4pm CST 14:10:59
TX - LIVE WEB CAST - Saturday, December 5th from 2 to 4pm CST 14:10:42
The Cure for what Ails the United States- A Peaceful NON Revolution 14:03:04
National Population Reduction Radio- Segment on dumping Sulphure Dioxide into stratosphere 13:40:55
Peter Schiff Vlog 12/4/09: Jobs and gold 13:40:46
Lt. Col. Allen West 13:17:47
Churches and taxes 13:05:35
6 Banks FAILED again .....Oh my? 12:28:16
Ron Paul supporter RIPS Senator Judd Gregg 11:48:28
Neocons Applaud "War President" 11:33:58
Are You Willing To Be On Team "B" 11:31:19
This month's Golf Digest Magazine cover 11:22:03
Are You On The Terror Watch List? 11:03:40
I love Ron Paul but I don't think even Ron knows how evil this guy is! 10:41:35
Shops want your Christmas money, NOT your Christmas sprit 10:39:00
Obama’s War: The neocons and the war liberals are on board 10:34:45
'Free Sherry Peel Jackson' Radio Bomb - 12/11 09:43:35
Women risk their life to give life, men do not 09:27:11
Any thoughts on the World Cup draw? 09:01:29
Mish Shedlock Interview on King World News 10/30/2009 08:45:06
Man Arrested on His Own Property 07:11:26
Silver update with Ted Butler 07:03:38
Video: Ralph Conner and “No Guns for Negroes” 06:57:23
Towards technology Upgradation for greater productivity 06:51:56
We the People 'hijacked' via the 14th Amendment 06:16:27
Common Sense - A Revolutionary Idea! 03:50:46
John Stossel : Free People Create Jobs! 03:50:07
Sen. DeMint Destroys Bernanke And The Fed! 03:49:24
Sen. Bunning Totally Destroys Bernanke And The Fed! 03:48:44
Rick Simpson interview: hemp oil + cancer 03:04:05
Hal Lindsey speaks about the FRAUD! 03:01:16
Hey visitors, here is a little taste of what you missed, buy some spray paint for instant fun!!!! 02:28:44
Arnold's global warming pitch and ... 02:27:09
Ron Paul Started the rEVOLution !!!!!!!!! 01:54:15
Australian Leader Falls On Climategate Complicity 01:44:49
Check out the guys post that say's "Where Have All the Ron Paul Bumper Stickers Gone?" 01:33:37
Times are changing.... 01:11:31
Zionists wont let you see this on TV. 01:11:03
Why did infowars pull the article about Evensen stating martial law within next couple of months? 00:53:38
Hawaii - Ben Bernanke Surf Meeting Update 00:48:24
Some investments pay off... 00:25:07