Posted on February 2, 2009

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Peter Schiff on FOX Business 2/2/09 23:34:18
Republicae: The Degenerative Nature of Keynesian Economics 18:37:48
Why split the vote by calling for third parties? They are the unlikeliest of winners! 14:05:08
Open Thread: "The Paradox of Thrift" 23:34:19
GOP Leaders Doubt Stimulus Bill Will Pass Senate 01:49:26
'Ron Paul Told Us So' - Don't Miss This! 00:11:36
The Purse and the Sword 14:05:09
Video: Ron Paul on Fox Business 1-30-09 "Gold Standard" 00:11:37
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Dubai Real Estate For Sale: 50% Off 23:59:25
Extremely troubling news coming out of North Korea 23:11:38
What's so bad about a New World Order? 22:38:52
Rove will cooperate ? Does that mean he won't lie ? 22:14:41
Japanese find Gold in sewage ? 21:55:30
Man Throws Shoe at China's PM 21:39:22
Today we have the Republicans & Democrats...In Israel they had the Pharisees & Sadducees History comes back around 21:30:51
Newt & O'Reilly didn't see the depression/recession coming?!!!! 21:30:03
Need a reminder of 1937 Germany and the economy ? 21:25:46
Evangelicals reveal their true colors? 21:00:51
Once proud Argentina - lesson to be learned. 20:59:06
Hey Michael and all die hard Daily Paulers... 20:49:08
Board dynamics 20:34:12
Obama Busted for Pot 20:23:41
Waste, fraud in Iraq being repeated in Afghanistan 20:19:10
Ben Stein: "I was wrong, Peter Schiff was right" 20:18:44
Holons 20:10:09
Prophet Obama seeks to "protect his image" 20:06:41
SWAT kills family dogs-This is the rest of the story 19:44:39
Wall Street Bailout Exceeds Cost of All US Wars Combined 19:27:07
Summer Freight Train Hopping! 19:24:51
Save $ on phone bill 19:03:00
The Educators of Liberty 18:59:27
You've made your bed 17:35:29
Where do you get your news.... 17:27:07
Black Water the "new" and improved CIA 17:25:45
DOW close 2/2/09 7,936.75 down -64.11 -0.80% 17:07:46
Riots at Prison in Texas 16:58:21
The High Cost of Free Trade 16:50:46
Citi sues pawn shop 16:43:54
You're not going to believe what is being advertised on myspace 16:42:28
Fed Monetizes Debt, Investors Buy Gold 16:40:31
Patriots What Is Your Favorite Beer? 16:37:27
Update: Obama's Speech, Freedom Opp. Company allows posting of Constitution 16:32:26
Lack Of Interest Waiting for the Rally for Republic DVD 16:15:06
Cures for Our Economic Disease... Ron Paul's Texas Straight talk! 15:53:26
HR 645 proposed by radical florida democrat. 15:49:12
Thought provoking quote from Ghandi 15:34:46
THE NEXT 12 MONTHS 15:33:14
The burial of the Conservative Movement by Ryan W. McMaken 15:28:02
Nests In Hell 15:23:48
Scaring the Horses 14:33:38
"media driven consumerism" called "mental illness" 14:25:26
Why you should be even more enraged about the TARP. 14:06:56
Liberty Essay 14:00:09
US Navy X-Files known to Obama’s Intelligence Chief 13:59:13
Five For Freedom 13:56:38
WTF Hulu SuperBowl Ad WTF 13:56:16
Allstate’s Catastrophe Bonds Face ‘Imminent’ Default 13:49:08
Silver in Backwardation 13:43:27
LIFE Super Bowl Ad NBC Rejected as OFFENSIVE 13:24:21
LIFE Super Bowl Ad NBC Rejected 13:18:50
Another Tax Criminal in Obama's Administration 13:15:48
Tax revolt now. 13:15:45
Romans 13 for Non Believers (OK, it not really about Religion, but about Free Government, for everyone) 13:00:10
Pastor Lindsey Williams Outlines Coming “Economic Calamity” 12:59:37
"Religion" for Non Believers (OK, it not really about Religion, but about Free Government, for everyone) 12:57:33
Economic Stories of Interest, February 2, 2009 12:39:32
We're Heading for a Long, Deep Depression 12:18:12
If dow goes below 7877 - massive sell off 11:59:44
Dan Smoot & HR 645 11:54:30
Bailed out banks seek visas for foreign workers?? 11:40:35
AP Investigation: Banks sought foreign workers 11:03:12
Attaboycott! 10:44:14
Dallas FED President on CSPAN 10:17:21
PPT set to surrender the 8000 mark today? 09:46:38
White Male Constructions Workers Need Not Apply-Reposted 09:32:47
No job? The armed services want you 09:31:45
The Secrets of the Federal Reserve - Newly found videos! 08:59:00
Here's the excuse Homeland Security has been waiting for..... 07:11:06
Worse than the Great Depression. 07:01:36
Quit Digging in Afghanistan 05:31:38
Liberals and Conservatives 04:58:37
'Daily toxins': The effects of government regulations on our everyday personal care products 04:49:47
North Korea warns of possible war with South Korea 04:23:48
Local Police Want Right to Jam Wireless Signals 04:03:04
Taser death case suit settled for $1.95 million,incident video released 03:28:14
Marijuana field spotted through Google Earth 03:18:45
put yourself in the jury box for a second 02:56:13
Time for a Defense Policy that Defends America 02:46:24
Forbes Publisher Gives Advice to Obama "Ron Paul is Spot On Right" 02:39:46
Unions condemn Davos delegates on crisis 02:23:55
134 Guests????? Sign Up Folks Talk To Us! 02:16:11
Even the left-wing press is waking up. 01:01:04
Guy stands up for United States! 01:00:14
What you don't understand can hurt you 00:34:47
A friend of mine that got an "open container" ticket! 00:31:37
Shoe Hurler Inspires Iraqi Artist 00:22:11