Posted on February 11, 2009

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Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan 22:56:15
The Role of Government in the Australia Fires 22:30:06
Will the USA declare herbs as “hazardous” substances? Help us Ron Paul! 08:35:31
USA was 3 hrs away from Economic, Political Collapse in September 2008 06:38:15
Jim Rogers: Videos -"Geithner, has been dead wrong about everything for 15 years in a row" 16:57:53
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How We Can Restore Confidence 23:59:31
A good video on Gun Control how it can be benificial to some 23:56:04
Seattle police chief to become nation's drug czar 23:51:31
Obama on tv show in 2001! 23:47:17
Low Unemployment States That Continue To Perform Well 23:42:22
simultaneous reading of the Gettysburg Address February 12 23:30:55
Socialism at it's best, Taxpayers may be covering octuplet mom’s bills 23:28:08
Awesome new country song about the bailout 23:09:09
You need a laugh today 22:48:45
Financial Times: Has Barack Obama's presidency already failed? 22:30:03
I Believe in You 22:25:15
Treasury Rejects Direct Aid to Insurers 22:06:22
Flyleaf Cassie (Acoustic) God Bless Everyone 21:38:02
Does "vehicle is a weapon" argument work? 21:34:40
Crooked judges sent kids to jail for profit 21:23:53
NWO Card game? 21:16:34
Would you pay 103,000 $ for this Arizona Fixer-Upper? (WSJ) 21:10:44
IRS tax collections go DIRECTLY to the FED - Never been audited or accounted for! 20:42:04
Essay on the question of sovereignty!!! Lets discuss! 20:39:32
Church evolves to Darwin 20:35:32
“Pork” Bailout Bill Could Ban Guns for Millions of Americans 20:20:23
If Government Can Create Money from Nothing, 20:19:58
John McCain Will Seek Re-election in 2010 20:12:23
Senate confirms ex-lobbyist as Pentagon No. 2 20:09:19
Obama puts Alaska and coastal drilling plans on hold 19:59:55
Turbo Tax insult 19:56:54
Oh boy, a whole extra $13 a week ... 19:55:43
Stimulus Package 19:51:12
What Does 'Sovereignty of the Individual' Mean, Exactly? 19:29:29
Juducial corruption - kids jailed for cash 19:01:04
Documented: Ron Paul Received 0.0% Major Media Coverage in Key Week 18:58:00
The Fall of the Roman Republic 18:57:44
Forked Tongue Barry O 158 Whoppers And Counting... 18:43:56
***Peter Schiff on a Camel in Saudi Arabia*** 18:41:34
pleeaassseee ... penalty boxes??!!! 18:09:53
Why was the New Deal a bad thing? 18:06:47
"Cagwdotorg" Citizens against government waste" Want you to take part to decide the 2008 "PORKER of The Year"!! 17:59:56
California Lawmakers Reach ‘Framework’ on Budget Deal: More TAXES! 17:58:21
Some questions to the CFTC about silver manipulation 17:53:14
Tennessee Republicans are standing tall for the Party 17:50:37
Now $34 Crude Oil For Sale : New Multi-year Low 17:48:56
RP just on Fox.. ~3:15pm 2-11-09 -- and no mention of it here?? 17:42:49
A Day Of Reckoning For The USA 17:05:04
Digital TV and Silent Sound? 16:52:06
"Pork Bailout Bill could Ban Gun's for millions of Americans. TAKE ACTION!! 16:50:40
Fighting Third world poverty without socialism- Kiva 16:44:07
Start being a Cop Watcher 16:34:39
Peter Schiff at Saudi Conference! 16:22:50
Go Ashland Oregon - Refusing To Let Children Take Vaccines 16:01:36
The popular uprising against central banking 15:59:29
NWO Website in case you're into that stuff.. 15:44:49
States Push to Take Back National Guard 15:40:46
Steel beams thrown? 15:39:52
Lead Law Put On Hold 15:28:19
***NEWS FLASH***Gold is on the move 15:25:23
**Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Judge Napolitano, and Cody Willard on Fox News NOW 2pm** 15:03:54
Add Splenda to the list! 14:46:25
Transpartisan Alliance Citizen's Summit today -- why no publicity? 14:34:07
What Now?? 14:22:32
Dow close 2/11/09 7,939.53 up +50.65 +0.64% 14:17:53
HateLaw 14:16:27
CEO'S Tell How They Used The Troubled Asset Relief Program 14:15:27
What Wall Street Wants 13:56:47
The Vampire, Struck by Sunlight ~by Arthur Silber 13:44:37
Internment Camps Readied For Mass Illegal Alien Influx? 13:35:58
**Million Gun March** 13:10:56
When Destruction Is the Cost of Denial ~ by Arthur Silber 13:10:29
What are YOUR thoughts on the Newly Passed "Stimulus Plan" 12:51:23
Freedom Force Site Down? 12:34:13
The Amazing TARP Fund 12:25:28
Bankers "Woe are we!" 12:23:35
Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production 12:16:22
Two Big Moves In Two Days For Precious Metals: Here Comes Dollar Devaluation 11:51:17
Christians Use Prophecy to Excuse Laziness 11:34:27
Barack Hussein Obama's Birth Certificate-sign petition 11:29:50
Oklahoma leads the way . . .Recieved this from End the Fed on Facebook.. 11:10:29
Schumer - On Stimulous Pork;The American People Don't Care 11:05:52
Consequences, Or the Madness Continues... 11:00:02
Ron Paul - CNN article - CPAC 10:57:14
Merrill Lynch secretly accelerated bonus payments and gave at least $1 million to each of nearly 700 employees 10:46:49
Paraphrasing Barney Frank: "You can't handle the truth" 10:42:50
**Stimulus Passed - All Rhetoric And Promises? - No Plan Of Action** 10:42:25
Christian leaders coming around??? 10:33:59
Max Keiser on the Global Economy 10:31:06
Celente on Russia Today 02/10/09 10:25:27
Bernanke: Game Over? ~ Karl Denninger~ 10:17:19
Comment in the Charlotte Observer on the housing bust 10:09:34
Gun Ban H.R. 45 Introduced 10:06:24
RFID 09:51:01
Wired For War: Robotics Revolution 09:09:41
Tax Protest in Kentucky 08:25:45
the new light bulbs 03:16:50
My Greatest Investment Idea for 2009 02:55:14
Coast to Coast central time 12:30 am Wednesday morning-Ron Paul mention 02:30:46
The free market is dead 02:15:16
California IOU bills 02:12:20
RJ Harris For Us Congress Website Now Up!! 02:08:23
They think and hope we will turn on eachother 02:01:04
Why Americans Refuse to Wake Up 01:57:33
Obama: Trilateral Commission Endgame (by Patrick Wood) 01:39:28
Obama: The Market Is Issuing You A WARNING - Karl Denninger 2-10-09 00:25:22
Calvin and Hobbes 00:24:05
New Hampshire Fires First Shot Of Civil War 00:23:59
What is the Libertarian position on child support? 00:08:32