Posted on February 1, 2009

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Protests Turn Violent In Geneva 23:43:25
California to Print Own Currency in Form of IOUs? 21:18:09
Forbes Publisher's Advice to Obama "...Ron Paul is spot on" 11:06:46
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action alert improve prison system. 23:50:28
Fueling the Fire! Vatican and German Central Bank connection? 23:47:21
FDIC Question 23:34:43
State Budget Troubles Worsen 22:56:41
new trillion dollar bill to be released 22:42:58
Immortal Technique- Bin Laden 22:42:35
Economic Stories of Interest 1/30/2009 22:28:12
Israel-Jewish Media control 22:08:26
Immortal Technique - Peruvian Cocaine 22:04:30
Chinese Premier Greeted By Protesters. 22:00:25
The Star Spangled Banner was written during the War of 1812 - If people only knew it was a war over the central bank! 21:31:43
Bill creates Nazi camps in U.S. for 'emergencies' 21:27:23
Is It Time to Bail Out of the US? 20:57:22
NH bill takes secessionist tone over gun laws 20:54:33
I have to watch football! 20:52:05
FedEx CEO says Buying American Will Hurt The Economy 20:42:53
The Big Stimulus~ Justin Raimondo 20:40:55
Riots in Moscow Over the Economic Collapse 20:38:57
The war on drugs : Former Police officer tells John Mccain he wants to end the war on drugs wait until you see this 20:29:21
"Something momentous is happening ... 20:28:23
US turned blind eye to Somalia abuses: say rights group 20:06:13
The Stimulus Shopping List: $1.17 Trillion in Pork Goodies 19:11:40
White Male Construction Workers Need Not Apply 19:05:58
Olympic Gold Medalist Phelps a Marijuana User. 18:56:16
Ron Paul delegates at RNC - just found video! 18:52:28
Health Care Debate needs your attention, 18:41:17
Bailed-out banks sought OK to bring in foreign workers 18:32:33
Israeli Ambassador slips up 18:29:22
Behind Gitmo Gates 18:14:54
Pokerface- Revolution 18:12:01
July 2009: A Historic Objectivist Summer ( url moved into thread ) 18:00:17
This is worse than I had originally thought!! 17:45:13
Sen. Lugar: Carbon Profiteer? 17:44:22
Homeland Security Checkpoint 17:21:41
Maybe *This* Is How The War On Marijuana Ends 17:20:02
Bless the beats... 17:18:56
911 documentary. Long, but a must see IMHO. 17:10:26
Japan sewage yields more gold than top mines! 16:50:23
Explaining Gold Prices and Manipulation 16:49:35
We really need to stop judging people on how long they have been on DP! 16:36:39
F**K The Fed - Music Video 15:56:33
Rahm Emanuel - A Love Song (creepy) 15:46:37
Now auto parts suppliers are asking for US government bailout 15:42:41
"Taxes are for little people" 15:31:07
I just went through a crash refresher course in survival 15:24:39
You know those De-Motivational Posters ? 15:04:18
New Bill Proposed To Federalize College & University Campus Security 14:56:33
DEA quits Bolivia on Morales' order 14:52:21
Marcy Kaptur (D) is Doing the Right Thing in Ohio 14:33:34
Glenn Beck on the Federal Reserve, Gold Standard, Bailouts: AMAZING VIDEO! 14:29:58
A small victory at ID State Central Committee meeting yesterday 14:29:05
So what happened to the case against Cheney & Gonzales~The plot thickens 14:27:59
Budweiser 9/11 commercial 13:50:17
****2nd Amendment help please**** 13:12:22
Obama poll 13:07:35
The Truth about Israel and Gaza - **Warning Graphic Images** 13:02:28
Obama’s New Stimulus Plan May Be the Needle That Pops the Treasury-Bond Bubble 12:56:18
Need Someone Smarter than me to research this. 12:55:52
YAL NEW HD PROMO! 12:39:00
Latest Greatest Coverage on Foxnews 12:38:15
How to Analyze the News and What Goes on Around You 11:51:31
Can I get a bit of help guys? 11:34:46
Desiderata by Max Ehrmann 11:33:11
Do you enjoy watching "24"? 11:32:45
New Preamble to the Constitution 11:29:54
market meltdown 11:27:08
Aerosol Crimes 11:03:19
The Media Screwed Us 10:39:44
What if we all went to out banks and DEMANDED out bailout money at no interest because it was out money in the first place? 09:06:16
Picture shows Phelps using bong 05:59:23
Israeli Ambassador slips up 05:43:51
Need a Girk. Chatta Me Lisa. A Ron babe plsss. Amil me. 05:19:40
Ron Paul Sounds Alarm! 04:12:47
VIDEO: Toledo Congresswoman tells em to SQUAT! 02:45:24
Silver in Backwardation! Has the Last Contango Been Danced in Washington? 02:27:18
Feb 13th 2009..? What's your take 02:22:53
The CDR is back! 02:19:40
Ok People Vote Here: YAY, we set up our own party. NAY, we stay with GOP 01:48:59
CHEMTRAIL RAIN - Biological warfare against a small U.S. town 01:46:45
Had a long argument tonight with a official story believer ! 01:45:42
Ahmadinejad says Obama stimulus will lead to hyperinflation (SPOOF) 00:59:27
I picked up a book at The Salvation Army today, I think this book will explain a lot for all of us 00:36:08
Young Americans for Liberty Promo 00:29:57
Young Americans for Liberty Promo 00:29:03
One Arab Currency coming soon 00:12:02