Posted on February 25, 2009

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Ron Paul and the conspiracy of history - from Doug Wead 22:32:55
Jim Rogers Video: "I expect to see civil unrest in the U.S." 20:39:47
Banking Scam Hits Mainstream 20:22:11
What does it say about a country when citizens view most of its institutions as being corrupt? 19:21:47
RP4409 Freedoms Phoenix and the DailyPaul! 19:59:08
OMG! Rush Limbaugh talking about Ron Paul 16:38:21
Ron Paul on Russia Today 13:54:25
Kentucky has a 10th Amendment Resolution! 13:04:51
Campaign for Liberty Gathers Coalition to Stop the Congressional Pay Raise 13:04:10
Peter Schiff Responds to Obama Speech to Congress 10:50:53
Sibel Edmonds tells all - honesty, integrity, courage 10:59:33
Growing the Liberty Coalition! PEAC PAC Campaigns to Draft Judge Napolitano and Rand Paul! 15:23:38
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 13:04:52
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TN-GOP calls us "nutjobs" !!! 23:51:49
Ron Paul Speaking to Bernanke, gets cut off by Barney Frank! 23:41:20
CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) do you comprehend what is going on here? 23:32:17
R3volution theme songs... 23:04:00
digg:"Federal Reserve Cop Says You Can't Film Federal Buildings" 22:59:59
Is Ron Paul "Emmanuel Goldstein"? 22:42:49
Just received a call from Campaign for Liberty 22:41:09
Ron Paul Cameo 22:37:11
Why are there 30 year cycles? 22:30:02
How Can the U.S. Economy Recover Without Manufacturing Capacity? 22:26:26
What would Drug Legalization Look Like - Short-Run & Long-Run 22:21:52
TOLFA - The On Line Freedom Academy 22:14:59
Revolution Radio is in trouble 22:04:20
Who is RJ Harris? What does he stand for? 21:55:04
Lindsey Williams on www.JESSEWOODROW.COM 21:47:48
What is up with Colbert? This is gross. Link fixed - sorry! 21:39:23
The psychology behind the Shell Game! 21:33:39
Five Weeks Of Silver Backwardation 21:27:57
South Carolina- States Rights Resolution 21:12:09
Chris Matthews Calls Us A "rejectionist front" 21:08:07
Bankster Bounty Hunters 20:49:39
Vote for Dr. Paul for 50 Most Powerful Physician Executives! 20:23:27
Illegal to film Federal Buildings? 20:20:34
Dedicated to all the fallen - Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits 20:16:57
Do you think the military will turn on the American people if the SHTF? 19:53:15
A Thought On The Stimulus Bill.. 19:21:43
Timely Humor: Alternative Currencies 19:13:32
OMG! a NEW $410B bill passed the House today 18:36:03
Idaho Fires Shot Over The Bow of Feds on Gun Rights! 18:29:17
Glenn Beck has a guest from the marijuana policy project on right now! 18:24:32
Restore the republic radio shutting down forever! 18:24:26
Ok, whaa hoppin to Glenn Beck 18:09:45
Watch CNBC Scramble! 17:54:44
Is limited government a delusion? 17:54:25
Dr. Ron Paul speaking to Congress 02/25 - "End the FED" - RP 17:36:05
OK, send this to every military person you know... 17:26:04
Hear what RP was saying... the REAL END GAME. 17:15:58
Photo Evidence: Soldiers Marching in Hayden, Idaho 17:14:25
Anyone at ATL airport??? 2.25.09 16:37:29
Judicial Watch - Dem. Senator Blasts Obama’s Czars 16:36:29
Wealth of Government - The Biggest Game In America 16:26:52 16:25:51
American Militia Leader James Johnson Speaks to Senate 16:23:44
Video: Ron Paul Educates and Questions Ben Bernanke About Federal Reserve Policy 2-24-09 16:05:55
Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth 15:39:51
Hillary Clinton: China and the USA will "rise or fall together"! 15:26:39
Freedom watch FOX online 2pm-3pm Wednesday 15:19:46
Ron Paul and Peter Schiff will appear on Napolitano's Strategy Room at 2:30 pm (Feb, 25) 15:18:51
Working to Undo the Global Warming Scam 15:08:36
Barneys Frank cuts our guy off - Grrrrr! 15:06:49
Should I take a government job? 15:06:43
