Posted on February 19, 2009

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**DPER'S--What did all of you do after high school or college? Regrets or Advice?! 22:57:43
The Last Bastion Against Deflation: The Federal Government 22:57:44
*Texas* Bill Reasserts 10th Amendment Rights 20:16:40
The President Who Told The Truth 22:51:39
Rick Santelli talks about Ron Paul - The FED - The BAILOUT & BERNANKE! 17:55:15
CNBC Poll: Would you join Rick Santelli's Tea Party? 17:49:12
Traders Revolt! CNBC Host calls for New Tea Party - Chicago Floor Mocks Obama Plan 17:55:17
Brzezinski’s Fear: Class Warfare and Destruction of the New World Order 12:10:14
Missouri: Ground zero in the fight against Real ID 12:01:45
Ron Paul On Anti War Radio 11:06:46
UBS Spills the Beans: The End of Banking Privacy 10:56:15
Half the Charges Dropped in Pirate Bay Trial 10:16:27
Ron Paul and Peter Schiff on Judge Napolitano's Strategy Room 11:26:50
Tom Woods' 'Meltdown' #16 in NYT Non-Fiction Best Sellers 13:57:54
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I made the front page! 23:54:49
Friendly Food Farmers Under Attack... 23:38:56
Time to Make a Decision Patriots! 23:28:13
Please watch and rate this 30 second video for a friend 22:39:10
Obama promised transparency, but, like Bush, he is bringing to the White House a lot of invisibility . . . or is it treason? 22:36:45
Enders Game for Dummies 22:32:47
Ron Paul on Scott Horton's Antiwar Radio 2/18/09 22:22:09
FEDOR is back. Do not let them divide us! 21:36:17
Abstinent Republicans: Why the GOP is Wrong on Abstinence 21:22:55
Rick Santelli on CNBC NOW 5:15PM Pacific 21:15:24
Is This A Sign??? 21:09:31
What is Obama doing in Canada? 21:04:28
The Unbelievable Obama Forum 19:15:33
Letter from an Angry American to the Congress and Senate 19:07:10
Gotta Love Montana - Gun Owners Read this 18:57:59
12-year-old speaks out on the issue of abortion 18:44:53
Suzanna Gratia-Hupp Explains the Real Purpose of the Second Amendment - Incredible video! 18:44:29
Good news 18:33:04
Fairness Doctrine 18:32:18
Roubini warns of 'sovereign' bank failure 18:29:04
CNBC Illuminati slip 18:16:19
Peter Schiff: Politics are Killing the Economy Feb 18 2009 17:47:03
a good description of the Stimulus bill 17:30:19
Minnesota Bill to Reassert Tenth Amendment! 17:29:43
Pig Roast To Protest All The Pork In The 'Stimulus' Bill!!! 17:02:31
US: Squatters See Silver Lining in Foreclosed Homes 17:00:18
Bubba's Radio Show: Comedian Joe Rogan and his crew love Ron Paul 16:48:47
Let's roll with the Chicago Tea Party! Now is the time. 16:32:07
Cousin Of Alleged 9/11 Hijacker Exposed As Israeli Spy 16:29:23
My Oath of Loyalty, my Pledge … 16:11:59
Schiff on Kudlow 16:06:28
Dow Close 2/19/09 7,465.95 down -89.68 -1.19% 15:47:18
Dow just broke 7500 ,, 15:20:08
Suicide Rush 15:13:19
A Win for Debra Would Be a Win for Dr. Paul and Would Be a Win For Us All 15:03:19
Ron Paul says stimulus a bad plan 14:39:18
Codalezza Rice with Nancy Pelosi on Pope Visit 14:13:02
WTF? Codalezza Rice with Pelosi on Pope Visit?!? 14:00:40
What percent of Americans do you think understand the FED and Fractional Reserve Banking? 13:49:35
We need our own Drudge Report, Part 2, we really really do! 13:37:33
Is the dollar really going to fall? 13:33:55
A house that would appeal to many Dailypaulers 13:33:35
What's happening in the market 13:32:02
Importing Criminals Hispanics Swell Prison Population 13:28:04
Digital converter box with camera and microphone A HOAX? 13:10:54
Plane engine went completely through the Empire State Building intact and destroyed a penthouse a block away. 12:49:56
Wholesale inflation rises in January! 12:49:03
High School students question/doubt Obama 12:47:42
Czech President compares EU to Communist Soviet Union 12:46:13
This is just really awesome! 14 year old interviews John Lennon. Check out this animated video on freedom and peace. 12:43:53
Go check out Drudge 10:43 central 12:43:47
John Boyd - Strategy 101 - Do you want to change your world? 12:39:10
Think armed revolution is the answer? HOLD ON! - Read this first. 12:27:38
Wholesale inflation takes biggest jump in 6 months 12:14:16
Guy gets pulled over and interrogated for anti-Obama sign.. 11:46:33
Need info about wage garnishment 11:45:59
Funny!! Guy steals thieves getaway vehicle! This is a real video. 11:43:05
Religion and Ron Paul 11:37:40
The Death of Liberty: UK is the Future of the USA 11:26:49
What is going on?! Illuminati Alert on Fox?? 11:18:57
Another Madoff in the Making 11:12:39
Hilarious Glenn Beck Audio | RonPaulAudio 10:55:06
Sanford Sells Out 10:34:25
Iraqi shoe thrower: Bush's 'soulless smile' set me off 10:22:41
Less controversial question for Christians 10:15:19
Everyone Digg this article below, it is an awesome article 10:05:55
"Crash Course" 09:55:20
A MUST WATCH! - Alex Jones - Endgame 09:49:01
Surprise! Greenspan backs nationalization 07:43:35
Reason #1001 to Keep and Bear Arms 07:42:51
Liberty Maniacs website..good gear here.. 07:07:05
UBS Will Disclose Names to Justice, IRS 06:50:22
Joe Rogan Open letter to Kelloggs 04:07:25
Support State Sovreignty Bumper Stickers Anyone? 03:39:46
Eastern Europe May Trigger Worldwide Meltdown If Not Stopped 03:36:21
black friday national strike week 2009 02:46:02
The False Left Right Paradigm 02:42:35
Virtual Strip-Search in Vegas. 02:41:12
Summer 2009 Total CHAOS!!! Are you ready??? 02:35:08
Airplane Self-Defense 02:34:02
re: re: 02:26:57
Order up--2 more Ponzi's & cocaine. 01:58:39
"Geronimo's Kin Sue Skull and Bones Over Remains" 01:45:13
Coast To Coast, Stan Deyo, his wife, and Micheal Farris 01:40:57
When is it time for a national strike? 01:25:01
Fear mongering on both pro-intervention and anti-intervention sides. 00:39:46
Stand as a free American WE THE PEOPLE Continental Congress 2009 00:32:57
The Bailout Mascot!! 00:20:29