Posted on February 14, 2009

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Glenn Beck on Bill O'Reilly - Fairness Doctrine, Depression, and Revolution! 22:00:11
A Valentine to the Federal Government from LRC: "To Alter and Abolish" 15:32:59
Paul Supporters Lead Fight to Restore State Sovereignty in Oklahoma 04:01:37
Weekend Deflation Special Report at 01:32:57
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C4L website down? 23:50:46
Vice Chariman of St. Johns County FL REC declares war on liberty movement 23:44:42
Monetary Policy and the U.S. Dollar my personal note: These charts look like volcanic eruptions unlike any thing I've EVER seen 23:10:36
Mathematicians Discover Largest Number !!!!!!!! 23:02:54
*Bankruptcy a.k.a. Stimulus* 22:50:59
Where the holy heck is the outrage (double libertarian digg)??? 22:33:03
Editorial for my HS Newspaper 22:31:25
Doug Wead talks about Obama's challenges 22:31:12
How the World Almost Came to an End on September 18, 2008 22:23:39
535 Employees XVID - Total Wakeup Call to America! - Updated 22:16:14
Who cares if the Federal Reserve "is private"? 22:13:00
China Very Upset about The Devaluation of the dollar-Rep Burton 22:00:28
A Letter I’d Like To See (But Won’t) 21:39:36
Dubai in Turmoil - Lindsey Williams is on Par 21:22:51
Frost over the World - Jim Rogers 21:20:06
Paul, Judge, Cody and Schiff Video? 21:19:19
LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (Drugs) 21:02:37
Need a permit to move dirt around on your own property? 20:36:54
Video- YAL interviews Ron Paul: "Are you interested in running in 2012?" 20:22:12
545 20:18:32
*Fallujah Song* 20:09:57
"…The attacks they sustain are more cruel than the collision of arms…Friends desert and despise them…" 19:58:05 19:50:49
How do we get DailyPaul numbers to match Huffington Post members 19:45:55
***Peter Schiff On Fire For Liberty*** 19:13:19
I feel safer already! 18:59:12
The Goal of a New World Order-Shoghi Effendi 18:54:08
Fed Chief Ben Bernanke's Boyhood Home Is Sold After Foreclosure 18:19:38
Gold Between 4:09 and 4:12 pm today? Anyone? 18:13:50
It's NOT Going Away! --- Knox legislators join effort that seeks Obama's birth certificate 2/14 18:08:39
4 Banks in Florida, Illinois, Nebraska and Oregon were shut by state regulators 17:55:29
Stock Market Priced in Dollars and Gold - 2000 to 2008 17:53:53
*G7 sets it's Sights on New World Economic Order* 17:46:41
The Fourth Turning...... LONG but interesting article for the weekend 16:49:34
"Let 'em Eat Cake - CEO's" Great Song!!! 16:25:53
A March On Washington? Parts 1-3 16:12:06
Obama Threatens Keyes and other Eligibility Plaintiffs - ALAN KEYES America’s Independent Party ^ | Saturday, February 14, 2009 16:10:57
Nassau County! 15:34:47
*Don't blame me I voted for Ron Paul Part II* 15:23:21
Article from The Austrian Economist perspective: 15:15:18
74 year old doctor back in the army now 15:02:33
Obamarket Update Number 20 for February 13, 2009: The Weak in Review 14:53:04
Coast-to-CoastAM 2/16/09: State Sovereignty - Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi, Various State Reps...mark your calendars 14:50:28
I Was An On-The-Spot Observer Of The 1918 Flu Epidemic 14:26:49
Term limits? 14:13:18
So, is Obama hiring actors for propaganda of his policies, or are these his supporters? 14:09:54
Senate passes bailout # II 13:47:22
Flashback to Why We Admire Dr. Paul 13:24:32
Great book: Country Wisdom & Know-How 12:38:45
All of us should have taken out HUGE subprime mortgages!!! 12:38:23
Ron Paul was on Fox Business television this afternoon. 12:28:01
The truth about money and banking 11:59:25
california not looking too good 11:54:20
Anyone Fancy taking a Holiday 15th April? 11:42:15
Why China's Stimulus Plan Will Change the World 11:39:45
Anthrax - As American as Apple Pie? 11:32:23
I'm ready for a Ron Paul money bomb 11:28:56
Two new allegations against the FED! 11:14:56
Need to rebirth quickly HR835 by poe(tx) and franks(AZ) 10:54:51
Rome-Today-a word from the world bank president 10:50:57
Collapse Begins-Gerald Celente on Financial Sense for Valentine's Day 09:25:51
NH will have a secession rally March 4th 08:51:05
ESCALATING Fast........... 08:49:48
The Bush Years! - The Age of Unaccountability! 08:13:35
Majority Oppose Chapter 11 of NAFTA 07:34:01
Women bishops 06:13:22
Out of Iraq? 05:55:30
The Great Economic Recovery Deception 05:29:12
Read the truth 04:36:35
Rahm Emanuel Creep Out Post 04:14:14
College Student Arrested For LEGALLY Carrying a Firearm 02:59:55
Knowledge ALL Americans need to know 02:34:24
This is how we'll eventually pull out of this depression: 02:09:34
At least the 'stimulus' may do something good... 02:05:07
Schiff's book bull moves in bear markets - how many have read it? 01:46:51
George W. Told The Nation -- Gotta hear this! 01:06:32
Bill Maher: Abolish the National Endowment for the Arts 00:41:05
OK. Now I'm oficially fuming: 00:26:46
"The International" -- Vote this Review Up! (Please) 00:10:18