Posted on February 21, 2009

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News/Video on SWAT Team Raid on Homeschool and Food and Health Ministry for Hungry Families 21:23:32
Twelve Maxims of the Movement. 15:34:19
What is our Political Platform? 14:23:42
Obama Widens Missile Strikes Inside Pakistan 10:24:50
Video: Rick Santelli Answers Back To White House 00:16:22
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Obama cuts taxes...Sweet or too little, too late? 23:56:58
Which University should I go to? 23:53:21
Beware the "necessary and proper" clause in Article 1 section 8! 23:39:24
As of Feb. 10, it's illegal to sell kids' motorcycles in the U.S. 23:32:18
MSNBC is SCARED of ALAN KEYES! B.H. Obama Jr. isnt American! 23:25:55
US & Communist China Expanding Cooperation Between The Two Militaries? 23:22:57
Bad Seed: Gov’t/Corporate Takeover of U.S. Food Supply Now 23:21:32
What led to gold/silver clauses in Constitution? 23:16:41
Official: Obama wants to halve budget deficit in half (1st term) 23:08:34
NC NEWS..OH JOY 23:01:25
Gold is worthless if it isn't spent. 22:28:40
When are police allowed to search my car 22:23:59
Glenn Beck Survival Episode Replaying Now 22:10:44
Innovative new system to *self* assemble the entire Ron Paul Revolution *effectively* 22:08:08
The US is practicing the Zimbabwe School of Econimics 22:05:48
The Front Page 21:25:43
Up to 120,000 protest in recession-hit Ireland 21:10:02
British Perspective on Nationalization: Not If, But When and Soon! 21:04:49
*QUESTION: What is the TRUTH about the Massachusetts's Healthcare System? 20:59:22
See-Thru Has An E-Crush on Mike Lawson 20:50:09
Wife Swap mother "certified" (?!?) Neural Linguistic Programmer? 20:11:41
Predatory Legislators by Peter Schiff 20:07:59
From One Assault on the Constitution To Another by Paul Craig Roberts 20:00:59
Buchanan vs Dyson 19:28:02
So much for transparency in an Obama administration 19:25:49
National Guard scraps plans to "Mock" invade Arcadia, Iowa 19:02:27
Unlock Your Survival IQ 18:53:46
"Who will help me plant my wheat?" 18:49:54
Another bank bites the dust 17:52:52
New Ron Paul Interview... 17:47:40
Why should I give peter schiff $5? 17:40:29
Texas Guard On High Alert First Time In History- Urgent‏ UPDATE!! 17:20:08
$65?! 17:08:06
Lincoln: A History of Falsehoods and a Legacy of Destruction (Republicae) 16:42:31
Mockery of First Amendment by California court 16:39:01
So you want to protest...? 16:30:36
Zionist Logic -- Malcolm X on Zionism 1964 15:26:29
World's Most Outrageous Boom Town May Soon be a Ghost Town - Dubai 15:13:28
$5 for Peter! 15:03:22
Gold Antitrust Action Committee 14:51:17
Engage A Patriot - Win Silver and Gold! 14:38:11
Bank Bust Friday: Only One This Week 14:25:50
Petition Help & Ideas 14:00:19
Big Government Is Not Stimulus 13:46:41
Guardsmen to conduct urban training at Arcadia in Iowa April 13:35:11
Pundit Book Bomb 13:33:43
Islamo Fascists 13:32:34
Good News Posting Here! 13:22:37
Where's the money going? 13:12:12
Brzezinski warns of riots in US 13:07:14
Ordering garden seeds today.. need help... 12:17:36
Gary North on the Gold Standard.....really enjoyable! 12:02:49
What are your favorite articles, videos, etc.? 12:01:10
How bad do YOU think it is? 11:58:33
Sovereign Individual Resolution: Comments? 11:56:43
GARDENING... any good gardeners out there?? 11:32:00
Drought to cut off federal water to Calif. farms 11:17:51
Is the current economic crisis just a "set-up" to start WWIII? 11:11:32
Latvia's government collapses 11:07:13
A Tool has many uses...... or, let's start counting our blessings! 10:26:34
Check the slideshow of the future 09:59:41
How bad do YOU think it is? (Yep, back already.) Mod help?? 09:42:44
Concealed weapons ENCOURAGED here! 09:42:24
Introducing the former (and now current) Prime Minister of Israel: 09:12:30
"Goodbye," "Good Riddance," "Shut up and leave" etc. 08:49:44
25 States Considering Sovereignty Legislation 08:31:44
National Popular Vote Organization Pushing States To Do Away With Electoral College 08:27:11
Russians sink Chinese cargo ship - "Nothing to see here, folks." 07:30:19
is this another spoof site? 05:46:00
Glenn Beck - Behind the Curtain - Animated 04:58:57
CNN Does a Report on The Onion 04:29:16
Friday bank closing #14, Oregon's Silver Falls Bank 04:13:05
Washington Times! States prepare to combat stimulus strings 04:05:40
Worst Case Scenerio #3 - Do they WANT us to engage in Civil Unrest? 03:59:24
In NYC 1% pay 50% of the revenue...40,000! What if they went on strike? 03:56:57
Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist-- 03:45:43
Can we have a Daily Paul Redesign? 03:22:48
Federal water managers to cut off federal water to California farms 02:59:42
The 'plan' is revealed 02:25:43
"Amen, Stoner!" 02:15:34
Has anyone noticed that lots and lots of young men 02:04:20
Interesting how Security is needed in Mexico and Prosperity is needed in Canada 01:40:57
”FEMA for the Internet’ ??? 01:33:27
Can I ask YOU a simple question?? 01:30:47
Friday Night JFK Conspiracy Thread 01:28:46
Brzezinski: ‘Hell, There Could Be Even Riots 00:38:45
Government Can't Even Run a Whore House and Sell Booze Right 00:37:45
A question from a curious friend 00:21:29
What Would Ron Paul say...... 00:18:52
Reuters: Soros sees no bottom for world financial "collapse" 00:16:02
HSUS 100-Point Animal Rights Proposal 00:13:44
Problem Reaction Solution 00:07:11