Posted on February 22, 2009

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The GOP Is In Shambles!! LAST CHANCE! Time To "Show Up" Greenville, SC!! 20:39:45
The Schiff Bomb Is Dropping - Sat 2/21/09 11:05:17
Video: Dr. Paul on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher - Friday 11:05:18
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Megiddo II, The New Age, The Lie of the Serpant 23:59:57
Why is Bill Clinton such a media Icon? 23:17:15
Public schools in America suck... 23:03:26
No Rewards Housing Plan Ideas 22:56:08
Very Good News!!! 22:54:58
FREEDOM*) 22:29:02
What does your county's GOP website look like? Here's mine. 22:18:10
Urban Development 21:53:03
The Constitution of No Authority 21:50:58
riots this summer in UK. Read this...We will be considered terrorists 21:50:46
Mortgage Modification 21:44:58
The GOP is so VERY hijackable and its SO well, FUN !!! 21:43:54
Understanding Obama: the making of a Fuehrer 21:35:43
Judge says YouTube not media, bars cameraman 21:19:22
Great youtube video to watch 21:18:11
William Rodriguez Vindicated by Newly Released 9/11 Commission Notes 21:08:11
New Year's Resolution: Free Yourself 20:59:21
One Voice 20:42:53
Petition for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition 20:26:58
Obama Omonkey Business 20:17:51
Army Emergency Relief Scandel - kept $117 million for itself! 20:05:56
dollar index 19:21:06
exposing the global criminal network 19:15:47
Analyze to Strategize: the Race for 2012. 19:00:08
$27,599 to WIN by LEGAL INSURACTION Video Contest "Why I Oppose the Bailout" 18:51:22
Big news! Obama to cut deficit in half! 18:36:58
Government Of Young Independant Minds 17:59:06
The First National Protest Of The Wars Under President Obama 17:16:16
Two new Bills for Ron Paul to introduce? Two ideas for DP to discuss. 17:06:42
Family Farm and Food Freedom (4-F) Days Announced in Ohio 17:00:22
A Bishop's question is world news, THIS goes unnoticed 16:29:03
TESLA - The Missing Secrets... 16:27:24
Rothschild Agents Take 10 Key Posts In Obama Administration 16:08:57
People in Washington State, and surrounding areas are just guinea pigs, sacrificing for the public good. 15:57:20
The Crisis of Credit Visualized 15:56:30
Collecting and using rain water, any advice? 15:52:00
Liberty or Mayhem II - Rick Santelli ReMix 15:48:14
Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci discovered in Basilicata 15:45:25
US Troops Harvest H Opium In Afghanistan 15:30:36
Ron Paul and Peter Schiff 15:26:17
Vote fraud and the bankruptcy of the US 15:15:43
Ron Paul 2012 15:07:57
HI-JACKING the GOP 15:00:29
What would Dr. Paul do? 14:55:46
Land of the slaves, home of the cowards 14:47:48
Great photos of anti-stimulus rally & pig roast 14:31:48
100,000 Angry Irish People Call for the Government to Step Down 14:28:52
For all my Christian friends 14:20:15
Russians defend sinking Chinese ship 14:19:59
Satan speaks (OK, it is just his minion) 14:14:28
Global day of protest at state capitols 13:58:23
What the second amendment is really for 13:14:07
Tuma is a ... 13:11:59
Question....Comments on the Canadian 12:57:05
Anti IncomeTax video, 55,565 hits on YouTube 12:44:43
Need Freedom News Channels/Syndication 12:42:31
"Progressives" (ahem) are getting a bit uneasy about their hero. 12:40:38
Consider This - From A Dogs perspective. 12:36:10
This is interesting read 11:31:05
Help needed 11:30:27
Israeli Spokesman Says We Control Stupid Americans 11:25:42
The New Game: Not being able to pay your bills is UnAmerican 11:08:11
I tried to Digg a DP article today 09:49:16
Well written article on how one tolerates bullying by govt... 09:20:16
Texans: Does anyone know if this news is true? Could be huge 09:09:58
Reason there are traitors . 07:40:44
U.S. Troops to practice mass gun confiscation in Iowa 05:39:02
Stop Posting Media Clap Here!! 04:42:08
Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy 04:10:14
A New World Order for The People (Part 2 of 4) 03:23:17
I'm running for office 02:37:29
U.S. Court, FDA: Raw Milk Like Toxic Waste 02:28:04
Raising Chickens Update 01:38:57
I would recommend to everybody to get the free two week 01:13:26
Nationalization can be = to bankruptcy..... 00:27:51
<<<<Red Alert: Texas National Guard bieng put on alert along the border!!>>>> 00:26:31
What does everyone think of new RNC chairman Micahel Steele?? 00:21:11
<<<<<Red Alert! Texas Border Natl Gaurd being called to high alert on border!!>>>> 00:15:00