Posted on February 23, 2009

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CA Democrats move to legalize marijuana 23:38:00
Local Hero NH Rep. Dan Itse Reaffirms NH State Sovereignty 12:33:55
California Congressman: "The larger the national debt, the wealthier we are!" 11:59:29
Track Your Tax Dollars on Stimulus Bill Web Site 10:39:04
Former Chief IMF Economist Wants Fed to Target Inflation at 5-6% 08:35:43
Ron Paul's Weekly Youtube Address: 2/20/09 23:38:01
Peter Schiff Money Bomb a Success! 11:59:30
REAL ID: Missouri HB 361 passed 2-24-09 16:30:23
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US Orders Project ENDGAME To Begin 23:18:05
Don't Buy, Don't Comply, Ask Why 22:51:49
No gun ban needed, just stop importing ammo? 22:46:33
Money Supply and Purchasing Power 22:42:34
Commerce Secretary, Third time's a charm? And he has a HALO! 22:39:15
Does anyone want to buy a share of Congress???? 22:28:14
Israel Caught Lying. Surprise? 22:27:08
-=Proof **US Government** A **Corporation**!!!=- 22:26:00
Peace Patriots.......for Liberty*) 21:54:17
Looking for a Survivalist Book 21:39:54
Paul Krugman is a genius - Thank God Obama is listening to him. 21:26:59
In case of revolution, Break Glass! 21:15:20
If you think your home is safe because the door is locked, think again ! 21:07:51
Just doin' my part...Students of American Liberty and "Obama's War" Antiwar forum on ETSU campus! 21:06:14 20:59:21
Lou Dobbs defending the second amendment right now 20:42:19
new attack on 2nd admendment 20:29:10
Ron Paul on Bill Press Radio 02-23-09 20:26:54
In your opinion is it right for Federal law to trump State laws on the issues of alcohol and marijuana regulation? 20:09:41
New Freedom We The People Radio Station in Tyler, Texas 20:09:22
Doctor Rx 20:06:18
Website link to a creative overhaul of economy? 19:21:36
Has the looting of America started a new phase? 19:13:03
Senator questions Obama's eligiblity for office 19:09:40
For once, we need to emulate Israel! 19:09:07
The problem with Santelli's rant gets noticed! 18:48:11
Rage Against The Machine - Testify Music Video 18:48:09
DOW Close 2/23/09 7,114.78 down -250.89 -3.41% 18:43:21
Constitutional Tender Act: Please Take Action TODAY! 18:43:02
Bank Nationalization is Communist Plank #5 18:40:05
What do feds think of Possee Comitatus? 18:26:09
CNBC.... AIG to ask for more money do to 60 billion RECORD LOSS 18:11:23
Running your own radio station from home 18:03:22
Got this news from a facebook group New Bill Passed in NY , check this out :( 17:57:08
Tom Woods' Meltdown: Review On Front Page of 17:39:11
Audio slideshow: The road to Hooverville 17:33:00
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL"Gold fanatics are far out nuts" 17:08:51
Opposing the drug laws they enforce 17:06:37
Im going to a lunch in march,Admiral mullin,chief of joint chiefs of staff will be there 17:03:17
Dems Use “Stimulus” as Cover for More Gun Control 16:56:13
Libertarian Party of Wisconsin: Support our troops – Keep them in Wisconsin 16:39:31
Honest Abe? 16:37:45
Good Article giving another reason why we should have elected Ron Paul 16:37:15
Anti-Vaccinators: A Public Service Announcement 16:35:53
Article states one more grea reason why we should have elected Ron Paul 16:33:48
Now This Really Sucks!: Loans to Hedge Funds 16:25:06
Finally have my hard-times business online! 16:09:17
I think I'll move 16:09:01
Judge says YouTube is not media, bars cameraman 15:50:04
Ed & Elaine Brown will now face standoff charges 15:40:59
AIG $60 billion loss this quarter even after $150 billion bail out. 15:33:45
Gov. Perry's involvement with Gardasil 15:15:32
Rhino: China is a creditor nation because of their female infanticide policy 15:14:19
Proof that racism is purely a political tool 14:58:11
OPEC cuts fail to boost oil prices: $40 14:47:42
Can I just get a dumb pill? 14:31:38
Iowa Pension Funds have been Frozen 14:31:01
The Language of Looting 14:29:36
Special Message From 14:27:06
Is Youtube Censoring The Classic Ron Paul "What If" Video? 14:15:56
Bill proposes ISPs, Wi-Fi keep logs for police 14:08:35
Nationalization? Feds, Citi at the table 14:08:07
Wow! I think we have another American hero emerging here!! (Chemtrail related) 13:38:35
Silver Is Again Outperforming Gold 13:35:30
Attn. CPAC attendees & DC area people who care about the immigration issue - 13:20:43
Finally! Plan to pay off deficit 13:16:50
Mayor of Lansing tee's off on Fox 13:10:21
Has anyone seen this on any news media??? 13:01:13
World Financial System In A State Of Insolvency 12:48:12
Finding the light. 12:47:49
How to fight for sovereignty, and how not to 12:44:54
Discussion for military and former military personnel 12:34:29
Russia Sinks Chinese Ship Bound For US With Nuclear Warhead 12:20:29
Business owners... You ever been through a Sales Tax audit? 12:15:25
Evil Plan 12:04:40
Obamas Visit to Az. Did anyone see any of these pics in the MSM ?? They'll make you Smile! 11:58:13
is anyone else growing weary of the personal attacks? 11:48:24
I think I finally figured out why the NWO hates blacks so much 11:47:48
Dr. Ron Paul on the Radio with Bill Press 02-23-09 11:20:05
Repealing the 22nd Amendment - No More Term Limits for POTUS 11:14:33
Should Pelosi be charged with Property Tax fraud? 11:10:28
People may have to pay a fee to use unempolyment benefits 11:09:26
There is Only One way to Seperate A Meth Addict from His Drugs 10:31:52
"Firestorm Brewing Between U.S. States and Federal Government" 10:24:36
Kansas and Missouri Minuteman Civil Defense Corps 10:14:20
Israeli Military Shooting Gaza Farmers 10:08:31
WorlNetDaily (front page) – Senator questions Obama eligibility. 09:57:37
Oklahoma City police officer pulls man over for anti-Obama sign on vehicle 09:42:31
The Indiana Honest Money Act 08:18:55 Ron Paul End the Fed Poll 08:15:19
Alan Keyes Stokes Obama Birth Certificate Controversy 08:03:12
Anyone here ever write a movie script or know someone who has 07:45:04
world order 06:44:27
BEYOND the New World Order 04:55:42
The global New Deal! 04:54:00
The global New-Deal! 04:42:14
A few things I'm studying in my Poly Sci class 04:02:15
These Are The People Who Own The US National Debt!!!!! 03:21:43
Do you use a caller ID to decide who to and not to talk to? 03:12:43
House shoots down federal gun controls!!! 02:55:01
Suspend military aid to Israel, Amnesty urges Obama after detailing US weapons used in Gaza 02:19:06
Oklahoma Fires Second Shot Of Civil War--The Winds Of Civil War: BO aka Marxist Attempt To Conquer Union 01:59:17
San Diego and Orange County Freedom Lovers 01:54:30
the 17th Amendment 01:41:10
FBI is probing money laundering linked to narco-trafficking Cartel to Allen Stanford 01:39:48
Daily Paul about to be banned???? 01:14:18
Secret U.S. unit trains commandos in Pakistan 01:12:49
How can I avoid taking the national I.d.? 00:52:47
You must hire illegals 00:12:02