Anger Grows in India over U.S. Visa Rules - no H-1B visas for companies getting 'bailout' money! Thank God! 14:36:40
Current list of facebook groups for This friday's Tea Party 14:23:11
END THE FED - Debra Medina For Texas Governor 14:22:03
'There will be blood' 14:17:19
Idea Pool 14:09:01
Witness Again the Perfect Storm 14:04:07
Bernanke: Bail out bad borrowers, too 14:03:39
506 RIGHT NOW >>>> WOW! >>> Welcome! 13:58:10
Tennessee Introduces Sovereignty Resolution 13:39:36
WSJ: people don't trust the comex 13:34:47
I need help with a debate... 13:33:54
Joe Biden Vows to "Embarrass" the Govenors Who Are Pushing Back Against the Socialist Spending Plan! 12:59:48
Fed. Chair. Bernanke Testifies CSPAN LINKS | LIVE 12:44:53
Got ideas? Daily Paul investment ideas. And Should we be investing together? 12:13:31
California lawmaker introduces pot legalization bill 12:09:12
The Depression Hits Home 12:06:50
anyone got a video of this yet? 12:05:15
URGENT Ron Paul CNBC 12:00:22
Worried about the Value of Paper Money? What if Money was Made of Chocolate? 11:57:56
The Idea For The Peaceful R3VOLUTION Is Right Here! 11:57:55
Where Did The White Man Go Wrong??? 11:45:51
DC vote bill advances in Senate 11:39:38
Soldier refuses to return to Iraq for immoral duty 11:34:04
Georgia's State's Sovereignty Resolution 11:24:37
**Serve America ACT (S. 3487) 11:21:20
Granny Gang Reunion! 11:15:04
FED Chair Bernanke goes before House Financial Services Committee. NOW 11:13:01
C4L press on Obama Speech 10:23:46
Obama's Promise of Education 10:11:00
army survival manual 10:08:56
Announcing Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth 09:51:56
Oil shortage scam 09:30:20
Low european birth rates: Welfare at risk 09:23:17
Problems connecting to Meetup 09:17:41
BO's speech....a few comments 09:06:55
Global Market Research Company Needs Input From Ron Paul Supporters 08:52:01
Former Hitler Youth author angers both right, left -- Comparisons between Nazi leader, Obama draws strong reaction 08:43:14
Cafr 08:27:15
Getting the police state in place under the guise of terrorism 08:23:40
Funny video: Barack Fools Fred,Barney, and America... 08:09:32
Guardsmen to conduct urban training at Arcadia in April 07:54:31
Natural Money vs. Forced Money 07:35:49
Russia Today Does It Again 06:16:22
Tx (Sen) Dan Patrick on Alex Jones Tv:Mexico's Border Wars are out of Control!! 1/2 05:39:27
The Ron Paul - The Economic Warning Montage 05:01:28
Balance Transfer Offers Now! 04:31:01
The Schiff Report 2nd episode Feb 24 2009 04:16:02
Peter Schiff Reaction to the State of the Union Address Feb-24-09 03:58:36
The Idea For The Peaceful R3VOLUTION Is Right Here! 03:54:36
Extortion! The Real Reason for War and Depression 03:37:43
WeAreChange RI, Boston Confront John Yoo 03:27:20
Who is Alex Jones? 03:19:48
Luxury goods: The lapse of luxury 03:04:22
What makes Peter Schiff a good Senate Candidate? 02:49:40
Congressman Ron Paul - Official Website [Digg it!] 02:47:31
Ron Paul Supporter Running For Texas Governor! 02:35:32
I don't see the problem with booting aholes like Sovereign Maersk 02:32:25
State of the Economy *Scary Financial charts* 02:31:47
Subscribe to Ron Paul's Youtube Channel 02:03:29
Mugged by Truth and Reality 02:01:47
Where are the missing stimulus trillions Mr. President? Walter Burien has an idea! 01:44:21
So Obama just promised everyone all their wildest dreams? 01:22:07
Action Alert - Stimulus Plan's Little Brother $410 billion now being discussed 00:55:26
Obama $275 billion Housing Plan - for 'illegals' too 00:43:01
Comet Lulin passed Earth at it's closet point tonight... 00:41:10
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 00:40:59
Banks Use Your Bailout Funds As "MOB" Tax Havens 00:32:27
Foreclosurese America State by State: Checkout Where Your State is at 00:29:06
Important! Health reform initiative, please read and get involved, sign petition 00:16:09
Jefferson Republican Party website 00:05:36