Posted on December 6, 2009

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another reason why people fear gays 23:46:07
CLIMATEGATE - They tried the same scam back in 1958. 23:21:47
Boston Tea Party 2009 at Faneuil Hall on Dec. 12th Boston MA 22:56:17
Are you: an archist or an anarchist? 22:53:10
Leo Donofrio, Stephen Pidgeon to Bring Quo Warranto Against Obama 22:42:01
Mitt Romney's Banking Ties Exposed. 22:39:37
Is There a Doctor in the House? Ron Paul, the GOP's unlikely savior. 22:21:34
There was a link to a WSJ 21:54:22
Meet Geneticsgate: Climategate's kissing cousin 21:48:15
Status of Daily Paul updates 21:27:39
Six more banks went under this weekend..... the coming crisis. 19:51:02
Bernanke Sets His Sights on Social Security and Medicare 19:37:01
We Are Change expose Tampa, FL youth police - VIDEO 19:11:25
The Power of the Powerless, 18:58:20
The Best Climategate Video Yet? 17:41:41
Sarah Palin, Israel needs to expand settlements, Jews will be leaving USA 17:37:35
Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World 17:36:40
URGENT - Alex Jones: Please Help Sherry Peel Jackson! 17:23:11
How many DPer's live in the following areas. 17:21:32
Adam Kokesh Speaking at Freedom Phoenix Summit LIVE NOW 16:54:46
Re-instituting "We the People": The Collective Sovereign 15:31:09
How to Join an Oath Keepers State Group 15:23:22
Homeland Sec. Panel Chief Extorts Credit Card Cos 15:05:40
The Founders' Blog 14:49:10
Oh the irony...TARP boy goes "off the grid".... 14:37:02
Help Save A Home of a Group of Liberty Lovers 14:35:40
Arrest The Climatologists Contest -video- 14:02:48
Trey Grayson says cutting government spending is a bad move 13:30:59
James Jaeger on How to Survive as a Libertarian Rebel 13:23:30
How to spot a DISINFO AGENT 12:49:48
Af-Pak War Racket 12:42:00
The Elves of Christmas 11:59:52
Daddy WarBucks Shops WalMart....WHAT THE...? 11:30:29
Banking on Sharia Principles: Islamic Banking and the Financial Industry 10:57:57
China vs the U.S. - The Battle for Oil 10:55:33
UN climate chief: Hacked e-mails are damaging 10:47:29
Jesse Ventura wants a draft, wants a police state ? 10:32:58
79% Now Favor Auditing the Fed 10:05:36
rhno: KY Senate candidate quiz. I bet you get it wrong. 08:02:32
DHS "Test" Subways Airflow for terror attack 07:09:00
Trey Grayson calls Rand Paul the establishment candidate? (Please DIGG!) 05:11:31
A huge array of Documentary films 04:18:20
Wake Up, America! 03:48:11
Swiss ban on minarets was a vote for tolerance and inclusion 03:44:06
CSU student board votes in favor of guns on campus 03:34:13
Even guns made of Lego will get you in trouble! 03:32:05
Grayson attemps to peg Rand as the establishment candidate, Rand destroys him 03:03:42
From SENTINEL: Years of Deceit: US openly accepts Bin Laden Long Dead! 02:48:09
War Criminal Carl Rove Heckled by University Students 02:45:22
now that AGW is exposed as a fraud in Climategate... 02:36:32
Bush 2.0 Reloaded 02:12:44
Worthy of a Look & Sign Up & Spread the Word - GOOCH.COM 01:51:36
The Desecration of Science 01:30:32
South Korean Teenager In Coma After Anti-Flu Vaccine Shot 01:28:29
Roads , Bridges and Public works. Were Saved ! 01:21:34
Dr. Wargotz for US Senate, a constitutional conservative like Dr. Paul 01:16:09
Free Sherry Jackson Mobilization: 00:20:48
Ron Paul speaks to 2000 at ASU 00:19:54
Just watched The Secret of Oz 00:09:09