Posted on February 18, 2009

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Massachusetts may consider a mileage charge 17:38:45
How do you bring yourselves back to that calm grounded quietness, free from frenzy around you? 10:07:35
Marc Faber in the WSJ: Synchronized Boom, Bust 09:46:03
There's a witch hunt brewing against those who don't vaccinate 09:46:04
Should the Constitution be forced on those who don't want to live under it? 13:29:54
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Illinois Gun Control.....introduced 23:49:50
Glen Beck and the printing of money 23:30:33
Vaccine book brings out hidden support 23:08:29
Mortgage Trouble: Walk Away 23:01:17
Putin warns US to eshew socialism: mentions Ron Paul 22:36:44
Milking the Beast 22:26:50
The power of Symbols: Ron Paul needs to display a Sons of Liberty flag in his office? 22:18:17
ABC News - Nation Of Cowards! Attorney General Eric Holder Says ... You're Kidding Me?!?! 22:15:30
Sheriff Joe Arpaio is at it again! 22:04:17
Glenn Beck can go to H@!! 21:53:08
thread deleted???Admiralty flag in RP video? 21:39:39
GREAT Experiment: "What is the IRS statute that makes me liable to pay federal income taxes?" *$*$*$* 20:58:47
This Is Not Core Of Corruption 20:53:01
Obama’s War on Terror May Resemble Bush’s 20:46:50
The President Who Told The TRUTH 20:36:50
U.S. Court: Autism-Vaccine Link is Likely? 20:33:35
U.S. Court: Autism-Vaccine Link Likely? 20:25:44
On C-SPAN 2 right now, 7:20 p.m. Human Rights Professor speaking at the World Affairs Council, on violations because of 911. 20:22:56
Core of Corruption: In The Shadows - Official Trailer of 1st of Five Films 20:21:49
General Patton's Warning 20:20:42
How do I file a lawsuit against the Federal Government? Anyone want to work with me on this? 20:17:42
Ron Paul on 1210 Radio 02-17-09 19:35:52
UBS to pay $780M, open secret Swiss bank records 19:30:06
Lets start a RON PAUL BANK Topic for discussion 19:23:43
Innovative new system to *self* assemble entire Ron Paul Revolution effectively. 19:16:13
widespread organized bank run 18:49:04
Galileo on Radio Live for Two Hours Today! 18:22:22
Dr. Ron Paul on 1210 Big Talker Radio WPHT Philadelphia with Dom Giordano 02-17-09 18:19:26
Someone listened to me: 18:17:31
Thought I'd Let Ya'll Know....UPDATED 18:06:15
Comet to pass the earth- how ironic. 17:56:31
E-mail this guy for his Raw Milk artical 17:54:41
What are the Best Freedom-Oriented Political Advocacy Groups? 17:51:56
USA Tomorrow Newspaper Ponzi Scheme Uncovered 17:43:25
We Want Liberty, Justice & Restitution 17:38:47
$150 Million for a little league parking lot - Stimulus Package 17:38:07
Let's Find This Person! 17:37:37
Here's a speech with a whole bunch of promises, ALL broken just THIS WEEK!! 17:34:17
Daily Paul Was Down 3 Hours What Happened? 17:29:40
Missouri: Ground zero in the fight against Real ID 14:09:15
Missouri: Ground zero in the fight against Real ID 13:58:28
Missouri: Ground zero in the fight against Real ID 13:49:34
Sirius XM Radio and GM Worth the Risk? 12:58:18
I still have no answer... 12:55:46
Obama hurts non union workers bigtime 12:51:54
Civilizations Evolution 12:41:30
Only One Seller Left? 12:07:12
Rife inspired 'Wellness' Machine on trial this week!!!! 12:00:18
How well does our individual congresspersons obey the law? 11:56:42
Silver (Spot & Fixed Prices) Back Above $14 an Ounce 11:51:40
Dr. Ron Paul on 1210 Radio WPHT in Philadelphia 02-17-09 11:50:48
"Worst Is Yet to Come:" Americans' Standard of Living Permanently Changed 11:42:48
Can Anyone Say It Better Than Adrian Rogers 11:16:17
Economist Says Hoard Gold & Scotch 11:08:51
Germany passes draft bank nationalization bill 10:38:25
Peter Schiff - on the Continuing Bailout Plans 10:36:50
$800,000 Money Bomb for our own town? 10:22:21
Calif. Republicans Oust Leader Amid Budget Talks 10:08:12
World Market bloodbath UPDATE - what's today gonna bring? 10:02:15
Awaiting the Awakening of the Forgotten Man 10:01:48
Has the Schiff Hit the Fan? 09:37:52
A note to the U.S. government and Police 09:33:55
Ten pens needed to sign bailout. 07:39:04
Paul Krugman is a TRAITOR 07:12:47
-------- 06:48:13
FDA bans a naturally-occurring form of vitamin B6 by declaring it to be a drug 06:21:57
New RCMP policy says Tasers can kill, restricts use 06:13:23
12 month mortgage holiday 06:11:18
Ramos, Compean freed from prison Congressman calls for probe 05:55:23
Student Arrested For Classroom Texting 05:49:27
Russian stocks tumble, trading suspended for One Hour 05:41:31
Ley Lines 104 Re-Edited Version 04:21:11
Whistleblower Protections Axed from Stimulus Bill 03:34:11
Obamarket Update Number 21 for February 17, 2009: Stupidity Run Amok 03:31:37
An Update from Facebook and the terms of use issue... 03:10:46
House aims to shoot down federal gun controls 02:52:35
Ron Paul: not a very good day for America 02:44:38
*Marchers Block U.S Border to Protest Army Presence* 02:35:37
New York Times: Obama's war on terror may resemble Bush's 02:34:15
Our Government can't even run a whore house.... 02:20:38
Big coffee drinkers hallucinate 02:10:50
Greenspan Predicts TARP Will Prove Insufficient, Supports Bank Nationalization 02:01:34
Warning To All Americans……You Are About To Be Destroyed 01:56:20
Better Buy-Buy Or Wave Bye-Bye To Precious Metal 01:56:10
Being 'gay' a sin? Ron Paul can't say. Congressman on God condemning homosexuality: 'I have trouble with that' 01:50:40
Global Green Libertarianism - McKinney & Ron Paul 01:45:12
The People's Stimulus: Get Your Money Back 01:33:02
Which Are More Dangerous, Doctors Or Gun Owners? 01:31:29
Obama, not Bush, now seeking delay of Rove deposition 00:53:09
Update on Missouri Sovereignty 00:52:42
It is time to act 00:49:40
We Have Been Sucked Into Two Black Holes Called GM + Chrysler 00:48:56
US Soldier Yelling at Iraqi Policemen 00:39:29
So when does everything turn black and white? 00:28:39
A Gold Forum....Good READ!! 00:23:12
**An American Foreign Legion**Is the U.S Military Now an Imperial Police Force? 00:16:28
Oh Man More layoffs 00:12:43